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Fight Club
USA, Germany
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
IMDB rating:
David Fincher
Edward Norton as The Narrator
Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden
Helena Bonham Carter as Marla Singer
Meat Loaf as Robert 'Bob' Paulson
Zach Grenier as Richard Chesler
David Andrews as Thomas
George Maguire as Group Leader
Eugenie Bondurant as Weeping Woman
Christina Cabot as Group Leader
Christie Cronenweth as Airline Attendant
Tim De Zarn as Inspector Bird
Storyline: A ticking-time-bomb insomniac and a slippery soap salesman channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until an eccentric gets in the way and ignites an out-of-control spiral toward oblivion.
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Film elements used In Fight Club
Fight Club was used many aspects of filming in order to give the film a real life feel with you actually feeling like you were there with the characters. David Fincher was able to accomplish this while using lighting, camera movement and camera angles as well as cinematography, using closed shots and the unknown element of Tyler's character. Without these elements of filming the audience would not have been as attached or felt like they were there and the film would not be nearly as popular as it was and still is today Lighting was carefully chosen throughout the entirety of the film to give a darker feel to the shots. Most scenes were located in darker locations as well as taken after dark to help give this feel to the film. The darker lighting made it easier for the viewer to make them feel like they were there with Tyler and the Narrator. Also the lighting in the basement during the fights was focused on the characters actually fighting while the background of the people watching and rest of the room remained darker to draw your eyes to the fight itself rather than drifting off.

The movement of the camera and the angles of the camera shot during Fight Club also added an aspect to the film. During the fights the camera was constantly switching from moving like you were fighting the guy across the ring, then switching make it seem like someone was on top of you punching you in the face, to the reactions and cheering of the audience. All of these camera angles and movements like the camera shooting down on a fighter on the ground or shooting across the ring and the angle focused on the faces being emphasised added to the real life feel of the film.

On top of this cinephotography was used to add a real life feel in the film and to capture the emotions of the characters. The cinematographer choose to use close ups for many of the scenes to accomplish this. These close up shots were able to give you an up close look on the reactions and feelings of the characters. Also the closeups were used to make it feel like you were standing in front of the character being filmed and experiencing their actions first hand.

The director also used closed shots in the film because David Fincher decided to use the constant movement of the camera. Not needing everything in the shot or not seeing everything that was going on at any given time allowed the director to show only what he wanted you to see. This then allowed him to make you feel a certain way whether that be by showing just Bob dead on the kitchen table, or focussing on someone beat up after a fight with blood dripping down their face rather than showing just the room as a whole.

Having the narrator not know that he was also Tyler until the end of the film rather than using being told this when Tyler's character was introduced also added an element to the film. This made you want to know more about Tyler's character and figure out where he always is and figure out she shadowy element about him. This element draws you in and makes you feel like you're joining the narrator's search for Tyler's character.

Fight Club became such a popular movie because of the way it was chosen to be filmed. The lighting, movement and cinematography were the main elements that pushed towards this real life feeling film in which you felt like you were there as well as making you want to figure the mysteries of Tyler. David Fincher was the reason that this film became as big of a hit as it is today and would not have been as powerful if another director filmed it in a different way.
A Pretty Looking Nightmare
David Fincher is terrific with his camera. Visually his films are a wonder. Unfortunately the contents are so thin that the interiors of his tale vanish very quickly. What remains is "the look" and the promise, no matter how unfulfilled the promise remains. Edward Norton is sensational, especially in the first 20 minutes of the movie. Brad Pitt, already a film icon, does his thing, and that, of course, is a plus. Helena Bonham Carter surprised me big time with a facade I had never seen. The slow motion of the smoke coming out of her mouth as Fincher introduces her to us is a work of art in itself but, and that "but" is a real problem, nothing remains because deep down there is nothing there but a fantastic eye for and to startle and amaze. I'm sure that sooner or later David Fincher will come out with something that is as powerful inside as it is outside.
It's Only After We've Lost Everything , That We're Free To Do Anything
I watched this movie 2 times - the first time was when I was around 11- 12 and the second time - I was about 19. And it definitely had a different impact on me. The first time I saw it I was like - wow, what a cool action movie!! But when I watched in my late teenage years, I understood it completely different. The message "It's Only After We've Lost Everything , That We're Free To Do Anything" is quite ambiguous, actually. I can't say i agree with it fully, but i also don't reject it.
Maybe one of the best movies ever made
An intense psychological thriller movie that goes so deep into the protagonist's mind that feels almost like dreaming. Many scenes are symbolic and you need to watch them again and again to reveal cool details that are strategically placed. And that's one thing. The overall movie is just plain cool. Colors, editing and overall style are just beyond. Of course the twist of the plot is also amazing and it is one of the most shocking experiences you can get from modern cinema. Also the cast couldn't have been better. The chemistry of the roles in this movie is astonishing. Apart from all this the soundtrack by chemical brothers is of course rated high. Go see it if you haven't done yet. One of my favourites. The end.
A movie that is truly better the second time.
A movie that is truly better the second time. Fight Club's ending (no spoilers) left me shocked. But even more so, I was shocked by a number of details that went unnoticed the first time through. There are tons of tiny details that hint at the ending without giving it away. This creates a beautiful masterpiece that has a shocking ending and no glaring plot holes. Too truly understand you must watch the movie, then after a little while go back an watch it again. Trust me its worth the re-watch.
so much OVERRATED movie !!
How can we get Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Meatloaf to beat the c**p out of each other? This movie solves that "problem," and gives the studio license to shoot a film veiled in pseudo-philosophies and violence.

