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Forbidden Planet
Thriller, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Romance, Family
IMDB rating:
Fred M. Wilcox
Walter Pidgeon as Dr. Edward Morbius
Anne Francis as Altaira 'Alta' Morbius
Leslie Nielsen as Commander J. J. Adams
Warren Stevens as Lt. 'Doc' Ostrow M.D.
Jack Kelly as Lt. Jerry Farman
Richard Anderson as Chief Quinn
Robert Dix as Crewman Grey (as Bob Dix)
Jimmy Thompson as Crewman Youngerford
James Drury as Crewman Strong
Harry Harvey Jr. as Crewman Randall
Roger McGee as Crewman Lindstrom
Storyline: When Adams and his crew are sent to investigate the silence from a planet inhabited by scientists, he finds all but two have died. Dr. Morbius and his daughter Altaira have somehow survived a hideous monster which roams the planet. Unknown to Adams, Morbius has made a discovery, and has no intention of sharing it (or his daughter!) with anyone.
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Groundbreaking for its time
"Forbidden Planet" is mostly notable today for its soundtrack: the first ever all-electronic score, which was produced with innovative techniques eight years before the invention of the first synthesizer.

The special effects are also amazing in one scene in particular, and the movie was the first time a "robot" was credited as a cast member, though I'm not sure how significant this really is.

The story is a science fiction riff on Shakespeare's Tempest with some Jungian psychology thrown in; the sets make the movie consistently interesting, but the story wanes toward the end. I found myself losing interest before the big revelation.
The Landmark Space Thriller of All Time !!!
Rated a 5-star film for nearly fifty years, and still rated so in some master indexes, Forbidden Planet is considered by many to be the greatest space fiction thriller of all time. The plot, spun from Dante's Inferno, is one of the strongest ever adapted to screen play, and the film's many technological innovations, such as wireless microphones, remote video, hyper drive, and many others, were conceived and debuted therein decades before their time. In addition to the powerfully absorbing story, centered around the fact that a evil primitive lurks within the subconscious of every man, the details, dialogue, and scientific jargon of the script exhibit amazing scientific and technical accuracy ... even today ... everything from the need for special devices to protect the spacemen from rapid acceleration/deceleration to/from hyperspace, to advanced scientific discussions, including accurate, heavy-duty terminology having to do with the origin of the indestructible, invisible "Monster from the Id"! Robbie-The-Robot, one of the films most memorable contributions, "lived" on for decades after the film, first as a household name, then in Lost In Space, and later in other appearances and spin-offs. Robbie was the prototype and basis for the android concept in subsequent productions.

I saw this film when it opened in 1956, and have viewed it many times since. I will never forget the ominous aura imparted by the stunning, never before seen visual effects, eerie and completely unique sound tract, alien landscapes, and artistic devices of this great landmark masterpiece. This title is prized among my classic video collection of the more than 1,000 films.

Except for a few corny lines by "Cookie", a manner of speech considered hip for the time period, and a little wavering of the saucer during landing, this film is not only a flawless masterpiece, but will remain a timeless monument to the golden age of science fiction film making. Morbuis (Walter Pigeon) will always remain the quintessential institutional scientist who's self-righteous, self-noble, and self-important values turn out to stem from the same mentality that has led humans to construct over 250,000 nuclear warheads. And, Commander Adams (Leslie Nielsen), the pragmatic, self-made hero who, at ground level is able to see through the fog, and with great sacrifice (mainly of others) at the last possible moment, unravels the crooked web and reveals the ugly truth. The truth that sets men free!
Yes, this IS the best sci-fi film ever made.
Well, of course, "Star Wars" defined the genre, and "Alien" and "Blade Runner" perfected it; but "Forbidden Planet" created it. Argue, if you must, that movies like "The Day the Earth Stood Still", "Them" and "Five Million Years to Earth" are the cerebral grand-fathers of the film genre (and I won't disagree with you), but for "science-fiction-as-plot-driven-action-epic," this is it. This is the one.

