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Forrest Gump
Drama, War, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Robert Zemeckis
Tom Hanks as Young Forrest Gump
Robin Wright Penn as Jenny Curran
Gary Sinise as Lt. Dan Taylor
Mykelti Williamson as Pvt. Benjamin Buford 'Bubba' Blue
Sally Field as Mrs. Gump
Rebecca Williams as Nurse at Park Bench
Michael Conner Humphreys as Young Forrest Gump
George Kelly as Barber
Bob Penny as Crony
John Randall as Crony
Sam Anderson as Principal
Margo Moorer as Louise, Mrs. Gump's Housekeeper
Ione M. Telech as Elderly Woman
Christine Seabrook as Elderly Woman's Daughter
Siobhan Fallon as School Bus Driver (as Siobhan J. Fallon)
Peter Dobson as Young Elvis Presley
John Worsham as Southern Gentleman / Landowner
Storyline: Forrest Gump is a simple man with a low I.Q. but good intentions. He is running through childhood with his best and only friend Jenny. His 'mama' teaches him the ways of life and leaves him to choose his destiny. Forrest joins the army for service in Vietnam, finding new friends called Dan and Bubba, he wins medals, creates a famous shrimp fishing fleet, inspires people to jog, starts a ping-pong craze, creates the smiley, writes bumper stickers and songs, donates to people and meets the president several times. However, this is all irrelevant to Forrest who can only think of his childhood sweetheart Jenny Curran, who has messed up her life. Although in the end all he wants to prove is that anyone can love anyone.
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Wonderful Film-Please Remember it
Forget what Rotten Tomatoes says. Forrest Gump is a high-end movie with important messages about not letting who you are affect what you make out of life. It's impossible to dislike the lovable Forrest Gump, who's played by Tom Hanks in his best performance to date. The soundtrack is well-composed by Alan Silvestri, the opening song being one of the greatest songs in cinema history. Forrest teaches people that you don't need to be smart in order to feel, and boy did I feel the emotions in this movie. I couldn't take it when Jenny did at the end, and Hanks is so believable and likable in every scene you want to be like Forrest Gump.

I don't have to much to say about this movie because it's a movie you need to see in order to understand how wonderful it is. See it, and I promise you'll see how good films can be.
This stupid is fabulous
There are movies and movies & there is Forrest Gump.

- Movies that make you laugh, movies that make you ponder,movies that may excite you, but only a few can make you cry. Forrest Gump does it all. Boy, tears rolled down for the first time after watching a movie(of course there are other movies that followed but surely none of those were even close to this phenomenal motion picture). Not that I am Hercules or Thor, but it takes immense poignance to make me cry.

Talking about Robert Zemeckis, the man always had a peculiarity in his direction but this is the one which stands tall among all. This story wouldn't have been the same without him. He is the one who brought the feel to this movie.

Tom Hanks does not have Tom Cruise's face or Brad Pitt's body & so he got to the best with what God has given him- SHEER ACTING PROWESS. In early 90's he was still to establish himself among great names & thats how he did it? Although he had already won an Oscar for philadelphia but this movie was his official entry to the hearts of millions of people across the globe. Its hard to imagine any other actor fit in this role. His movies have always been like a box of chocolates- YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO COME & this one is a pure delight- a movie that can make your day.

Some of the finest dialogs, thrilling moments, funny instances, touching storyline, insightful thoughts & a pinch of romance, this movie offers you everything you are looking in a heartwarming feel-good movie.

Robin Wright's performance was a treat to watch and some breathtaking chemistry with Tom Hanks made it even more delicious. Even the best in the romance cannot match this one. "I may not be a smart man but I know what love is" is one of my favorite lines in the movie. Stupidity has never been so touchy before.

Every single character contributed to this beautiful fable in bits & pieces- Forrest, Jenny, Lt. Dan, Bubba, Forrest's Mama, Young Forrest & Junior Forrest are some of the unforgettable ones.

An extraordinary journey of an ordinary man & arguably one of the best performances of all time by Tom Hanks- don't give a miss to this one. It may change your perception about life.

