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Facing the Giants
Drama, Sport
IMDB rating:
Alex Kendrick
Erin Bethea as Alicia Houston
James Blackwell as Matt Prater
Bailey Cave as David Childers
Shannen Fields as Brooke Taylor
Tracy Goode as Brady Owens
Alex Kendrick as Grant Taylor
Jim McBride as Bobby Lee Duke
Tommy McBride as Jonathan Weston
Jason McLeod as Brock Kelley
Steve Williams as Larry Childers
Chris Willis as J.T. Hawkins Jr.
Ray Wood as Mr. Bridges
Kyle Scott as Shiloh Football Player
Dan W. Howell Sr. as Announcer #2
Mary Smit as Field Nurse
Storyline: An action-packed drama about a Christian high school football coach who uses his undying faith to battle the giants of fear and failure. In six years of coaching, Grant Taylor has never led his Shiloh Eagles to a winning season. After learning that he and his wife Brooke face infertility, Grant discovers that a group of fathers are secretly organizing to have him dismissed as head coach. Devastated by his circumstances, he cries out to God in desperation. When Grant receives a message from an unexpected visitor, he searches for a stronger purpose for his football team. He dares to challenge his players to believe God for the impossible on and off the field. When faced with unbelievable odds, the Eagles must step up to their greatest test of strength and courage. What transpires is a dynamic story of the fight between faith and fear.
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Absolutely incredible!
This movie touched every emotion: joy, sadness, anger, confusion, peace, humor...but most of all HOPE that is found in Christ alone! People in the theater interrupted the movie with applause, MUCH laughter and most cried at some point! An incredible and exhilarating story of hope! It is incredible to realize that this first-class movie that is so well-done was birthed and produced by a church in south Georgia!! If you know someone who is struggling against the giants we face in life, or a couple who is struggling to make ends meet, or struggling to have a child, or just someone who needs to be encouraged, GET THEM TO THIS MOVIE! We need MORE movies like this! Buy some tickets and give them can affect a life or a family FOREVER!!! My church has committed to buy 1,000 tickets! We are GIVING FREE tickets to every varsity football player and coach in our area! I challenge others to do the same in YOUR area. Spread the word! This film is a MUST-SEE!
Good film
If anyone thinks this film is telling people if you turn to God then you'll get everything, they misread the message. You can't literally cover every aspects of Christianity in a two hours film, like a sermon must pick up a specific topic and focus on it. This Sunday you hear the pastor talking about Grace, it doesn't necessarily mean he denies Justice.

Think about how you evangelize? I bet you won't put the Gospel in this way: Come, come to God, to be His children, your problem won't be solved, your pain won't ease, your life will still be hard, if God's happy, he will give you blessing, but be prepared He gives you nothing. Anyway nothing is still a kind of blessing, We Christians grow up through hardship, so come, join in us and enjoy the hardship.

Remember, pray before you watch it.
Is It All that Good?
Okay, first of all no, if you give your life to Christ you will not get everything so suddenly and magically. The movies message, "With God, all things are possible," is a good message to know, but you have to take it with a bit of hesitation. I appreciate that the over stated message was there, but the filmmakers went to an extreme that possibly did more harm than good. I mean, come on no babies-ever, then bam kids. Not one, which is a miracle in itself with all the 'no-baby' thing, but there were two. And the state championship, God does work miracles, but it's a bit hard to take when it's stuffed down your throat like this movie pushed on us. All in all though I think it was a great movie. Go into it knowing that yes God can, and does, do anything, but it doesn't all just come together like that.
Just the worst waste of film ever
This movie was awful. This is the first time i make any comments on IMDb. I saw the last 5 minutes and this is one of those American patriot disgusting Evangelist brain wash piece of sh** movie.... I feel sick to my soul and stomach! Screw blasphemy said the screenwriter. Im not that religious but if Jesus had seen this awful waste of time and film he would have turned up side down on the cross. Or denied that he was the son of god knowing that this movie would have been made. So I complain more I have to say this is not only a bad entertainment but also a huge waist of money. In a way Im glad to have only seen the last 5 minutes. It just let me proof a point. Thank you Hollywood!-- -- -- -- -- That is all!
Christian Allegory - read this, Christians who hate this movie
I was surprised and saddened to read so many comments by Christians that were quite negative, even vitriolic, against this movie, and I wanted to highlight some positive aspects of it that those writers might have missed.

Those Christians who reacted negatively seemed to have two primary complaints: the content of the message, and the quality of the acting/production.

Regarding content, Christians who hated this movie came away with an opposite interpretation of the movie than I did. To quote one criticism, they felt the movie falsely implies God is "all about making our lives better, easier, and more enjoyable." Which they naturally felt was wrong. And I agree, except that I didn't think the movie gave any such impression. They seemed to miss the movie's entire point.