In this flawed film, I understand that it was any of: a)a group of young men rebelling against a Borgeousie consumerism society. b)one man seeing how he is totally dissatisfied with life and how his mind tries to change things or c)people stopping to watch Cornelius fight himself because voyeurism is human nature the film makes a deliberate attempt to make the viewer feel guilty for being a voyeur. (I'll come to that later)
One of the most frustratingly misunderstood films of all time...
To criticize a film for having a shallow or confused message is understandable. The problem with this criticism is that, in the case of "Fight Club", the movie's message is not confused. It knows exactly what it's saying; but many people don't.

Not only do some people jump to the conclusion that "Fight Club" is condoning violent or sociopathic behavior, but they think it's condoning fascism and terrorism, when it's actually outright mocking it. It's showing the juvenile pointlessness of it. Not only do some people miss that it's satirizing the teenage-rebellion mentality, but they assume it's pandering to it.

"Fight Club" is the story of two people representing two extremes: the Narrator, a white-collar worker who's become a slave to consumerism and the social construct around him, and the other is Tyler Durden, a violent nihilist with no regard for society or others, who feels the human race has been emasculated by materialism and advertising. Essentially, these two are exact opposites. But as the two of them become friends, they start an underground boxing club for the catharsis of people who feel just as trapped and emotionally apathetic as they do. Ultimately, Tyler takes this entire concept and evolves it into "Project Mayhem", a group devoted to vandalism and general mischief, but from there, it actively grows into a terrorist organization.

The thing that SHOULD be the giveaway that it's not promoting this behavior is through the DEATH of an innocent man as the result of these actions, and the fact that we see the misguided members of Project Mayhem lose their personal identities to a dangerous cult mentality.

I said it once and I'll say it again: Project Mayhem and their violent beliefs are not being condoned. And yet, to give you an idea of just how much the themes in "Fight Club" are taken out of context, there was a real-life incident with a kid in Manhattan who, influenced by the movie, attempted to blow up a Starbucks, as the Space Monkeys are seen doing in this movie. Of course, despite how obvious it was that this behavior was being mocked in the movie (and, once again, how they show an innocent man get killed as a result), authorities proceeded to scapegoat this movie, as if it was the fault of the film itself that someone foolishly misinterpreted the message and attempted an act of terrorism.

The film blatantly portrays Tyler Durden as a fascist and a terrorist, and yet, people actually think it's promoting him, simply because it doesn't outright tell you what to think. "Fight Club" is attacked by everyone from politically correct New-Agers and prudish moralists with mantras of "ZOMG THIS MOVEEZ VIOLINZ FOR THE STOOPID TEENAEGERS LOLZ!11" (and of course, shouted down by so-called cinephiles for being unconventional in nature, and for being a Hollywood film). I recommend actually thinking this film over instead of going by knee-jerk reaction. If the things that happen in this movie disturb you (especially the ending), then good. They SHOULD disturb you.

In short: "Fight Club" is condoning Tyler Durden's actions and beliefs as much as "Schindler's List" is condoning the Holocaust.

Of course, that's my take on how the message is misconstrued, so what else does "Fight Club" have to offer?

