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Don't Go in the House
Thriller, Horror
IMDB rating:
Joseph Ellison
Dan Grimaldi as Donny Kohler
Denise Woods as Body #2
Jim Donnegan as Clerk
Susan Smith as Girl in Market
Johanna Brushay as Kathy Jordan
Mary Ann Chin as Woman In Street
Lois Verkimeps as Woman with Kids
Ruth Dardick as Mrs. Kohler
Charles Bonet as Ben (as Charlie Bonet)
Bill Ricci as Vito
Robert Osth as Bobby Tuttle
John Hedberg as Worker
Darcy Shean as Girl in Car
Storyline: A slasher film about a victim of child abuse (Dan Grimaldi) who grows up to become a maniacal construction worker. He stalks women at discos, takes them home, then hangs them upside-down in a special steel-walled room and sets them on fire.
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This is a disgrace to 80's horror and slashers! Uncalled for!!!!!!!!!!
This film is just wrong! And I don't mean that in a good way! Setting women or anyone for that matter on fire is just wrong. When he stripped that girl naked and burned her that has to be the most disturbing thing I have ever seen. I was complaining about the burning scene in Final Destination 3 but that has nothing on this. And not in a good way. I'm a huge 80's slasher/horror fan and I must say that this is a piece of sh it movie. The pshyco illusions are pathetic and that particular scene were he burns the naked girl is more then disturbing and I don't mine disturbing but that was way to much. That looked to real and was pretty lengthy. It had no cut aways or anything, it is a disrespectful movie to women and it shocks me that there are people sick enough to come up with scripts like this. It shocks me that females had courage to take part in this film, did they read the script? This is worst then the trashy "I Spit On Your Grave" movie! If you like this movie then you are truly a sick fu ck! All copies of this movie deserve to be burned!
Dark, cheesy, creepy, and ahead of it's time!
Yes, DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE is definitely ahead of it's time. Utilizing the "abused child" theme that Bill Lustig's MANIAC used to better effect later on, this grim flick still packs a punch. Though only one murder is shown in graphic, agonizing detail DON'T maintains a substantially disturbing, depressing, somber feel throughout. The whole film is pretty much shot at night or with very low-key lighting. While a dark movie might ruin the enjoy ability for some, DON'T definitely excels in this aspect. The raspy voices that fill our troubled anti-hero's head, his dream sequences and hallucinations are immensely chilling and work great. While Donny is sick beyond belief, you actually feel sympathy for him. He is both the murderer and a victim. Mostly this is a cheap exploitation flick, made on a shoe-string budget and probably shot in a few days. But, I can't help to feel there is much more hiding underneath it's shady exterior. After the film is long over, it stays with you. While the ending is unbelievable and nearly ludicrous it is unsettling to the nth degree. Like the similarity I made earlier to MANIAC, it seems as if Mr. Bill Lustig saw DON'T GO IN THE HOUSE before making his own splatter-masterpiece and then "borrowed" the ending, throwing in buckets of gore. Gore. That's one thing DON'T does not have, yet remains more nihilistic than other features overflowing in the red stuff. To get to the point, this nasty little movie is as close to "horror" as it can get. And in between tense scenes, Donny enjoys listening to his disco music. The disco scenes are a breath of fresh air amidst the cruel, barbaric nature of the film and actually evoke a chuckle or two looking back on such a cheesy era. The department store salesman was also a hoot: "You'll steal the show" he says to Donny in a sinister voice. This isn't something I'd recommend to everyone, but it is an oft-overlooked film in the early 80s slasher cannon. Hey, if you liked MANIAC you'll surely get a kick out of it's inspiration (least that's my hypothesis.)
What ever happened to movies like this?
As a big fan of horror I really liked this flick and it made me wonder whatever happened to these kind of movies. Horror films used to be disturbing and always pushing the limits of what people can handle. Now all it seems to be about is impressing 14 year old teenyboppers with these hyped flicks like Scream and Urban Legend. Bring back the movies like Don't Go in the House, I Spit on Your Grave, and Maniac and keep the teenybopper trash.
Grim tone and atmosphere makes for a grueling study of insanity.
It doesnt get much more grim than Dont Go in the House folks. And I'm not just talking about Donny Kohler's choice in music "When we get home....when were alone" . There is something profoundly artistic about this film whether it be intentional or not. The bleakness and raw style,or lack of style in definetely not for everyone. here is no safe cutaways to humor,just gritty.realistic film.

