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Fight Club
USA, Germany
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
David Fincher
Edward Norton as The Narrator
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden
Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer
Meat Loaf as Robert 'Bob' Paulson
Zach Grenier as Richard Chesler
David Andrews as Thomas
George Maguire as Group Leader
Eugenie Bondurant as Weeping Woman
Christina Cabot as Group Leader
Christie Cronenweth as Airline Attendant
Tim De Zarn as Inspector Bird
Storyline: A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.
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It's Only After We've Lost Everything , That We're Free To Do Anything
I watched this movie 2 times - the first time was when I was around 11- 12 and the second time - I was about 19. And it definitely had a different impact on me. The first time I saw it I was like - wow, what a cool action movie!! But when I watched in my late teenage years, I understood it completely different. The message "It's Only After We've Lost Everything , That We're Free To Do Anything" is quite ambiguous, actually. I can't say i agree with it fully, but i also don't reject it.
Maybe Golf Can Fill The Void!!
It is nice to have all the material accoutrement of a thriving, cosmopolitan guinea pig. You are raptured by consumerism, which includes owning several hundred pounds of Scandinavian furniture.You have a precocious infatuation for a white collar title, and your lackluster, extra curricular activities have dictated that you mollycoddle someone with testicular cancer!! As enticing as all of this sounds, you know what sparks your interest even more, BEATING THE CRAP OUT OF SOMEONE!! (I have been underemployed for over eight years now, I am all ears!!) What do you really want out of life? Recognition at the Neanderthal level, or, to be another citified anonymity? The former, of course!! Brad Pitt conveys his message to Edward Norton very convincingly, and now, the trick is to spread the good news, but, remember rules one and two, you are not allowed to talk about it, and, you are not allowed to talk about it!! How do you persevere under such a deranged set of circumstances? Yes!! Boredom constitutes a first rate felony. Fighting to a near death represents an exuberance that has titillated Edward Norton's character to a personal Nirvana!! Dangerously convoluted logic is the ultimate spirituality. You have experienced excruciating chemical pain, someone torched your condo because they want to get to know you a little better, you got fired because you always have blood stains on your clothes, you want to blow up a credit card centralized information building complex, and sex has not been this sensational since seventh grade!! Nobody said that this was a family oriented film!! The aggregate depravity for all of the characters in the movie transcends a diversified experimentation with needless destruction, their devotion to the non-conventional is a little too difficult to comprehend!! What does anybody really accomplish by going this route anyway? Capitualation to the bizarre? This movie's charades of insurrection are exhilarating to the clinically demented (Otherwise known as the fight club) The less I know, the better off I will be I think!! Banalities pertinent to the Bourgeousie have brazenly threatened this bevy of belligerent overgrown boys who wish to brandish their high levels of testosterone... So Now!! Life is one big boxing ring!! This is a potpourri of apocalyptic misgivings which are socially perverse!! How do you empathize with any of this?... You don't!! This website has ranked this movie the 31st best film out of the top 250 ever made.... To concur with these findings would be tantamount to indulging the character that Brad Pitt played, to the nth degree!! The psychopathic rumination involved in all of these felonious antics are even more repugnant than the eating habits of an alpaca!!! It is truly indicative of human nature to favor the form of fruition which is pecuniary, their form of fruition deals with societal malcontent and mutilation!! The resonating agitation, which serves as an inspiration to everyone in this movie, is commensurate with the film "Clockwork Orange"!!! Both films possess a ruthless determination to establish an adamant,counter-culture militancy with a bunch of immature misfits!! The macabre actions to both of these movies signify a heinous non-justification which is pertinent to everything!!! This is not what the phrase "Change your sedentary lifestyle" means!!! There are other recreational diversions out there, maybe golf can fill the void!! As far as unprecedented creativity goes "Fight Club" gets a resoundingly perfect ten!!! Overall, however, for "Fight Club" to be ranked the 31st best movie ever produced, I don't know, I really just do not know about that one at all!!
Welcome to Fight Club!
"Fight Club" (1999) Review By Christopher Tran

"Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club!" At least that's what Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt, exclaimed when he first established the so-called "club" in the basement of a bar. Never could he have imagined such a simple rule could lead to the expansion of the club to simply multiply overnight. He along with the Narrator, played by Edward Norton, create a dynamic duo that could influence the lives of many in the film which eventually led to the many emotional and intense scenes.