It's so unerringly on target, in fact, that it still plays very well even today. The modern audience has to overcome the "Leslie Nielsen Factor" (and it is difficult to watch him in a totally straight role), but once you do, the movie is pure enjoyment. Forget about dated plots and special effect. Robbie the Robot is a guy in a suit, yes, but he is thoroughly believable. He even adheres nicely to Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, a trick that the digital robots in this summer's "I, Robot" had a great deal of difficulty with.

And the monster! I defy anyone to avoid getting the willies when the monster first shorts the security fence. Great special effect, then and now!

Finally, the universal theme of man's (and Krell's) individual flaws inserting themselves into an otherwise perfect system and TOTALLY gumming up the works is as relevant today as it was then. More so.
The seminal space movie
If you like Star Wars/Trek, come see where they got all their ideas and cinematic devices. It's my top 2 favorite movies of all times, other-worldly-futuristic and psycho-thriller. The intensity of the root material (Shakespeare's "The Tempest") is not overshadowed by whizbang gimmickry (a la later Lucas). And just because it was made in 1956, don't assume you can 'see the strings' holding the flying saucer up. This was the first movie where you COULDN'T. Miracle it was made at "A-movie" scale, economics and tastes at the time were stacked heavily against it. And director Wilcox's previous 'hit' was "Lassie Come Home". Until I looked him up, I assumed 'Fred Wilcox' was a pseudonym for a director who was already or later became famous, but at the time didn't want to be associated with sci-fi, which was strictly a "B" genre back then. This was either a very VERY visionary production, or a very fortuitous 'mistake' on the part of the folks who bankroll Hollywood.

There are the massive-scale mattes with live action almost microscopically inserted that Lucas used extensively. There are intelligent machines that transcend the stereotypical 'user interface'; "computers", as they've come to be portrayed much less futuristically in later works. Star Trek's 'transporter' is there, visually, almost unaltered by Roddenberry 10 years later. And if the Trek/Wars technobabble turns you off, FP's scientific references are not overdone and are all accurate, even today. The "ship" set is comprehensive, sparklingly realistic, as good as anything you've seen since, and more convincing than anything 'Trek' has done, for TV or film. We didn't get to spend as much time there as I would have liked.

If you ever wondered how movies got into space so competently, watching FP will explain all that. It's definitely not 'Wagontrain to the Stars'.
Still a classic after half a century.
I saw this when it first came out; I was 12 or 13 at the time. Needless to say, I was mesmerized. I watched it again last night, and while some of the sets and special effects are primitive by today's standards, the movie holds up well. A bit preachy, especially at the end, but fun to watch and nicely constructed. (Speaking of nicely constructed, Ann Francis certainly is a treat to watch!) I can't go along with those who call this "the greatest s-f movie ever," but it's a standout for its era. It's right up there with "War of the Worlds" and "When Worlds Collide" -- two other '50s s-f films produced in color -- and ranks in the all-time top 20 of the genre.
Sci fi classic
Probably one of the most influential sci fi movies of all time. You can see its influence in most episodes of Star Trek, and similar movies/series. Even gave the Krell hi fi company its name...

Very original and intriguing plot, with an interesting and plausible scientific background. Some of the sub-plots are a bit silly though, especially the romantic angle. Special effects were probably revolutionary for their time.

Performances are a bit wooden. Walter Pidgeon, as Dr Morbius, is the worst of the lot: every bit of his dialogue seems like a pre-written speech. Lesle Nielsen, in only his second movie, is not too bad though. Anne Francis provides the eye candy (and I'm not complaining...). Cast also includes Richard Anderson.

A sci fi classic.
Gets better as it gets older
While not re-treading the comments or plot summaries of other IMDB users, I thought I'd say that this particular film does get better as it gets older. While ground-breaking on it's release in 1956, the visual "look" of this film has grown over the 46 years since it first arrived.