One hell of a movie & it will be close to my heart forever!

what can I say more
I have to whole-heartedly agree with people who complained about the hype. I guess this movie was made to pander to the baby-boomers. Why people insist that Tom Hanks is a great actor is beyond me. Don't get me wrong, I thought he was brilliant on "Bosom Buddies," I just wish he would return to the small screen. I remember Bill Maher on "Politically Incorrect" remarking on Mr. Hanks winning the Best Actor award for this movie. He basically asked how hard was it to portray an idiot? I suppose Tom Servo's diatribe on MST3k accurately summarizes my opinion of this flick. Something like, "Oh, so life is like a box of chocolates? Oh yeah? Well, I say life is like a c*** sandwich; the more bread you have, the less c*** you have to take!" If only there was more bread in this movie!
In my opinion, no film has touched me more than this one.....
Quite simply, the greatest film ever made.

Humour, sadness, action, drama and a Vietnam film all rolled into one.

I'm not a stone cold, heartless villain, but it takes a lot to make me cry when I watch a movie. Bambi's mother, I couldn't care less. Jimmy Stewart in, "Oh, what a wonderful life," - yeah right! The Lion King, when Mufasa bites the big one - on the verge.

But seriously - I bawled my big brown eyes out, on several occasions in this film. A real tear-jerker, and a wonderful character, played to perfection by Tom Hanks. Every bit as worthy for the Oscar as Rooney was to win the Premiership in 2007.

I cannot say it enough: This is THE film of all time. Watch it, and you'll see.
Dropping My Keys
I remember John Byner, the stand-up comic and impressionist of the 1970s talking about guys crying at movies, how it's not an acceptable behavior. He advised the men in his audience to drop their keys, do something that gets them to lean forward, wipe their faces, and get things under control.

I dropped my keys watching Forrest Gump. Lieutenant Dan comes over the hill at Forrest and Jenny's wedding, new legs, fiancé at his side, clean-cut and happy.

Forrest states the obvious, "Lieutenant Dan, you gawt le-eggs!"

And the water-works just started to flow.

I sit up straight and clear my throat. Got 'em (the keys, that is). My wife leans over and gives me a kiss. She says, "That's why I love you."

Other than a few historical fussinesses and plot slickeries, none of which are worth mentioning, this is as close to a perfect, emotionally-satisfying entertainment as I have ever seen.

I love this movie. I never tire of the simple story of the guy with the lowest IQ in the room being the smartest guy in the room. It's filled with a patriotic decency you can only find in The Wizard of Oz and To Kill a Mockingbird.

When Dorothy is aching for home and the Wizard can't deliver, I drop my keys. When Scout points to the man behind Jem's bedroom door and says, "Hey, Boo," the fob goes flying.

The next time I get out my copy to show to my 11th Grade US History kids, I'll start fingering my key chain.

I can't help it.
A 140 Minute Sentimental Gimmick
Forrest Gump is a film that essentially decides to take a fictional developmentally delayed Southerner and insert him into several decades of history, having him interject with everything from George Wallace's anti-integregation push to inspiring Elvis' famous dance moves. This is simply a history trivializing gimmick, that is repeated dozens of times throughout the film. Three things basically happen in the film; Forrest does something amazing, he interjects in a historical event, but boy does he miss Jenny. This is constantly repeated as well. The message; that the wholesome, slow, never questioning Forrest is a hero while the nonconformist free thinking Jenny becomes an aids infected slut is problematic. The depiction of Forrest by Tom Hanks is one note and mind numbingly sentimental. Forrest Gump is not so much a movie as a one note concept stretched out to a bloated running time. Stupid is as stupid does, and this movie certainly is stupid.
A dreamy, warming and inspiring hunt for love.
From harsh bullying to the creation of milestone characters that have shaped our world. Forrest Gump delivers an inspiring journey in search a long searched unconditioned love.

I have been watching this movie once a year since I was a kid. I love everything about it. Seeing the world through the eyes of Forrest Gump is needed from time to time. The naive interpretation of the world that Forrest delivers, will hand you a very useful perspective of the event to come in your own life.

