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Crime, Drama, Thriller, Biography
IMDB rating:
Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro as James 'Jimmy' Conway
Ray Liotta as Henry Hill
Joe Pesci as Tommy DeVito
Lorraine Bracco as Karen Hill
Paul Sorvino as Paul Cicero
Frank Sivero as Frankie Carbone
Tony Darrow as Sonny Bunz
Mike Starr as Frenchy
Frank Vincent as Billy Batts
Chuck Low as Morris 'Morrie' Kessler
Frank DiLeo as Tuddy Cicero
Gina Mastrogiacomo as Janice Rossi
Catherine Scorsese as Tommy's Mother
Storyline: Henry Hill is a small time gangster, who takes part in a robbery with Jimmy Conway and Tommy De Vito, two other gangsters who have set their sights a bit higher. His two partners kill off everyone else involved in the robbery, and slowly start to climb up through the hierarchy of the Mob. Henry, however, is badly affected by his partners success, but will he stoop low enough to bring about the downfall of Jimmy and Tommy?
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Shallow Ultraviolence and Slimy Characters. Overrated Movie
I suppose a lot of people found the characters in this film compelling and relatable on a basic human level. From what I saw, virtually all of the characters are low kinds of scum, always willing to betray one another and murder for kicks. The protagonist, played by Ray Liota, lacks the depth or redeeming characteristics that Cagney and Al Pacino's gangsters had. Liota's Henry Hill has very little that would make him seem like somebody to care about, because he's always willing to betray people and lie to save his own skin. When he gets his comeuppance, the viewer knows he richly deserves it, and will find no reason to take his side. His colleagues in crime, played by Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, are equally irredeemable. The only decent qualities about De Niro and Liota is that they are not quick to condone random murder, as Pesci is always apt to do. The level of violence in this movie is gratuitous and disgusting. It does little to glamorize the life of crooks, and instead makes it seem like a low, loathsome venture.

This movie is full of violence and little in the way of decent themes, as virtually all the characters are too slimy to convey anything relatable to the viewer on a basic level, except that we sometimes betray others to save ourselves. The acting is decent, though not something to write home about. The plot is winding and tortuous, so pay very close attention if you want to understand the action. The plot actually seems secondary, more like a framework for a menagerie of blood-and-guts and gangster dialogue. I do enjoy movies that feature prominent ultra-violence, like "Robocop" and "Sin City," but those movies had deep characters and themes about morality that this movie does not explore. Watch it if you wish, but don't expect this to be the classic everyone seems to think it is.

PS: Listen for the phrase "you're busting my balls." Virtually all the main characters say it. You could play a drinking game with this movie for all the times the characters say that phrase. This likely inspired a scene in the TV series "South Park," where Cartman says this phrase to people who refuse his offer to buy aborted fetuses. Good times.
The Definitive Film of the 1990s
"GoodFellas" may be the most important film of the 1990s in the fact that its incredible success led to some of the other great movies of the decade. Films like "The Silence of the Lambs", "The Crying Game", "Pulp Fiction", "The Usual Suspects", "Fargo", and "L.A. Confidential" would have likely never been made as well as they were without the influence of Scorsese's "GoodFellas". The film is an intense study of a Mafia family over a 30-year stretch. Ray Liotta plays the half-Irish, half-Sicilian kid from Brooklyn whose only dream is to be a gangster. Although Liotta's story is at the heart of "GoodFellas", it is the supporting cast that is the film's calling card. Robert DeNiro gives one of his greatest performances, Paul Sorvino is quietly effective, and Lorraine Bracco (in an Oscar-nominated role) does the best work of her career. However, it is Joe Pesci (in his well-deserved Oscar-winning turn) who steals every scene as the one who does the "dirty work". This is probably the definitive film in a decade that produced many film-noir styled classics. 5 stars out of 5.
One the greatest movies ever
Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas is quintessentially one of the greatest movies ever. It is better than The Godfather in my opinion because of its real life approach to mob life. The film follows Henry Hill as he is brought into the mob life at a young age and how it brings him down at the end. The movie is just amazing to watch as it is like watching a documentary on the what is like to be in the mob. Adding to it are the amazing performances put forth by Ray Liotta as Henry,Robert De Niro as his friend Jimmy the Gent who is great in it and Lorraine Bracco who is very good as Henry's wife. But the performance worth mentioning is Joe Pesci's awesome performance as Tommy De Vito. His acting in it is one of the best performances I've ever seen. The film follows a time line from the 1950's to the 1980's and with it accompanies one of the greatest soundtracks ever put together. Scorcese has a knack for putting great soundtracks together and this is one of the greatest he's ever produced. Goodfellas is one of the greatest movies ever and one of Scorsese's all time best.
It's the real thing.
This film is a instant classic. It documents the life of Henry Hill and how he got into being part of the Mob. The amazing thing is that it's no fiction, even if it was, it's still beautiful. It's based on a book called Wiseguy written by Nicholas Pileggi. He met the real Henry Hill and made his story into a best selling book. Scorsese worked with Pileggi after liking the fast pace of the book, and they wrote the script. It was developed into this film. Casting is another great thing about the film, it seems that all the actors fit perfectly in their roles. It also has some really funny bits. Pileggi worked with Scorsese on another great Mob film, Casino.
A Masterpiece That Gets Better With Each New Viewing
Goodfellas (1990)

