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Don't Go in the House
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Joseph Ellison
Dan Grimaldi as Donny Kohler
Denise Woods as Body #2
Jim Donnegan as Clerk
Susan Smith as Girl in Market
Johanna Brushay as Kathy Jordan
Mary Ann Chin as Woman In Street
Lois Verkimeps as Woman with Kids
Ruth Dardick as Mrs. Kohler
Charles Bonet as Ben (as Charlie Bonet)
Bill Ricci as Vito
Robert Osth as Bobby Tuttle
John Hedberg as Worker
Darcy Shean as Girl in Car
Storyline: A slasher film about a victim of child abuse (Dan Grimaldi) who grows up to become a maniacal construction worker. He stalks women at discos, takes them home, then hangs them upside-down in a special steel-walled room and sets them on fire.
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One of the best!!!
I just want to get one thing out of the way, everybody talks about how this movie is so degrading to women because of the violence and such towards them, but yet nobody ever says anything about it when it comes to movies like "Silence of the Lambs". Why is that? Well anyway....I'm a woman and nothing in this movie made me feel degraded, I think the movie is very well done. The plot is good and so are the special effects. My favorite scene is when Donny's talking on the phone and he sees his mother's corpse wandering around the house. THIS MOVIE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!
Average horror
Don't go in the house is an average early-80s horror movie. Its not near to be a classic or a great movie, but its overall entertaining. Its like a cheesy Psycho rip-off with a "buner psycho". It features a very well done scene in which a naked woman is burned, looks realistic and great, but thats the only "gross" stuff this movie has. Its not gory at all. The story: a mentally grown man begins to burn women when his mother (who burned him when kid) dies. He is a complete psycho who have his dead mother in his house and hear voices from his mother and from other "spirits". Owerall, you can enjoy this movie if you do not have big expectations, i believe this movie has more "fame" than "fact" .6/10
Disappointing and unspectacular
"Don't Go in the House" is a rather dull and lifeless exploitation film.


Returning home from work, Donny Kohler, (Dan Grimaldi) is horrified to learn that his mother has died. Realizing that he can finally do what he wants, he starts to do that only to start hearing his mother's voice calling out to him. Remembering the torture he received as a child through the use of fire, he soon takes on a disturbing habit of kidnapping women and setting them on fire, all to quiet his mother's voice in his head. As the time off from work starts to pile up, his friend Bobby Tuttle, (Robert Osth) becomes concerned with him, and after talking to him, they try to patch up their friendship. As his old habits come back to trouble him, they eventually catch onto his plans and try to put a stop to it once and for all.

The News: This one isn't terrible, but it does have more flaws than strengths. The biggest strength, though, is easily the first kill. The victim is strung up, completely naked, by a chain around their wrists inside the metal-walled room. Crying out, the killer appears dressed in a flameproof suit and helmet. Then proceeding to douse them in gasoline, he casually walks over to pick up his flame-thrower, all the while the woman is screaming and begging. Coldly aiming the flame-thrower, they watch helplessly as the jet of flame shoots out at her. At that point, the viewer is taken off guard, expecting there to be edits away from her strung up body to pull off the effect of the flames hitting the target. Instead, in a superbly realized special effects shot, the target is actually shown engulfed in the flames as they scream and twist in agony from the chain. It's about as graphic a kill for such a sequence and is one of the highlights of the film, and it's genre. However, the first murder is in fact a red herring. After this disturbing sequence, the makers seem to have got cold feet and the rest of the film goes the other way into tame off screen deaths. This is damaging to the movie, not because we need to see graphic deaths, but after starting out with such a blast, to have the rest of the film pull it's punches is simply frustrating. It certainly doesn't make the others any more brutal or graphic. All it does is make them aware that they're being turned away from what it should've been about only to have to have it cut away before anything can be done and it just comes across as a really cheap tactic and a bit of a cheat when something that impressive isn't done anymore. The really slow-going pace to it is something else that really should be overcome. There's a large amount of really inane scenes that just go on and on without any real point to them. This is best shown in the sequence where the killer goes out to buy some clothes. The idea is obviously to show how he has difficulty in adjusting to a life of freedom without his cruel Mother, but is staged so badly and awkwardly it simply comes across as a training video for shop assistants. Even worse is that this happens at a time when the movie really needs to get moving, to keep up the intensity of the first, hideous, burn murder. Instead, it's a long languid scene that just goes on without any real point. The general inactivity is pretty much throughout, with only the aftermath of the burned victims and a hallucinatory sequence here and there being the only things of any interest. Those highly unusual dream and hallucination scenes are also pretty worthwhile. A great one that consists of his Mother's corpse walking around freaking him out on a creepy beach where the roasted corpses of the women then pull him down into a hole. The finale is also unusual for the time, and also consists of a hallucinatory scene where a bunch of rotting corpses rise up and attack the main victim is really good. The later sequences showing the dressed-up, charred corpses sitting in a room and the slowly decomposing corpse of his Mother slumped in a chair are suitably grotesque and the very idea of a young boy being sadistically punished by his Mother for the slightest wrong doing by having his arms held over the hot stove keep an effectively bleak grip over the proceedings. The ending altogether is simply fun, and doesn't have a whole lot wrong, which sends it out with a nice note. It's fine, but this one isn't spectacular at all.

