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Guardians of the Galaxy
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
IMDB rating:
James Gunn
Benicio Del Toro as Taneleer Tivan / The Collector
Peter Serafinowicz as Denarian Saal
Sean Gunn as Kraglin / On Set Rocket
Laura Haddock as Meredith Quill
Dave Batista as Drax the Destroyer
Karen Gillan as Nebula
Melia Kreiling as Bereet
Emmet Scanlan as Head Guard
Glenn Close as Nova Prime Rael
Vin Diesel as Groot (voice)
Zoe Saldana as Gamora
Djimon Hounsou as Korath the Pursuer
John C. Reilly as Rhomann Dey
Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser
Chris Pratt as Peter Quill / Star-Lord
Storyline: After stealing a mysterious orb in the far reaches of outer space, Peter Quill from Earth, is now the main target of a manhunt led by the villain known as Ronan the Accuser. To help fight Ronan and his team and save the galaxy from his power, Quill creates a team of space heroes known as the "Guardians of the Galaxy" to save the world.
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dreadful vapid poorly acted ADD screenplay
Spoilers Ahead:

Here is an idea have some acting and depth to characterization. It slightly facilitates viewers caring about the action within the film. Like Man of Steel we are presented with all of our characters being trained kung fu masters. What distinguishes older better films like Star Wars the original trilogy is that hello let's develop our characters then branch out to the spectacles of outer space. The best of the trilogy episode 4 spent 30 minutes on Tattoine getting us to know and care about Luke.

What Guardians does is give us a the usual sarcastic idiot who one cannot help but wish ill to happen to. At least Henry Cavill's superman while at times cardboard in his insouciance; Please the idiot dancing the villain into submission. How about the opening pre credit sequence with him kicking lifeforms in time with an awful redbone tune? How to get audiences to really care and identify with your lead character. Zoe seems to find screaming and kicking males her brand of feminism it is pure misandry. The fact that she appears to weigh 90 pounds and not have any muscle development go ahead try that out in the real world. Ugh what a dreadful badly acted piece of poo poo
who are those 300000 people that liked this HORRIBLE movie? what is your problem??
I've never seen so bad movie since "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull".... HOW?HOW can this movie has a rating above 8?? From the beginning of the movie till the end all you see is a mess! Childish plot, childish characters and awful, AWFUL humor ALL the times !! Even in the "serious" and "important" scenes there's always a stupid joke to ruin the moment(which is already ruined but anyway..). countless clichés and a story so bad that made me burn many many brain cells! The CGI where just OK and the fight scenes were at best indifferent..there were also some slo-mo scenes with nothing really to offer,i mean it's like a guy jumping in slow motion...seriously!nothing cool about it nothing new!Nothing about this movie is new or original! I have nothing else to say for this "movie"..stay away!
Oof -- That was bad.
LOL! An 8.1 rating at IMDb! It surely seems that the movie studios are automating the stock/robotic positive reviews that overtake this site for each new big budget failure. Come to think of it...I haven't had to fill out a CAPTCHA lately...hmm

Anyhow, I made it about 45 minutes in before cutting my losses.

Zoe Saldana basically plays the same uninspiring role in every movie she's she's green, there she's blue. Chris Pratt's character seems like it came from the cutting room floor of an American Pie movie admixed with a touch of the Rocketeer. Pratt and Saldana have no chemistry together. The CGI cybernetic, jokester raccoon with the voice of Bradley Cooper is also among the worst characters ever conceived for a movie.

The plot was meh at best and the whole production was dragged down by one of the worst screenplays ever put together. I mean it was really awful. Chock full of "jokes" and one-liners that just weren't funny. Not even smirk-worthy funny, let alone laughter-inducing. The dialog was artificial and embarrassing for whoever penned it. It was bad and s/he should feel bad for it. This movie tried way too hard to be Star Wars meets the Avengers and it wasn't successful at it.

Also featured was too much exposition about what Ronin or Thanos had done or were trying to do; "you're Draxx the Destroyer!" type telling rather than showing. None of the characters were introduced in a logical or organic way; they mostly seemed shoehorned in.

I think it says a lot about the acting when a CGI tree (hint: wooden) is the best of the bunch.

Yes, you are Groot. And I will not be watching anything connected with Guardians of the Galaxy again.
Please don't feel like you HAVE to laugh.
There's a moment in Guardians of the Galaxy when Rocket, the film's talking raccoon (voiced by Bradley Cooper), is accused of faking his laugh; coincidentally, there were quite a few people in the cinema I went to who I could have hurled the same accusation at. Yes, GOTG features a couple of genuinely funny moments, but it also has more than its fair share of gags that fall flat and certainly do not warrant the kind of belly laughs that I could hear (probably coming from deluded Marvel fan-boys).