**** (out of 4)

Martin Scorsese's masterpiece about Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), a man who grew up hoping to be in the mob and he got his but crime does not pay as the old saying goes. GOODFELLAS has been called one of the greatest mob movies ever made and it's been called the best film of the 90s as well as one of the greatest films ever made. It certainly goes on my list as one of the greatest movies ever made and each time I view the thing I can't help but be amazed at the brilliance on screen. It's really does seem as if this isn't a movie because the thing is so perfect in every way that it's almost hard to believe that it's real. Even though everything in this movie is great there's no doubt that every ounce of credit belongs to Scorsese.

There have been wonderful crime pictures going all the way back to the silent days so the director was behind the eight ball but instead of just delivering a great movie he instead goes all out and really creates a film unlike anything we've ever seen before. The way he films the violence, shows the good times and the bad times. Everything is so flawless that you really do forget that you're watching a movie because it comes off like you're a fly on the wall witnessing all of this stuff first hand. There's the now legendary camera shot going through the restaurant, there's the terrific music score and of course the violence that really shakes you. One could argue that we've seen this type of story countless times but it's so fresh here that you can't help but feel as if you're seeing it for the first time.

There are so many brilliant moments here but special credit has to go to the final twenty-minutes or so when Hill finally starts to crack due to all the drugs. The fast-paced nature of this sequence is among the most perfect filming you're ever going to see because by the time it's over you're going to think that you too are high on drugs. Another amazing thing that Scorsese does is get you into the events in these people's lives. The good times early on are so much fun that you can see why someone would select to be in the lifestyle. The camera doesn't shy away from capturing these moments including the high times in the nightclubs with the women and the money. However, Scorsese also nails the downside when everything starts to crumble and the violence is so shocking and brutal that you then realize that this lifestyle only ends one way and you're thankful that you're not involved in it.

Another major plus are of course the performances. Liotta is perfect in the role of Hill and especially when you consider he must carry the film over the more famous actors. I thought Liotta perfectly nailed not only the young, energetic Hill but he really pulled off the drug-crazed maniac. DeNiro, as usual, is also terrific in his part as he brings so much fire and energy to the character and can cause you to fear him with just a look. Joe Pesci deserves his Best Supporting Actor Oscar as there's no doubt that he delivers one of the finest villain roles in the history of film. Lorraine Bracco and Paul Sorvino are also impressive as are the rest of the supporting players even down to the bit parts.

GOODFELLAS is without question one of the greatest films ever made and like all classics it's a movie that keeps getting better each passing year. Scorsese has made many great films in his career and this here is certainly among his best.
Can A Sick Film Be A Good One, too? I Guess So.
Sad to say, almost everyone I know - at least, the males - who has seen this movie likes it very much. I enjoy it, too. I say "sad" because it's a sick film in many ways. Also, when you have 240-plus f-words in a movie, I mean, come on! In that respect alone, I'm embarrassed to say this movie is part of my collection. That's simply because it's a fascinating story, for the full 145 minutes.

This is a rough film, to say the least. It's not just the language; there are some brutally- violent parts. Joe Pesci's "Tommy DeVito" seems to be involved with some of the worst of that violence Supposedly, the movie is a based on a true story but how much of this is true, who knows? It certainly provides a vivid portrait of Mafia life in New York City. I really loved the narration by Ray Liotta - who doesn't? - and enjoyed the music in here. Most people comment about the music; it's a good soundtrack. Pesci, Liotta, Robert De Niro and Paul Sorvino all make for extremely interesting gangster characters.