The Final Verdict: With only scattered remnants of enjoyment, this one is really disappointing and barely watchable. This is really only for the hardcore exploitation fan or followers of the psycho movies, as they will find something to like about it, while all others should be taken with caution.

Rated R: Graphic Violence, Full Nudity and Language
Bad taste, but some interesting psychology is explored here
A classic example of an exploitation film of the early 1980s, this film manages to rise above the standard, clichéd roots and become an interesting look at the life of a schizophrenic murderer. The film's main advantage is that it portrays Donny as a believable and sympathetic character, who is simply suffering from delusions and a mental illness. He is not in control of his actions, and it is his mother who is really to blame for the murders that take place. The film also manages to put in a moral line about child abuse.

However, your average viewer would probably be put off by the sickening scenes of naked women being burnt alive. These scenes had been cut from the version I saw, so I can't say, and that probably diluted the horror of the film for me. The film has very few supernatural moments, although there is a genuinely chilling climax. The acting in the film is nothing special, but the actor playing Donny does a good job in his role. It's worth a look, especially the music score and the scenes where Donny goes mad in the disco - funny and disturbing at the same time.
Sick utter trash
Pointless, sadistic film about a man who was tortured by his mother with fire as a child. He grows up, picks up women, strips them, chains them up and sets them on fire. I saw this piece of crap back in 1980 when it came out and I was appalled. The sequence in which we see a chained, nude, screaming woman doused with kerosene then set on fire is one of the most revolting in film history (this got by with an R????). I can (unfortunately) still remember that sequence and remember more than a few people walked out of the theatre--I wish I had joined them (I think I was too stunned to move). Also the film is boring, stupid, badly acted, badly directed and just plain trash. I can't believe some people think this is a good movie. It's definitely bottom of the barrel material--right down there with "Last House on the Left" and "I Spit on Your Grave". Everyone involved with this atrocity should be ashamed with themselves. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!
Another sick horror film about a woman hater who kills defenseless women.
I rented this sick horror film along with "Don't Answer the Phone!". Just like "Don't Answer the Phone!", this one is about a woman hater who kills defenseless women and it sucks. Just about any horror movie released in the early 80's starting with "Don't..." sucks. "Don't Go in the Woods" is just as bad (read my review).

A traumatized young man (Dan Grimaldi) was burned by his mother as punishment for being bad when he was a boy. After his mother dies in her sleep, he builds a fire-proof room where he lures unsuspecting women into his home so he can tie them up, strip them of their clothes, pour gasoline on them and burn them alive.

There is only one on-screen death by flame-thrower, and it's very unpleasant. Anyone finding this entertaining must be sick and most likely hate women. This one is to be avoided like any movie released around that time and starting with "Don't..."

My evaluation: NO STARS
Decent Video Nasty exploitation
One thing I've learnt from making my way through the DPP list of Video Nasties is that most of them weren't worth seeing anyway; but to my surprise, I found Don't Go in the House to be a surprisingly enjoyable take on the Ed Gein story that also influenced classic films such as Psycho and Silence of the Lambs. Of course, this film is nowhere near as good as those mentioned; but it just proves what you can do with a lot budget and an idea. As mentioned, the film was banned back in the eighties as part of the 'Video Nasty' movement. With some films on the list, it's hard to decipher exactly why they were banned - but nobody will have that trouble with this film, as the flame-filled murders and general hatred directed towards women was never going to go down well with the censors. The plot follows Donny; a man that was abused as a child. After the death of his mother, and an accident at his workplace, Donny decides to start picking up women, taking them home and burning them to death! This is pretty much all the film has to offer plotwise, but it's bulked out nicely by a descent into insanity from our lead character.