True to the pulp sci-fi of its day, the art direction has mellowed into an archetype that has not been bettered to this date. MGM put a surprising amount of money into the production values (similar to, but better than Universal's "This Island Earth"). This is a living "cover art". The indelible images of the saucer passing through space, landing on Altair-4, Robby, and the disintegrating tiger linger long in collective memory.

This must be seen on the big screen if possible, and in the original Cinemascope format. I've been lucky enough to see it (it was re-released in the 70's on a double bill with George Pal's "The Time Machine"), and the power it carries in scenes such as the Krell machines and the attack of the Id Monster are truly impressive. Watching it on a television just doesn't come close, although the "letterboxed" version is better than nothing. I am a poster collector, and even the advertising material for this film is exceptional. I see the one-sheet for it every day in my living room, and have never grown tired of it. "AMAZING!" is what is says, and for once they got it right. A true classic of it's type.
forbidden planet
Director:Fred Wilcox, Script:CyrilHume, Staring:Walter Pigeon, Anne Francis,Leslie Nielsen.

Forbidden Planet is one of the highlights of the golden age of sci-fi from the period between 1950 and 1962. It is considered to be the first film to have an electronic music score. It was filmed in colour in cinemascope that was popular in the 1950's and is to the 1950's what Kubrick's 2001 a space odyssey was to the 1960's and Lucas's star wars was to the 1970's. If you like the star wars movies, give this a try. I see many influence's. Roby, the robot is like the robot on Irwin Allen's lost in space or even c3po in Star Wars.It also deals with a "greater force" like Star Wars. Watch this and see how the special effects have changed in 50 years! This movie was very impressive for its time. Walter Pigeon is great as Dr. Morbius as well as his beautiful daughter Altaira played by Anne Francis. This also features an early performance by Leslie Nielsen. The first pc the "Altair" got its name from this film.
Hey! Not bad at all for its age.
Wow. There have been a lot of reviews for this old movie. That says a lot in itself.

I just saw this movie for the first time several days ago. I picked up a used DVD of it for $3. Glad I did as I really like it.

I expected something totally corny as the cover of the DVD has a robot carrying off a scantily-clad woman like some comic book drivel. So, imagine my surprise when there was actually a decent plot and some rather good acting. The weird audio score impressed me too. It added a novel atmosphere to the whole production. Effects were impressive for way back in the 50s too. The invisible monster had me tense which a lot of newer movies can't come close to doing.

The only thing that seemed a little bogus was Anne Francis being so naive concerning men. She sure was a looker though.

That robot is way cool. I've seen it in some other movies too. I really need one of those around the house eh.

Now some people might find this movie a little slow in places. But, it has such a good story compared to other movies of that era that it's only a minor flaw. Lovers of pure sci-fi will eat this one up.

This is a movie I'll be able to watch many times, which is saying a lot for me. Anyone who cares a whit for sci-fi ought to check this one out.
Sorry "Star Wars"--the greatest Science Fiction film ever
Sure Star Wars (a movie I have seen at least fifty times) beats all the others in special effects, but this film has every thing else!

It has horror(non-graphical), romance, robots, witty repartee, intelligence, (surprisingly good) special effects, and drama.

I saw this film a couple of years ago in a revival with a newly struck print, and I was amazed at how well it held up today. I thought the old 40's style electronics would look hokey, but they somehow looked futuristic and moderne.

Ann Francis in here (mostly) short skirts and bare feet with a girlish innocence that is hard to beat still gets a rise out of me.

The Krell monster appearing in the ray beams still scares the bejebees out of me.

Of course we all know that the "Great Bird of the Galaxy" probably modeled much of "Star Trek" from this movie.

No one has yet to beat Robby, the Robot, in terms of personality

(sorry, R2D2 and C3PO).

This movie, overall, is the standard that all other Science Fiction films will have to measure up to!

Honorable mention for the haunting electronic score which kept us all on pins and needles.
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