However, even with its frequently-less-than-hilarious comedic moments, this big-budget dollop of sci-fi comic book silliness still manages to be quite a lot of mindless popcorn fun, delivering enough weird and wonderful characters, fantastic worlds, spectacular action set-pieces and impressive special effects wizardry to guarantee a reasonably fun time. Director James Gunn's eclectic and vibrant universe is brimming with such imagination and visual splendour, all accompanied by a poptastic '70s/'80s soundtrack, that the film proves a treat for the senses despite its obvious shortcomings elsewhere.
A forced action-comedy
After getting caught and arrested, a group of bounty hunters must protect a sacred sphere which grants immense power to the one who can "wield" it. They must fight against a maniacal character who's determined to destroy the entire race once he's in possession of the most wanted object in the galaxy.

It's a movie full of action, fights and explosions which, unfortunately, has two major flaws. It is too superficial and simplistic in terms of story, thus being predictable, and, although it is featured as an action/adventure movie, it desperately tries to make you laugh, a lot more than many full-fledged comedies, with many forced scenes and dialogues. As it happens most of the time when you try too hard to be funny, you get a movie which actually isn't, or by far not as much as it wanted to be. Instead, they should have focused to create a serious movie with a solid story and some better thought dialogue which would have been a lot more enjoyable, at least for me. Don't get me wrong, it's a good movie with some interesting characters and some spectacular visuals, but gets dragged down by some aspects which shouldn't have been there in the first place.
Huge loss of respect for humanity
I saw this listed as the best reviewed summer movie from two years ago and can't stand it anymore. When I watched this I laughed at how bad it was. Being utterly sadistic, I went to RT and IMDb to share in the deserved shaming. Instead, I found 90% glowing, not positive, glowing reviews.

Just to put it in perspective, I feel I'm pretty mainstream in my tastes, and can enjoy the utterly stupid if that's the point, e.g. Dumb/Dumber, Austin Powers, some Feig, and even Grandma's Boy or Broken Lizard is OK if I'm too tired to change the channel. I also like gratuitous violence just fine, and have willingly suspended my reality as needed since I left the Last Starfighter in tears about 30min in, and Transformers(animated) after the credits rolled. I reeeeally liked Burton's/Nolan's Batmans.

That said, I simply don't quite get all the respect for modern super-hero movies, or more specifically, all the respect for certain such movies. Ironman was good, but certainly not that good, and the Avengers is really no better in plot/acting than GI Joe or Green (insert balance of mediocrity here), they just have better directors/budgets maybe. Of course, I've gotten old since Keaton, and I'm willing to admit I am guilty of inflating Nolan's work b/c I dig the stylings, and perhaps b/c I don't like that I got old. So, I give the Thors and Cpt. Americas of the world a pass because I figure they're intended for 8 year olds like my previous self. If arrested development provides a wider audience these days, that's not the movie's fault. Similarly, if you think Tony Stark is better than Jack's Joker, I also blame your parents.

As for Guardians, I certainly can imagine an 8-12 year olds enjoying this (as I enjoyed TMNT in all its one liner glory), as well as 13-18 year olds who attend conventions (as I enjoyed the unsolvable mystery of who Adrian Paul would decapitate each week). I don't remember lines from them, and today's 8-18 year olds won't remember any from Guardians. E.g.: a)His race is without a sense of irony? (picturing writers high-fiving over ability to add in at least 4-5 one liners off this contrivance and not have to actually hire someone with any comedic talent to write a joke relating to the plot/action/previous line). b) I am groot means I am groot except if you're a racoon, then it predictably means everything (ala Chewie) from please and thank you to something super technical that it's just amazing/hilarious this character would know about. But hey, I didn't mind it in Star Wars. To be fair to me, Ford didn't wait for a laugh track after each line, and Chewey didn't magically transform three English words into a decipherable language instead of buying Han Rosetta Stone Wookie for Christmas one year; c) dance off. Oh, but what about using old/anachronistic/genre bending songs to create an atmosphere? Yes, awesome, and when Tarantino did it 20 years ago I thought it was just shy of Dre mixing rap and funk, so maybe we'll just add that to the homage bill. Love Pratt as a Lenny figure, but between this and Jurassic World, I really hope he saves any action movie paychecks just in case the Coen brothers don't come a calling by the time the next teddy bear/modern man's man next door shows up (sorry Krasinski, seats taken). Btw, didn't Pratt himself think this movie would bomb and end his career? That, and his great Top Chef appearance would make me go see said Coen bros. movie.

