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Falling Up
Drama, Romance, Comedy
IMDB rating:
David M. Rosenthal
Joe Pantoliano as George
Claudette Lali as Mercedes
Sam Page as Buck (as Samuel Page)
Frankie Shaw as Gretchen
Annette O'Toole as Grace O' Shea
Mimi Rogers as Meredith
Peter Jason as John O'Shea
Snoop Dogg as Raul
Sarah Roemer as Scarlett Dowling
Daniel Newman as Jake Weaver
Joseph Cross as Henry O'Shea
Gordon Clapp as Colin O'Shea
Rachael Leigh Cook as Caitlin O' Shea
Ajay Naidu as Paco
Storyline: A nursing student (Cross) forced to quit school for family reasons winds up taking a job as a doorman in an elite apartment building in New York City, where he sparks to one of his residents (Roemer).
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Not what you're expecting...
First off, the trailer didn't convey what ultimately was produced for the final production. From the trailer, the movie seemed more goofy, perhaps even corny. And although there ultimately was in fact two scenes with this tonal issue, one with a too clichéd and stereotypical same sex couple (easy cheap jokes - dignity filmmakers, dignity) and another scene with two prostitutes and a very young kid (though believe it or not, this sequence was handled a little bit better), the overall feel to the film is an upscale romantic drama comedy. An independent film that has cross over potential, similar to 2002's "Roger Dodger". The film has strong cinematography, and is acted very well by the whole cast: Joseph Cross (very likable and charming), Sarah Roemer (strong presence and you care for her), Rachael Leigh Cook (fantastic support), Joe Pantoliano (always gives a committed performance), Mimi Rogers (made a snob totally believable), Jim Piddock (funny), Snoop Dogg! (played the reality very well) and Annette O'Toole (has a superb moment toward the end of the film). The production also has some cool alternative rock song tracks leaving you in a good mood.

The only other nit picky criticism in my opinion is perhaps the repeat of too many shots establishing locations (though I love to see New York on film), and an unnecessary epilogue during the final credit sequence.

But I think this simply told story has a sweet and realistic approach to an issue that one might think doesn't seem relevant in these times, but shows and reminds you that in fact - though this movie has a preferred ending - still retains it's importance in this day and age, giving the film a sympathetic struggle and a deeper conflict.

Great job, I recommend it!
This wasn't too bad a movie. It basically features the "boy meets girl and falls in love with her/vice versa" and "Romeo and Juliet" themes. In the movie, a boy (who is a nursing student) has to drop out of school and go to work as a doorman to support his family when his father dies and leaves them nothing in terms of will money or life insurance. There are rules at the job, and one of them is not to become involved with the guests at the hotel where he works. Of course, he meets and falls in love with one of the (gorgeous) girls who stays there. Unfortunately, she comes from a snobbish, wealthy family, and they sabotage him, them, and his job. After this and along the way, he learns about humility and nothing and no one is too good-or too bad-for another person. This was a decent movie, and I'm glad I rented it.

** 1/2 out of ****
Comedy that doesn't understand the concepts of jokes.
If a cast cannot pull off any jokes, maybe the comedy should be removed from the whole script. A young boy hiring hookers while he's parents are away should have a few laughs. Not here. Perhaps flamboyant gay stereo types having a couples spat will deliver some laughs... no, not since the 80s did that scene generate laughs. This script is so bad, I spent most of the film wondering why decent actors like Mimi Rogers, Joe Pantoliano and Snoop Dog would agree to filming this. What kind of audience was this written for? It strives to be so innocent and charming, but has no problem slipping in a cocaine scene, an f-bomb, and even a porn shop surprise. There is an important message in this film about not defining yourself by your ocupation or with simple labels, yet the film makes terrible jokes with flamboyant gays, prostitutes, and a bitter East Indian cab driver. One thing that this movie did teach me, is that working in a porn shop is fine, but being a hooker is the bottom. Got it.
So sloooow & couldn't be more boring!
I am a lover of romantic comedies, even goofy ones or lifetime specials many can't bear to watch. I am easily entertained & find myself enjoying many movies in the genre with ratings as low as 4 1/2 to 5 stars. However, even I could not find this movie entertaining! It was appallingly slow & the cast couldn't seem to pull their 'act' together. The jokes fell flat and the couple had NO chemistry. They could have have finished it in 30 minutes & I wish they had. It had the 4 basic scenes, boy meets girl, boy & girl fall for each other, boy loses girl, and a happy ending. Everything in between seemed like several long, dull run on sentences. Don't waste your time. The only thing enjoyable is that it does end.
Cute Romeo and Juliet comedy
In New York City, John is getting old but won't admit it, and he is determined to play handball against Paco. But that one last game is too much for him and he falls over dead.

John's family not only has to deal with the loss, but also the realization that his business was in trouble and the family is broke. Everyone will have to take a job to keep the family from losing the house. Son Henry wants to be the breadwinner so his mother Grace will not have to work, but he is in nursing school. Education will have to wait.