Crackles,pops,film grain and all. DGINH runs a little long in the tooth but for me it just adds to the realism. Its interesting to hear that Tarantino backs this one up. One last thing,If you think this movie is a hack job and that no one came out of this ,you'd be wrong. Good ol' Donny Kohler(Dan Grimaldi) went on to fame in Law and Order and the Sopranos.
I tried being nice, but everyone of you took advantage. Now, you are going to have to pay the price.
This is one of the infamous video nasties that was banned in Britain, and released with 3 minutes and 7 seconds cut in 1987. What makes it of particular interest to me, and one of the reasons it was banned, is that it deals with the effects of child abuse, my vocation for some 11 years.

Sopranos fans may enjoy seeing Dan Grimaldi (Pasquale 'Patsy' Parisi) in his first film role. It was also the first film role for Darcy Shean (Accepted, Van Wilder). Most of the other actors in the film starred in this film only, like Kathy (Johanna Brushay), his first victim, whose graphic death was the BBFC's other major concern. It was an obsession born from the abuse suffered at the hands of his mother.

Donny (Grimaldi) is plagued by voices, nightmares, and paranoia/schizophrenic hallucinations after the death of his mother, and he acts as the punisher of his mother through the women he picks up.

Donnie goes deeper and deeper into psychosis until he finally flips.

The movie ends with another mother slapping the hell out of her son, and we can only expect similar consequences when he grows up.
Master of the house... master of the flame.
It turned out I've seen this one before, but I'd completely forgotten the title. I decided to watch it again anyway, since I wanted to see those 'burn'-scenes again to check if they were still as awesome as I remembered them... for a b-movie, they are still pretty darn good!

The house to which the title refers is a beauty and is thus almost a character on its own. The story starts out intriguing and has its moments later on, but mostly it falls apart with the awful over-the-top interpretation of mama's boy (man) Donny Kohler by Dan Grimaldi. He should have played it way more understated, but also the director should have understood that as well.

Now I'm stuck with a b-slasher with some original and well executed elements, a story that for the greater part only has potential and a lot of poor, poor acting by pretty much the whole cast^. Still, the pros almost outweigh the cons, so a lenient 5 out of 10 is in order.