Getting through this movie without feeling love, hurt, happiness and even nostalgia is always an impossible task. For you out there who have not yet seen this movie, get to it!
A Perfect Film
Wow. An incredible film. I watched many other movies of Tom Hanks, Now i understand that i made a great mistake by not watching this movie this long. This is such an epic. Terrific acting by Tom Hanks, dint knew that he was this versatile. The film just creates a very good feel inside you that even after watching it just hangs within your mind. Gump is spontaneous with great talent even though he looks retarded. Every scene in the movie drags our full attention into it, by the spontaneous actions of Gump. The movie's BGM is also perfect and syncs nicely with the scenes. Everything, everything is perfect for this film. Such films are extremely rare. This should have been a multi Oscar winner and indeed, it is. Watch it. No other words. Just watch and feel.
Let's see the world through the eyes of Forrest Gump
"I've made about 20 films and 5 of them are pretty good"-Tom Hanks.

"Forrest Gump" is one of the best movies of all time, guaranteed. I really just love this movie and it has such a special place in my heart. The performances are just so unforgettable and never get out of your head. The characters, I mean the actors turned into them and that's what got to me. The lines are so memorable, touching, and sometimes hilarious.

We have Forrest Gump(Tom Hanks), not the sharpest tool in the box, his I.Q. is right below the average scores. But his mama(Sally Field) believes that her boy has the same opportunities as anyone else and lets Forrest know that there's nothing that could hold him back. As a boy he is put into braces for his legs since he has a crooked back and really doesn't have too many friends. When he gets on a school bus for his first day of school, NO ONE will let him sit next to them. This scene is so heart breaking until you hear a little angel's voice "You can sit here if you want". Jenny, Forrest's best friend and crush, she looks so incredibly innocent and you love her because her and Forrest are like pea's and carrots. But we find out that there is an extremely unfortunate side to her life, she has a father that's "always kissing and touching her and her sisters". Forrest just assumes that it's a father's love since he doesn't have a dad that could show him that it's wrong.

Forrest and Jenny together walk every day from school and when these kids start throwing rocks at Forrest calling him stupid, Jenny just tells Forrest "Run, Forrest! Run!". He miraculously breaks the braces off his legs and run like the wind blows. Forrest meets many celebrities from his life that just happened to be there: Elvis Presley visited his house before hitting it big, President Kennedy honored him with a all American football award, President Johnson who honored him with a medal of honor for his actions in Vietnam, President Nixon(in which Forrest happens to discover a problem in the Water Gate Hotel because some people seem to be flashing lights around), and John Lennon through a talk show to talk about his medal of honor.

Forrest meets some interesting people along the way too that are even better than these celebrities combined; Bubba his Vietnam war friend who dreams of owning a shrimp boat one day and was born with big gums. He is just so wonderful and charming and won't stop talking about shrimp. Luteniet Dan, a leader of Forrest's army in Vietnam who gets saved by Forrest during a huge attack and looses his legs as a result. Luteniet Dan was by far my favorite character, he has so much pride and wants to die in Vietnam due to his family history tradition of dying in every single American war. He and Forrest make quite a pair. And of course there's Jenny, a very tragic figure, she gets more mean as she grows up because she knows that Forrest loves her, in some ways you can't blame her really. She was obviously abused and I think she felt that Forrest was too good for her or that he couldn't really give her the love she wanted. Robin Wright, what a beautiful and wonderful actress.

This movie is incredible and should be seen by everyone. I am not kidding, "Forrest Gump" is a remarkable movie and inspires everyone. It's not just about someone stupid who happens to be in great places and historic events just because of being in the right place at the right time. This story is beautiful and will inspire everyone to go the distance and see the world like Forrest did and will never give up on their dreams.

Instant Classic
This film was an instant classic for me.

They don't write scripts of this calibre any more, which is a shame.

Tom Hanks is brilliant as the mildly retarded Forest Gump. The film takes you by the hand, and shows Gumps life and experiences, both good and bad, in his own words from childhood to adulthood.

At the same time you get a basic look at modern U.S. history.

It is heartwarming and sad, funny and satirical. Cleverly weaves in so many sub plots and ideas.

Yet doesn't use excessive violence or bad language to relate powerful messages in a heartwarming story. A story all the family can watch.

A cracking film you can enjoy over and over again.
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