Well, as you'd expect from Fincher, it's a remarkable-looking movie, and the actors make the absolute best of it. It's consistently funny, full of unforgettable characters and dialogue, and most of all, it captures the world and feel of Generation X quite unlike any movie I've ever seen. But therein lies something fascinating: it's the absolute film for its time and place, yet it doesn't feel dated at all. The reason, I theorize, is because it does such an outstanding job of making you a part of the time in which it's set, and giving us something timeless to think about.

So what, in my opinion, is the true message of "Fight Club"?

"Fight Club" is--and this is important--NOT telling you what to think. It's simply asking you to reflect, question things. Question society, question the false prophets. Keep the balance between these two extremes (Narrator and Tyler)by being an individual.
Fight Club
When I first heard the name of the movie (Fight Club) I thought "Oh so it's basically just guys fighting the whole time. Like main character is probably a boxer or a fighter or something. It's not really worth watching." I didn't think it was a kind of movie that I would enjoy. But, Fight Club is not just a movie where guys beat each other up because they have nothing else to do. On the contrary, the movie has really clear statements about the society that we live in.

During the last week of school of my junior year of high school, we would watch a different movie everyday because we didn't have class. One of the movies we watched during that week was Fight Club and I think I was the least excited person in the class about watching that movie. However, throughout the movie, I had a great time. I absolutely loved the movie and it's definitely one of my favorite movies. It was definitely not what I thought it was going to be. I liked everything about it, it was great until the end. I've watched that movie multiple times and I still watch it without getting bored. I can watch it again and again and it will never get old or boring. Fight Club is a really unique movie. It's intense, aggressive, deep, dark and maybe disturbing for others. However, all those things made the movie a lot better and in my opinion more successful. The movie was brilliant, in my opinion, from the script, the lighting, the music, cast choice, to the acting. I'm not a person who knows a lot of thing about movies, or lighting, or settings of movies but from what I know everything was brilliant in this movie. The lighting throughout the movie, in different scenes matched perfectly. It helped the person who was watching it understand the scene or the seriousness of it better. The screenplay was definitely perfect according to what I think and I think casting couldn't have been better. The cinematography, pacing, twists, transitions are excellent. I've seen a lot of movies of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton and I can say that Fight Club produced their best performance. I thought they were the best fit for the characters.

The movie begins with a narration from a person who we know as "narrator." It goes on by showing how he lives his life basically. What he does at work, at home, etc. It helps the viewer to get to know the narrator and this happens throughout the movie. Norton plays the narrator (we are never given his name). Starting from the beginning of the movie, he tries to find something that will change his average life. He is living this boring, dead-end life. He is trying to find meaning in his little life. Tyler and Marla help the narrator and change the narrator's life. Tyler is almost everything that the narrator wants to be. He is spontaneous, does whatever he wants, etc. These two personalities go well until they start to kind of destroy each other. And the love triangle that came with Marla makes things more complicated than it already is. When I watch a movie, the first thing I really want to know is how the movie is going to end because the filmmakers make either something big or something small for the end. I am not going to tell the ending because I do not want to spoil it for anyone but the ending was definitely amazing just like the rest of the movie.

I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. It is an amazing movie. I will never get bored of watching Fight Club. It should be on everyone's list of movies that they should watch.
La Trama
The plot completely immerses you in a whole universe. It's amazing the way that makes you feel in the shoes of the protagonist and you It pushes to analyze history from different points of view. A excellent knot and pivot point, no doubt, compulsory movie to watch if you are a lover of good movies.
A rare film that challenges the viewer to come up with his own interpretations
Faithfully following Chuck Palahniuk's acerbic satire, Fight Club presents the vast emptiness of modern existence- ridden as it is with shallow values, rampant consumerism, empty of meaning, feeling and life itself- in a slick and ironically consumer oriented fashion. In a different vein from American Beauty, Fight Club explores the solutions to the veritable sleepwalking existence that plagues modern life. The film is violent, but it is not gratuitous violence, and any reviewer who claims that the film is promoting violence has missed the entire point of the film. A very black comedy, it is sure to provoke much conversation- it is definitely a film to see with friends. The film is fast-paced, densely packed and merits a second viewing, just to take it all in, especially if you haven't read the book. In typical Fincher style, you the viewer are left to draw your own conclusions. He feels no impetus to tell you how to interpret what you've seen, appropriate since the film condemns falling victim to the strictures of what society tells us to think and to value. My only criticism is that the editing is not as tight as it could be in the middle section of the film, it drags just a bit then picks up again. Other than that, it should definitely be an Oscar contender.
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