So, even if it weren't for the impossibly favorable reviews, this movie is one of the worst movies I've seen,since Thor, and before that Fast/Furious and/or Eye of the Beholder. That for a time I felt like I had to hide my disgust lest I be outed as the only heterosexual male aged 10-40 who doesn't think Gunn is the next Spielberg, makes me write this, and makes me almost as sad for my country as the d/t sandwich the major parties inflicted upon us this year. If not me, my son deserves more 7 years from now. You are groot. I am happy for you.
Guardians of the Galaxy is delightful, thrilling, well paced, visually astonishing and stunning film.
Guardians of the Galaxy: Movie Review.

Guardians of the Galaxy is another one of the solid and best entry to Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film has strong charismatic and compelling performances and impressive direction. The plot and story structure of the film is touching and refreshing. The humour in the film feels genuinely realistic, gripping and convincing. The characters are very well developed and have emotional depth and intensity. The cast is great and the performances are amazing. Sound track and musical score of the film is phenomenal and top notch. Characterisation of Rocket and Groot is brilliant.

The movie looks visually beautiful and spectacle. The visual effects of the film are spectacular and dazzling and stylish tone of the film feels very highly creative, artistic, and imaginative. Character Design of non human characters are exceptionally remarkable and fascinating. Cinematography of the film is fantastic. Action Sequences are fast paced, epic, breathtaking, and very well shot. The direction and the directing style of James Gunn is excellent. The performances are great. Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper, they are all amazing in their respective characters. Rest of the supporting cast and characters are also good.

The film seems little overstuffed with unnecessary elements and sub plots. The film has weak and underdeveloped villain character. Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser has tried hard to deliver, but his character is very underutilized. All over, Guardians of the Galaxy is an entertaining Marvel film.

(Please Note: That This Review represent only my professional point of view and my personal honest opinion about the film, and does not represent others. Thank You).
Awesome, hilarious, great film!
Guardians of the Galaxy 92

I came into the theater not knowing all too much about this movie, just knowing it was Marvel. I came out amazed. This movie was a great revival for this years blockbusters, redefining the Marvel Universe once again. It was fun, hilarious, witty, action-packed, and had great, classic rock music. Gunn knew that Marvel needed a reboot of originality, colorfulness, and artistry of filmmaking and the fact that it wasn't to be taken too serious. The way the cinematographer and James captured every single color of the landscape, and the characters; it was just spectacular. It was a great story, filled with colorful, complex characters, and great art/set direction. Music was also perfect for this film; bringing in old classics everyone knows, or doesn't, and setting up the fun atmosphere. Chris Pratt was perfect for the role, with his wit and personality he brought in. I'm hoping to see much more of these characters and colorful storytelling in the next Marvel films.
Fun but nothing special
I was very excited to see this movie. I love sci-fi and super hero movies and considering the glut of them out there, this one was sure to top them all. The good thing is that this movie does not require you to know anything about the back story, the characters, or even what the heck you're getting into other than it's a sci-fi super hero fantasy world. It reminded me of a Firefly meets Indiana Jones combination.

The problem I ran into is that it was quite formulaic, quite a bit predictable and overall tried a bit too hard to be funny at times. I'm a big sci-fi geek and am able to suspend disbelief for the sake of entertainment but the character makeup made them look, well, made up, like I was watching a play as opposed to a feature film. Maybe the fidelity of films are getting so high that it's difficult to mask the makeup, but it just seemed like too much of a distraction to me.

In no way am I saying this movie is bad. It's very good. Just not great. Maybe if I was fan of the characters I would have enjoyed it more, but overall I couldn't see it as the smash hit 10/10 everyone is giving it.
Awful Movie - not worth any money !
So - my son and I went to watch GotG. After reading mixed reviews we were skeptical but curious. The bad reviews unfortunately were right. The movie has no story line, stupid characters (like a talking raccoon) and more bad language than most rated R films I have seen. The producers were trying to cover the lack of plot with senseless action scenes that all seemed random and disconnected. Do yourself a favor and save the money you spend - you will get more pleasure from a big cup of ice cream. I can't believe Glenn Close and Vin Diesel took even small roles in this.

My sons' quote: " I totally agree with my dad. There was no point in making this movie. The movie is overly dramatic for instance; in the beginning of the movie Starlords mom dies from cancer and she asked him to hold her hand while she dies, and he looks away and cries. Then after she dies he runs out of the hospital and gets kidnapped by aliens. The characters are really badly made, like the evil blue dude who has a half robot daughter that just stands around him like an eavesdropping servant or the madman who just tries to kill Ronan - so a lot of this movie is stupid. We left the theater half way through.
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