With all the language, which includes at least 15 usages of the Lord's name in vain and some subtle religious cheap shots (not surprising considering who directed the film), the gory spots this film gets a little too rough-edged at times. I've watched thousands of crime movies, and this gets to be a little much here and there but if none of the above offends you, you're in for a treat with an intense crime story that is very watchable.
not so good as it's imdb ranking
Watching this good movie, you feel like watching the Sopranos,moving from one casual killing to another, with an italian family meal or two. Scorsese is so clever you're not bored any minute : situations are funny, suspense is there, both characters and actors are good. But you cannot go as far as liking the "hero" or feeling anything for him except a mild sympathy. so, all in all I give this movie a 7 mark but do not really understand its ranking, except if some have mistaken it for the godfather...
Not Good At All
Goodfellas is the story of Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) an ambitious young Irish-Italian American who becomes surrounded by a gritty world of crime and violence, set in '60s and '70s New York, while trying to climb the ladder of success in the Mafia. His two best friends are Jimmy Conway (Robert De Niro) and Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci). The latter is one of the most vile and disgusting characters ever captured on film. His wife is Karen (Lorraine Braaco) and she seems to be the only one who sees where Henry is truly going if he continues to stay in this brutal life of crime.

The film is based on the true story of the life of Henry Hill and what a life that must have been. A life of prisons, robberies, drugs, and hijacks is no way to live, but the main characters does all of them to keep his reputation and his fortune. He doesn't count on betrayal and death to turn him against that life of luxury, but he finds out that he must choose between the life of crime that's spiraling downward or a life of a rat that might have a chance to live in peace.

That gritty world of crime ended up being too gritty for my tastes. And all of the characters were much too grotesque to be likable. Even our main character is a scumbag that doesn't know what he's gotten himself into until it might be too late. Since there wasn't one character in my eyes that I could relate to or that redeemed himself, I had to rate this movie like any other Scorsese film that failed to give me what I wanted. Therefore, I didn't like this film and am not surprised since all of the Scorsese films that I've seen up to this point were made in the same fashion.

Somehow, the film went on to win an Academy Award for Joe Pesci as Best Supporting Actor at the 1990 Oscars. It was nominated for five other Oscars that year including Picture, Director, Supporting Actress (Braaco), Adapted Screenplay, and Editing.
A brilliantly executed story of organised crime
This movie is held up as one of the great Mafia movies of all time, and for good reason. Over the course of the film, we are the shown the Mafia lifestyle through the eyes of our narrator, Henry Hill. Our other main characters are Tommy DeVito and Jimmy Conway, Henry's mob partners who often show the more gruesome parts of Mafia dealings. Ray Liotta (Henry), Joe Pesci (Tommy), and Jimmy (Robert De Niro) bring in brilliant performances that makes truly invested in these characters and makes them feel more than simply actors within the film.

The plot of the film follows Henry through his childhood through to his adult life and his associations with the Mafia. This film does a fantastic job at first sucking the viewer in to the sense that the mafia isn't so bad as we see the mobsters accepting Henry as their own and their seemingly affable nature, which can be seen especially in Jimmy. As Henry grows up however the audience begins to see the more violent and amoral dealings of the Mafia that shatter the image of the romantic life that was presented at the beginning as well as other portrayals of Mafia in the media.

Something that also has to be mentioned is Martin Scorsese's use of music and sound within the film. Music within the film helps to both capture the time period of the 50's all the way through to the 70's as well as relate to the situation at hand. It gives the film a good rhythm and pace that makes each scene interesting to watch and flows easily into one another, leaving you on the edge of your seat as it makes the two and a half hour run-time feel short as every minute engrosses you into the reality of the film.

Overall, a quintessential film for any fan of Mafia movies or film buffs, as well as one of the best films to introduce you to Scorsese's work.
Tedious cartoon characterizations
Many people think Scorsese is a great director because he is a skilled craftsman who produces a clear realization of his own weirdly fractured vision. Given the reverence with which some people treat his work, any criticism may be viewed as sacrilege.

However, this film is filled with wooden, cartoon characterizations of real people. They do very ugly things to each other, but without any understanding of their motivations.

The movie drags on far too long thanks to countless scenes that should have been shortened or cut (e.g., the endlessly long prison kitchen scene). The transitions between different phases of the movie are abrupt and without explanation. For instance, the transition to drug addiction and trafficking comes out of nowhere when the main character pulls pills out of his pocket and swallows them on his way to jail in a limousine. No drug use is shown or even hinted at prior to that scene.

While the movie certainly progresses over time, and there is definitely plot development, the cardboard characters don't really change, and every scene seems like a repeat of something we just saw.

Unlike "The Godfather," to which this film is sometimes compared because they both depict the "inner workings" of the East Coast Mafia, there is no deeper insight into any part of the human condition, and only the shallowest revelations about why the Mafia even exists. The only thing we are given -- explained in clumsy narration at the end of the movie -- is that all the participants are drawn to each other because they enjoy a sense of belonging: of being "good fellas." While the irony between that explanation and the extended depiction of these beautifully bonded people eating their own is certainly acknowledged, in the end none of it really makes sense, and we are reminded of that too-frequently quoted Shakespeare line:

It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury Signifying nothing

Macbeth was clearly talking about Goodfellas.
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