The main problem with this film is the fact that the plotting is generally all over the place. It would seem that the writers had an idea revolving around a mother-obsessed killer and a flame-thrower, and began work immediately. The film starts out well, and the character's descent into insanity looks as though it's going to be well worked; but after the first murder, things start to go downhill. The first murder is the best, however, as it lasts the longest and it seems as though director Joseph Ellison is keen to capitalise on the sickness of the situation. However, after that we barely get to see anyone killed, and this means that the only disturbing idea left in the film is the one revolving around the killer keeping the bodies in the house...and this was done to much better effect in the 1974 film 'Deranged'. All that being said, there's something about this film that makes it worth watching; maybe it's the mean spirited nature or the way that lead actor Dan Grimaldi delivers the lead performance. Overall, this film comes recommended to fans of the nastier side of slasher cinema.
Dark, cheesy, creepy, and ahead of it's time!
Yes, DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE is definitely ahead of it's time. Utilizing the "abused child" theme that Bill Lustig's MANIAC used to better effect later on, this grim flick still packs a punch. Though only one murder is shown in graphic, agonizing detail DON'T maintains a substantially disturbing, depressing, somber feel throughout. The whole film is pretty much shot at night or with very low-key lighting. While a dark movie might ruin the enjoy ability for some, DON'T definitely excels in this aspect. The raspy voices that fill our troubled anti-hero's head, his dream sequences and hallucinations are immensely chilling and work great. While Donny is sick beyond belief, you actually feel sympathy for him. He is both the murderer and a victim. Mostly this is a cheap exploitation flick, made on a shoe-string budget and probably shot in a few days. But, I can't help to feel there is much more hiding underneath it's shady exterior. After the film is long over, it stays with you. While the ending is unbelievable and nearly ludicrous it is unsettling to the nth degree. Like the similarity I made earlier to MANIAC, it seems as if Mr. Bill Lustig saw DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE before making his own splatter-masterpiece and then "borrowed" the ending, throwing in buckets of gore. Gore. That's one thing DON'T does not have, yet remains more nihilistic than other features overflowing in the red stuff. To get to the point, this nasty little movie is as close to "horror" as it can get. And in between tense scenes, Donny enjoys listening to his disco music. The disco scenes are a breath of fresh air amidst the cruel, barbaric nature of the film and actually evoke a chuckle or two looking back on such a cheesy era. The department store salesman was also a hoot: "You'll steal the show" he says to Donny in a sinister voice. This isn't something I'd recommend to everyone, but it is an oft-overlooked film in the early 80s slasher cannon. Hey, if you liked MANIAC you'll surely get a kick out of it's inspiration (least that's my hypothesis.)
Inept is the word that comes to mind
Based on a lot of what I've read about Don't Go in the House, it seems to be a Love It or Hate It kind of movie. There appears to be very little middle ground. Put me in the Hate It category. If you take a look at some of the other stuff I've reviewed and enjoyed, you'll notice I do not automatically write-off a movie because of a low budget. Some of my favorites fall into the low-to-no budget category. But what those movies have that is sorely lacking in Don't Go in the House is talent. This is one of the most inept pieces of celluloid I've watched. It comes off as some kind of lame Psycho rip-off without anything approaching entertainment to be found in the entire runtime. It's dull, poorly acting, poorly directed, and poorly scripted. I feel like I've just flushed the $11.98 I paid for the DVD down the commode.
Wondering why this Good movie is still banned in countries..
It's a great movie.. Just wondering why it's still banned in some countries?? If anybody knows can U please explain why.. Don't really understand why so many good movies like this get banned in countries.. I'am a die hard 70s-80s horror n gore fan.. Now all this movies have to much CGI it all looks so damn fake.. Somebody please tell me why this movie is still banned in countries.. I saw nothing in this movie for it to get banned anywhere.. Seems all the best late 70s n early 80s horror n gore movies get banned.. The best Gore came from these movies not all this CGI crap now!!! Anyways I haven't seen anything that comes close to any of the 80s horror n Gore movies now... Take away all the CGI n go back to the basics!!
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