First, the movie is ALLEGORICAL, NOT PREDICTIVE. It wasn't trying to predict that such a series of miracles is likely to happen if we trust in God. It was specifically allegorical with regards to particular Bible events and principles, which are abundantly evident by the names used in the film. The team is the Eagles ("they shall mount up with wings like eagles"); the kicker who wins the game is David, the opposing team is the Giants, and the feat David attempts in order to beat the Giants is impossible. I'm not sure how much more blatant one can get when it comes to allegory.

The Christian critics think the movie says God is a genie who wants to make you successful and comfortable and to satisfy your personal desires. In fact, I felt the movie said EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE. Remember the coach's speech: "So far, all this has been about us – how we can look good, how we can get the glory. The more I read this book, the more I realize life's not about us. We're not here just to get glory, make money, and die. The Bible says that God put us here for him, to honor him... I think that football is just one of the tools we use to honor God... If we win we praise him, and if we lose we praise him. Either way, we honor him with our actions and our attitudes. I resolve to give God everything I've got, and I'll leave the results up to him." In other words, it doesn't say we WILL get what we want. It says God is CAPABLE of doing far beyond what we ask or imagine, when it brings glory to him.

In addition, the criticisms about all the miracles packed into the movie fail to see that not only is the movie allegorical, it is a COMPILATION of Christian principles, all with clear references to Biblical episodes that emphasize those principles, such as: God can do anything; We are called to be strong and courageous in the face of the impossible; God uses weakness for his glory, so it's clear what's being done is by God; Whether what happens is good or bad, we still love and praise God; and, God provides for our needs. (Not always with a new car. But sometimes he does. I saw this personally in a church I attended, where a car was donated, and a raffle held. It went – picked totally randomly in front of everyone – to a church member who really needed it, a single mom who was struggling and her car was failing, and she broke down in tears in front of the congregation giving praise to God.)

Regarding the quality of the film, perhaps a disclaimer would have helped audiences, e.g. "THIS IS NOT A Hollywood FILM." Hollywood almost never supports films with overtly evangelistic messages. All movies are not the same, and can't be compared on equal grounds. It's true these folks weren't professional actors; that should be taken into account. If IMDb is right, this was made with a budget of $10,000. I sat down to watch this, thinking "This is a movie made by the church down the street," not "This better be equivalent to a movie with a $50 million budget." Understanding this, I think it's nothing short of miraculous in its quality and impact. Perhaps they should have tried to set expectations a bit more ahead of time, because the public assumes that anything that shows up in a movie theater is a Hollywood-scale production.

In summary, the Christian critics seem to have wanted the makers to make a different movie – one about having faith through suffering, even when God doesn't give us what we want. Which is indeed another IMPORTANT and COMPLEMENTARY principle in Christianity – but this movie wasn't about that. It's true that believers have suffered throughout history. Sometimes God uses suffering to bring himself glory -- but sometimes God also uses an impossible victory. David DID defeat Goliath, the walls of Jericho DID fall down, and before Peter was martyred, an angel DID loosen his chains and open the prison doors. That is what this movie is about. But this movie also STRONGLY makes the point that the impossible victory is not for the believers' comfort, but for God's glory. Both perspectives are true – sometimes God uses suffering, and sometimes God uses victory, but both are only tools to further his plan. There are other movies that make the complementary point – one that I can think of is "End of the Spear," a true story about missionaries who were killed by the tribe they were trying to reach, only to inspire their families to follow in their steps and see the tribe accept the gospel. But that's not what this movie is intended to be. What it does is remind us that we frequently underestimate God and what he can do through weak and imperfect people like us. Sometimes God DOES do great and impossible things, but only when it brings glory to him.
Stereotypes and religious propaganda
Even the time spent for this comment could be better spent. The film had the chance to be a typical gray, colorless, boring sport film. But they decided to add incredible amounts of religious bias and plain religious propaganda. Acting is lame as for director...forget it. Deep , true faith has nothing to do with such a vulgar religious exhibitionism and stupid propaganda. It's an offense to Christians and to common sense. Besides I said. Boring. The story itself it's nothing but a collection of all those sport film stereotypes. And since there is also a black character ...of course more stereotypes about black people, the way they talk and guess what? "yo momma " kinda jokes.
One of the best movies ever
i am a collector of over 500dvd original. i have seen over 5.000 movies in my life . but this is one of the top 10 i ever seen and the best religion one by far. (is not a sport movie really) is more about believing in faith and god the just try to push this message because many people this days Evan loose more faith . and its true and people are against god if u over push his name or force Christianity religion is not by forced is your own choices and thats what god wants. but the message in this movie is to believe and have faith more there were some parts u say oh my god this is a bit way to religious but in the other hand if u c how the world is we needs this movie its a amazing inspiration not only for family's but specially for the younger to learn. i loved this movie because i felt it real it was not fake it was out of the heart of love and purity . i give loads of credits for this voluntary amateur good actors the did a very good job and the plot was good :). it made me cry like a baby i am 27 but i was inspired and i keep faith in god like i always do :) i am not saying u have to see the movie is the best or anything everyone has the right of there own opinion but some comments were so unfair ...

some one put like there is not 1 black person in the whole movie well one of the coach assistant was .