Henry's Uncle Colin works as a doorman at 1500 5th Avenue, so he gets Henry a job as a doorman. George, the supervisor, is very demanding and expects Henry to do everything right. This means no relationships with the tenants, but treat them nice. Still, after Henry starts work, Henry and Scarlett notice each other right away.

Henry works alongside Raul, who does as little as he can get away with, and he seems to date a lot of women. Ultimately he shows he cares.

There are a couple of funny scenes involving an unsupervised kid with money and a pair of hookers. Henry should have been more careful.

Henry develops a relationship with Scarlett as he makes deliveries to the penthouse apartment. Even though she has a boyfriend, Buck is a rich drunk. At Scarlett's birthday party, Henry even gets called on to use his nursing skills to save a life. And it's not the only time his nursing skills get used: a gay couple has a dog who gets away from them and almost dies.

When Scarlett's mother finds out about Henry, she is not happy. Her husband Phillip, though, is more accepting.

So will this Romeo and Juliet romance work out?

Sarah Roemer is so pretty and easy to like. She's just perfect for the role of Scarlett. And the character is very patient and accepting of others who are different.

On the other hand, Mimi Rogers does what she does best: a conceited but not necessarily mean rich person who wants only the best for her daughter.

Joseph Cross makes a very good lead. He's easy to like and very determined.

Annette O'Toole does a very good job as Henry's mother. Those who know her as the all-American mother of Clark Kent may not be pleased at what she ends up doing, but she is still very much like what she was on "Smallville". Only with a New Yawk accent.

Rachael Leigh Cook is tough and independent and won't take attitude from anyone. I didn't like her as Henry's sister but she is very good.

Whether you like him or not, Joe Pantoliano does show talent here.

Snoop Dogg is also quite good.

It's a pleasant romantic comedy.
Light and fun - shame about the trailer...
First things first - if you haven't watched the trailer for this film yet, I suggest you don't. Unfortunately, if you have seen the trailer, you've also seen most of the film, because it doesn't offer a great deal more.

Personally, I had seen the trailer before seeing this, so I had a general idea of what to expect - and the film pretty much delivered on that. The whole film has a light feel, and being generally predictable throughout, you're never really in any doubt about the final outcome of... well, everything.

With that said, it's still an enjoyable way to spend some time, and is perfect for being not-too-long. Some of the dialogue between the actors is very forced and wooden, but the performances were generally sound, if nothing special. Sarah Roemer was strong as the leading lady/love interest, and her parents were excellent the few times they were on the screen. Joseph Cross was mediocre as the main character, with his emotional scenes unemotional at best, and I think that another actor might have been able to show a bit more chemistry with a good looking millionairess.

In all, if you happen to come across this film or are a particular fan of any of the actors, it's worthwhile giving it a watch. Otherwise, don't feel that you're missing out on anything that amazing - especially if you've seen the trailer.

6/10 :)
Charming main characters, and cast. But too rigid a formula elsewhere.
Whenever I talk to someone about how good writing is crucial, this is a low budget example that I will refer them too. Henry and Scarlet are so charmingly written that it makes the jobs of Joseph Cross and Sarah Roemer easy, and together they are simply adorable. The film does suffer from a distinct "I can see where this is going next" feeling due to its unwillingness to break the classic romantic comedy template. A shame because a brave wander away could have taken it to some better places. But it is an enjoyable ride, even if you know the scenery by heart. With the two lead characters and the people who play them, it has more charm in its short running time than many films of the same genre that run for almost twice the time. Special mention also to Jo Pantoliano as the hotel boss, in a turn that would actually make him a good J.J. Jameson in the next spiderman film. When you see it... you will know. He's pretty remarkable.
nothing new
a comedy without many ambitions. nice, humanist, almost correct performance but not really inspired. a young man as axis of a world. new debate about social condition and all-powerful love, few drops of humor and scenes of talk. nothing credible but good occasion to waste the time. if it is a good /bad movie - only expectation has the answer. it is a light movie , picture of a feelings adventure, not spiced, not tasty, full of basic questions and remarkable for Snoop Dogg presence ( only for his fans ), few dogs and slice from a sex shop. Joseph Cross has a not very inspired central character ; the hope to create a naive, sensitive and fragile young man is not realistic. so, only another film with predictable end.
A Doorman's Story
A doorman is usually a person you often overlook, seldom took a second glance, and always thought that he is there because he is a dork who could not land a better job.

But this film gives you a glimpse of what a doorman faces everyday, and to look at things in their perspective, gives you a whole new idea of this profession and how, as simple a job as can be, they have their own story to tell. Story that may not matter to others, but important nonetheless.

This is a story of a middle class family, whose world fallen apart because the breadwinner of the family died of old age, and left them with no assets and full of debt. So, the lead cast has to be the breadwinner now, and he got a job as a doorman. He has to stop his study as a nurse for a while because he needs to take care of his family.

That's where the story revolves. Of him, of his career, and the people around him. Of the tenants, and of his boss, and get this; Snoop Dogg! Overall, this film is as good as it gets; though at times it seems a little slow, but if it goes any faster it'll be as good as this. And I agreed that have you watched the trailer first, you'd have an idea about how the story goes. But there is more to that, and watching the whole film is not a bad idea after all.
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