Originally a novel published by Chuck Palahniuk in 1996, the book would become a movie that would intrigue the thoughts of others into believing such a reality could exist in the U.S. at the time. While the time period for the film isn't specifically stated, it can be deduced to take place around the mid-90s. Multiple events throughout the film from explosions, riots, vandalism, to multiple personalities and various psychological disorders, make the film seem so realistic yet impossible for society at the time. The films realism approach with these multiple chaotic events gives it the dark noir vibe that most of David Fincher's, the director for this film, films take and also the reason he receives so much criticism from those who watch his films. This "dark noir" is depicted with multiple sexual scenes as well as vandalism and malicious activities centered around a crime driven film. The amount of suspense from the plot as well as the characters mixed personalities creates such an amazing film.

Going to the characters, just by comparison the Narrator and Tyler Durden are strong opposites. Yet, they somehow create a bond that allows them to create their own society. A society where one looks up to the other, wanting to be like him, almost like the average movie duo where one is obedient to the other while the other has the more vocal personnel. What makes this film great is how the interactions between these two characters evolve, deconstructs and soon implodes under the realization of the Narrator and his dual personality is what creates the amount of tension evident in the film.

The role of Marla Singer in the plot also has its impacts. An obstacle to the narrator becomes the romantic and sexual motivations for Tyler Durden's temporary relief. Despite what a nuisance she appears to be to the narrator by being the one mental block that interrupted his support group relief, she appears to be the main reason for the narrator to keep his mind straight especially during the time when he knows she would be in grave danger. Her psychological problems, as well as drug abuse, in the beginning, were there mainly to express the darkness of the crime central film and how some people at the time experienced some problems that she had to endure or bestowed upon herself.

Diving into this film seems great, plot and all. A story that revolves around chaos, destruction, and conflict. A psychological game that plays not only with the viewers of the film but also with the other characters in the film that play along with the "game" with the addition of the double personalities. A love triangle that appears strange yet somehow begins to make more sense as the film plays out. And most of all the fight club that started it all, acting as both the psychotherapy and the personality development the story needed. This movie has it all, a must see!
A lot of depth for those who look.
To the world: This isn't really a movie about dumb guys beating each other up because they're too bored to do anything else. No, Fight Club is actually about personal and cultural revolution within a corporate consumer society that destroys the human spirit. At least, that's how I saw it.

I loved this movie, and rating it a ten is not some whimsical fancy--I don't hand out gold stars for nothing. It looks good, sounds good, pacing, dialogue, acting, etc. are all excellent. Why it didn't rate higher on the mainstream critics' lists for cinematography alone is beyond me.

What really makes this movie shine, though, is the unflinching way in which it looks at North American society--our mass consumerism, our slavery to stuffy corporate office jobs, our growing lack of what makes us human. The movie doesn't pull many punches.

Norton's character is the automaton office lackey who is desperately searching for meaning in his materialistic shell of a life, Pitt plays the modern-day surfer/hippie Tyler Durden whose devil-may-care, spontaneous attitude to life offers the perfect (?) solution. These two personalities struggle to reconcile their different perspectives on life without destroying their relationship. To make things more difficult, Bonham Carter creates a love triangle to further test the friendship.

Is it better to be free, alive, and chaotic, as in Pitt's anarchistic vision, or safe, secure, and bored like Norton's capitalist American Dream life? Or, can a compromise be found? Can love conquer all? This is the peripheral, deeper stuff Fight Club is made of, not the smack-down action that the trailers and critics focused on.

This movie demands at least one viewing. If you're queasy about violence (there is a graphic fight scene or two), then watch it with someone who's already seen it and ask for an edited version. Even if you don't end up respecting the movie's message or the complicated questions it asks, it remains a well-crafted film, deserving of recognition.
fight club a thought provoking movie
A depressed man suffering from insomnia meets a strange soap salesman named Tyler Durden and soon finds himself living in his squalid house after his perfect apartment is destroyed. The two bored men form an underground club with strict rules and fight other men who are fed up with their mundane lives. Their perfect partnership frays when Marla, a fellow support group crasher, attracts Tyler's attention.
Film elements used In Fight Club
Fight Club was used many aspects of filming in order to give the film a real life feel with you actually feeling like you were there with the characters. David Fincher was able to accomplish this while using lighting, camera movement and camera angles as well as cinematography, using closed shots and the unknown element of Tyler's character. Without these elements of filming the audience would not have been as attached or felt like they were there and the film would not be nearly as popular as it was and still is today Lighting was carefully chosen throughout the entirety of the film to give a darker feel to the shots. Most scenes were located in darker locations as well as taken after dark to help give this feel to the film. The darker lighting made it easier for the viewer to make them feel like they were there with Tyler and the Narrator. Also the lighting in the basement during the fights was focused on the characters actually fighting while the background of the people watching and rest of the room remained darker to draw your eyes to the fight itself rather than drifting off.