1 of them sued there bad actors i have seen so many in Hollywood been called amazing were there not. there did a good job for what the did.

few people sued in there reviews that this cant happen everyday just believing in god will give u everything ... not Evan in the movie that happen the did lost a game in the play offs and the pray to god if u saw that point ... and it shows too a lot of colleagues did those illegal stuff putting 19years old ... its not a fairy tale all of this miracles can happen if u believe if u loose your faith your loose the reasons u loose a lot of valuable things life is not easy Evan if u believe in god like i always did it didn't give me everything but it gives me those moments that there so magical . friendships love family's he already given us so much .. do not force to believe in god believe in him when u feel like u wanna god will always have the door open to everyone for a second Chance . or for a time u just show up . don't watch this movie if your not religious or u against it because its gonna anger u and don't take every detail of this movie as right thing it had some false stuff too. but i do appreciate the message of this just love and have faith and respect :) ... god will be always there .
A Don't Bother Movie
It's interesting how 90% of the high-vote reviews are all comprised of "*random username*" from "United States" (no state pride??) who all say more or less the exact same thing with the exact same grammatical style and all with the exact same complete lack of taste in movies. I would delve further into this suspicious trend, but alas, this is a review of the movie, and not the reviews themselves.

Let me start by saying that I am both a Christian and a true avid movie fan. This means I have seen a great many movies, from good to bad, and can wholeheartedly claim that Facing The Giants is, in fact, NOT a good movie. It has good intentions, but fails to meet many (if any) basic standards that I associate with a quality filmgoing experience.

The Acting: Mostly Terrible, Palatable At Best. Hearing that most were apparently volunteers does not at all surprise me.

The Dialogue: Clumsy, cheesy, the script comes off as a long version of some cheesy skit you'd see performed in Sunday School or youth group function. The Rave Review Robots revel in the absence of "meaningless words", but the cold hard truth is that such words are a part of the real world, and the complete absence of it is palpable. Let's just say the mean ol' head coach of a team in a State Championship game would have a lot more to say than "OH NO!" when things are not going his way.

The Plot: Mind-bogglingly predictable. It has been commented that this movie is "not a Hollywood cliché", and yet it's like it was pulled directly from Making An Underdog Sports Movie For Dummies (including the mandatory quasi-romantic subplot for the ladies) and just had a Christian-themed coat of paint slapped on it. I'm not lying or bragging when I say I had almost every major detail in both the plot and subplot pegged immediately upon their inception. Only someone who has never seen a decent sports movie in their whole life would be emotionally stirred by the story presented here.

The Directing/Editing: It, too, was patterned almost exactly after the generic Underdog Sports Movie template. Still, acting aside, there weren't many noticeable goofs, so at least Facing The Giants was technically competent.

The Message: Ask Jesus and He will grant all your wishes. Part of me hoped that this movie would end in the team's eventual defeat to really emphasize the whole "If we lose, we praise You" part, because in the Real World, you WILL fail at one point or another and it's good to be prepared for that. But in the world of Facing The Giants, if you fail, clearly someone either screwed up or is cheating. Another interesting question being, what if the Eagles came across another team that had gotten religion? Would they be caught in an endless loop of miraculous plays and last-minute saves, or would the universe simply have exploded?

The Bottom Line: For the hardcore conservative Christian Parents crowd lamenting the evils of Hollywood, Facing The Giants will be another mediocre-at-best Christian film to hold up on a pedestal as the preferred model for modern film-making. For everyone else, the effects will range from boredom to a burning desire to be watching something else. And a warning: Any attempt to show this to non-Christians will lead not to conversion, but to derision. I give this two stars, one for the one scene that did not have me rolling my eyes, and another for basic technical proficiency on a low budget.
Great Movie
Great movie with a great message of hope and faith. Doesn't matter if you Christian or not, this film makes you feel good about hopes, dreams and never saying no. That's enough for me!!! It also has a great underdog theme movie that makes any ardent football fan who has seen their team win a big game against all odds feel extra good. I told my son the bottom line message of this movie is "Never sell yourself short and never accept defeat". " Give it your best effort always and thats what will really count, even if you lose" More of our youth must learn to adapt these beliefs as we now live in a world of "Half ass efforts".

Best of best for families to watch together.
My husband and I had heard about this movie and with him being a football coach we were anxious to see Facing the Giants. What an awesome surprise! We cried a lot! The movie is a real testimony of the power of God. Never doubt that a miracle can happen. Thanks for such an inspirational blessing in these troubled days. I think this is a film that should be shown to all football teams everywhere and to coaches alike. I know that everyone does not believe and everyone is not a Christian but the movie sure makes me want to spread the good news that the most important thing in our life should be to live a life that is pleasing to our Master and to know that He does care about the wants and wishes of our hearts.
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