^ To clarify: poor acting can mean added fun, but here it really doesn't; this could / should have been a realistic shocker in the vein of a 'Henry: portrait of a serial killer'.
Only for fans of video nasties.
I remember seeing this on a VHS in the late 80s. Revisited it recently on a DVD. In the movie, a deranged serial killer Donny was burned as a kid by his dominating mother which made him insane. He keeps hearing his dead mothers dominating voices as the burnt body of his mother is still kept in the house a la Psycho style. He hears voices, sees bad dreams, acts weird at workplace. He is a total nut job. He picks up females n somehow lures them in his house n burns them alive to a crisp with a flame thrower in a steel-clad room in his basement. The single most impressive thing about the film, and what will likely either offend most is the first victim of Donny's rampage. The house itself is a brilliant piece of location scouting, and succeeds in first capturing, then magnifying, the twisted mental landscape of  our psycho protagonist. But the ending was a lil saving grace to an otherwise boring film. Coming to the bad points, the movie is very slow. Nothing happens in the first 50 mins or so n most of the killings r offscreen. There is zero tension n suspense. One can call it a poor mans version of Psycho n Deranged.
Embers of a tortured soul.
I like this movie, it grew on me a lot since I first ever saw it. The story is very blunt and straightforward and isn't what you'd call super-complex, but I found it to be a very focused direction and I ultimately found it a very solid and satisfying psychological horror movie and I think it might be one of the more underrated gritty gems from the "Video Nasties" era. I loved the starkness and the whole dingy and dull cinematic quality that it had that gave it a certain consistent feeling of unease throughout without there ever being a single drop of blood in it. It creates a strong sense of dread by letting the audience know early on that the main character is a complete batsh*t schizoid crazy who's fully intent on taking women back to his dead mother's mansion and roasting them alive in a specially made boiler room. The first burning of the beautiful flower shop woman, which is the only one that you really see, is the most horrific part of the movie for sure and is still quite shocking because it's so prolonged and shot in such a stark unflinching fashion that really puts you on edge. The visual effect is frighteningly convincing, it looks like she's really burned alive. The house that he lives in was such a fantastic setting, very grand and decayed, and it looked so striking from the outside, very similar to the domain of Norman Bates! And to say that fire is his method of killing the place looked noticeably freezing, a lot of the time you can see the actor's breath. Dan Grimaldi was very good and effective, his character kind of talked like an overgrown bashful kid and at first he's pitiable, but for me any sympathy towards him goes right out the window after he starts burning innocent women. At that point he's nothing but a heartless murderer who doesn't deserve to live a normal life and does very much deserve to rot in the hell that he's made for himself and to be dragged down into the fire by charred phantoms of his own making... I like the odd interlude where the film takes a pause and tries out a little levity when he goes to get a disco suit with some pointers from a flamboyant tailor! I didn't like all the schlocky disco crap though, not at all, even if it does kind of add to the charm in its way. The obnoxious excuse for a song that plays over the end credits is incredibly inappropriate! Speaking of bad impressions, they really should have stuck with "The Burning" for a title, "Don't Go in the House" is a silly-sounding lame B-movie title.. I wouldn't call it a slasher at all, it's not a roller coaster 'hold me I'm scared' popcorn type of picture, it's meant to be a sad disturbing character study of a man's sad descent, one that has some horrifically effective, especially for a low budget movie, fire effects. It doesn't glorify the violence like the Freddy or Friday the 13th movies do, and it doesn't create a power figure, he can't pick people up or stab them through a door - this person isn't fun to watch in action, he's a very sick twisted individual who has been tormented. Who would want to be this man? I know he's insane but the evil whispering voices made me wonder if there was meant to be some kind of supernatural element to the story, particularly at the end when they speak to another young child with an abusive mother, and potentially starting it all over again. But of course it's more likely just a statement on the nature of abuse and how violence can beget violence, and how monsters are always made by other monsters, and that's a pretty chilling message. Anyway it's not a very nice or uplifting movie but to me it's certainly a good one that has its place in time and deserves to be seen. Not burned but nicely toasted and very well done.
Weird and Cruel
A strange and mean spirited movie about an abused boy with a flamethrower and a strong dislike of women. This is hardcore slasher ilk but almost becomes sleazy in its degredation of women. Not for the faint of heart.
Trash Treasure #1
The story goes like this, set during one cold winter in a coastal New Jersey town, twenty-something Donald Koher is a disturbed young man who works at the local incinary factory where he lives in a big house with his mother who severely abused him as a child by roasting his arms over the gas burner stove. When Donald (nicknamed Donny) comes home from work one night at the beginning of the movie, his mother has died in her sleep apparently from natural causes. Donny flips out and, after listening to the voices in his head from "others" since his childhood, he decides to return the favor what his mother did to him to the rest of the world. Donny builds a metal-plated flame-proof room in the house, lures a series of women into his home where he ties them up in the fire room, strips them of their clothing, douses them with kerosene, and then blasts them with a flamethrower, then he dresses up their charred corpses like his mother and talks to them, and they (in his disturbed mind) talk back (i.e. Norman Bates with a flamethrower.)

Sick as it seems, it's not all that vile as it sounds. There is only one on-screen flame-killing, but most of the film is concerned with Donny's inter torment from the voices he constantly hears in his head. It's like we are made to sympathize with Donny's plight and his torment from unspeakable childhood abuse by his demented mother, but it doesn't work, for the more we know about Donny, the more we hate him. Do we even care?

Donny is not very sympathetic at all and it's easy to see why no one around him respects him for his cold-stares, and hesitant behavior. Donny's only real friend is Bobby, a co-worker at the factory who too is unsympathetic. Bobby is a sleazeball jerk who cheats on his wife every chance he gets, and is set up at the climax as the unlikely hero.

Contents: three fire murders; one featured nude victim; cheap production values; terrible lighting; a decent performance by Dan Grimaldi and the sicko; lots of flames.
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