The movement of the camera and the angles of the camera shot during Fight Club also added an aspect to the film. During the fights the camera was constantly switching from moving like you were fighting the guy across the ring, then switching make it seem like someone was on top of you punching you in the face, to the reactions and cheering of the audience. All of these camera angles and movements like the camera shooting down on a fighter on the ground or shooting across the ring and the angle focused on the faces being emphasised added to the real life feel of the film.

On top of this cinephotography was used to add a real life feel in the film and to capture the emotions of the characters. The cinematographer choose to use close ups for many of the scenes to accomplish this. These close up shots were able to give you an up close look on the reactions and feelings of the characters. Also the closeups were used to make it feel like you were standing in front of the character being filmed and experiencing their actions first hand.

The director also used closed shots in the film because David Fincher decided to use the constant movement of the camera. Not needing everything in the shot or not seeing everything that was going on at any given time allowed the director to show only what he wanted you to see. This then allowed him to make you feel a certain way whether that be by showing just Bob dead on the kitchen table, or focussing on someone beat up after a fight with blood dripping down their face rather than showing just the room as a whole.

Having the narrator not know that he was also Tyler until the end of the film rather than using being told this when Tyler's character was introduced also added an element to the film. This made you want to know more about Tyler's character and figure out where he always is and figure out she shadowy element about him. This element draws you in and makes you feel like you're joining the narrator's search for Tyler's character.

Fight Club became such a popular movie because of the way it was chosen to be filmed. The lighting, movement and cinematography were the main elements that pushed towards this real life feeling film in which you felt like you were there as well as making you want to figure the mysteries of Tyler. David Fincher was the reason that this film became as big of a hit as it is today and would not have been as powerful if another director filmed it in a different way.
Classic Fincher
You will be gripped from beginning to end by this masterpiece of film making. A great screenplay and fantastic cast. The depth of Norton's character and acting ability is shown is this film that is complement by Pitt's charismatic performance as the soap salesman. If you wanted a movie with a twist, watch this film.
so much OVERRATED movie !!
How can we get Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Meatloaf to beat the c**p out of each other? This movie solves that "problem," and gives the studio license to shoot a film veiled in pseudo-philosophies and violence.

In this flawed film, I understand that it was any of: a)a group of young men rebelling against a Borgeousie consumerism society. b)one man seeing how he is totally dissatisfied with life and how his mind tries to change things or c)people stopping to watch Cornelius fight himself because voyeurism is human nature the film makes a deliberate attempt to make the viewer feel guilty for being a voyeur. (I'll come to that later)
watch the movie :)
Powerful movie. It's surprising that the title of this movie directs you to think that it will be kind of action with fights only, but in fact is something more complicated and with a powerful message in the end. This movie is the best movie I ever saw and I strongly recommend everyone to see it as soon as possible, I'll guarantee you won't be disappointed.
Fincher's finest.
David Fincher's compelling dark comic deservedly wears the tag of cult classic, and although the important and commanding social message it sends echoes to a younger generation of rebels, it's easy to see why film enthusiasts of all genres appreciate 'Fight Club'. When Tyler Durden, a charming and fascinating soap salesman, befriends a disconnected, confused white collar worker known as Jack, the duo enter a world of radical and social destructiveness to avenge years of corporate intoxication and brainwashing. Spending his nights haunting touchy feely support groups for life threatening illness's he doesn't have, Jack desperately tries to seek some kind of emotional connection to his mundane existence. His numbing job as a mindless number crunching robot feeds an obsession for material possessions, his life appearing complete and perfect.

But Jack's life is suddenly turned upside down when his apartment is mysteriously blown up, and he falls into the alluring world of brutal bare knuckle brawls in a pub basement where barely-living nobody's duke it out as a bizarre form of therapy and male bonding. As the Late nights of violent and senseless beatings at the fists of stranger's turns addictive, and the underground fight club moves out of the basement and on to the streets, Jack and Tyler's dystopian lifestyle attracts an army of fellow freedom fighters. Tyler and his dismal devotee spread their messages of enchanting pandemonium and lead a full scale organization of mayhem and chaos against the foundations of an out of touch society. But as the stakes of Project Mayhem escalate and reach unexpected new heights, Jack learns that his leader is more than a just a flamboyant soap salesman with devilish tendencies. Tyler Durden proves to be insidious, unpredictably dangerous and closer to Jack than first thought.
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