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Deep Cover
Crime, Thriller, Action
IMDB rating:
Bill Duke
Laurence Fishburne as Russell Stevens Jr. / John Hull (as Larry Fishburne)
Joseph Ferro as James
Cory Curtis as Young Russell Stevens Jr.
Bruce Paul Barbour as Policeman (as Bruce Barbour)
Lira Angel as Bijoux
Alisa Christensen as Ivy's Driver
René Assa as Guzman
Bilal Bashir as Rapper's Musician
Alex Colon as Molto (as Alex Colón)
Donald Bishop as Judge
Ed Cambridge as Crackhead #2
Anna Berger as Congresswoman
Storyline: A black uniformed policeman is recruited by a devious drug enforcement agent to infiltrate a smuggling organization seeking to expand into designer drugs. This 'ugly side of the war on drugs' explores the context of race, identity and hypocrisy within a brutal and alienating investigation.
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Smells like Hollywood.
"Deep Cover" is all about a cop (Fishburn) who goes undercover as a narc and pretty much manages to help a little kid and rescue a babe while single handedly solving all of the West Coast drug trafficking problems. If this sounds like so much B.S., well, it is and "Deep Cover" is pretty much your garden variety Hollywood three star B.S. flick. On the short side the characters are all stereotypes from bygone days; the film's too melodramatic and silly in places; and the production was journeyman level stuff. Nonetheless, the "Deep Cover" did have an interesting noir moodiness with some philosophical narration by Fishburn and should make an enjoyable couch potato watch for those who are into gritty crime dramas. (B-)
fine crime drama but dislike the narration
It's 1972 Cleveland. As a child, Russell Stevens Jr. witnesses his drug addicted father get killed. He vows never to touch drugs. 20 years later, he (Laurence Fishburne) is a beat cop in Cincinnati. He is recruited into going undercover for the DEA by Special Agent Gerald Carver. In L.A., he is going after importer Anton Gallegos and his uncle south American politician Hector Gúzman. He connects with street dealer Eddie Dudley who gets him arrested. Drug lawyer David Jason (Jeff Goldblum) takes his case and introduces him to Gallegos.

Laurence Fishburne and Jeff Goldblum are good. However I don't like Fishburne's narration which drains the movie of its tension and thrills. I don't think the story or the characters are anything original. Maybe the narration kept me from enjoying this more and finding that specialness.
Very Not Bad!
This movie definitely has a lot of cheesy parts but it does have brief glimpses of shiny moments. There were more plot holes then 10 people could count on their fingers and scenes that just downright didn't make any sense but the funny thing is I actually enjoyed it...all aversions aside. It could've been a lot better had more time and money been invested in this but the actors did decent work considering what they had to work with. Jeff Goldblum was at the top of his game and I don't think I've seen a movie where Laurence Fishburne was sub-par. The backup actors were all fine as well, I guess some overacted at times but for what it was I'd say it worked out well. It's definitely a change in scenery for a drug movie and was worth the rental price. A better story would've been nice but I was satisfied especially since it did have a lot of cool quotes! Not a keeper but a good filler.

Final Attack:

Movies : Not worth the ticket price even back then.

DVD Purchase : I couldn't see myself watching this very often.

Rental : You'll get your money's worth!
Should Have Been Deeply Buried...
What a horrifically bad film. Deep Cover is a weak, over-the-top story with too much angst and testosterone - and not nearly enough reality.

The dialog is so astronomically bad that it is outright laughable. In fact, Fishburne's character uses enough bad rhymes to make Nipsy Russel do cartwheels in his grave. I have absolutely no idea what writer/director Tolkin was thinking.

Worst still, the soundtrack seems to be hijacked by some bad 80s film - along with some of the wardrobe. It was just ashame to see Fishburne, Goldblum and Julia a part of this embarrassing debacle.

Avoid at all costs. If you want something gritty, with the noir feel, indulge in some of the classics: Double Indemnity, Sunset Strip or even modern gems like Chinatown, Meanstreets, King of New York and Romeo is Bleeding.
Standard double cross stuff
Good film, but the same old government cover-up of important V.I.P. drug dealers; double cross of the field cop by his friends; danger from street punks; gunplay and overdoses; good guy cop doesn't know who to trust or where to turn so starts playing both ends to the middle. Nothing new, but go ahead and was still fun.
Deep into the heart of the drug problem, and it's controllers, makes deep engaging viewing
One of the better drug movies has Fishburne who's really deceiving himself, going undercover. His reasons for becoming a cop, are seen at the start, where as a kid, one Christmas Eve, he sees his father shot down, after holding up a liquor store. He made a promise to himself that he would never drink or take drugs. Both promises are broken later on. His assignment (where a lot of other black cops failed the interview in quick cut scenes) for a shady superior-a fine Charles Martin Smith takes him on a journey through the underworld of drugs and it's penetrators. This includes scuzzy lawyer, Goldblum, fun here, also a desperate smooth talking pimp, a cowering slug too, with slick and catchy rhymes. His life is soon cut short while beaten to death by a pool cue from one of the real bad nasties of the show, who later challenges Goldblum to a knuckle game, where Goldblum, loses, bad, we too. feel that stinging and throbbing pain through skin. There's a nice sidestory. Fishburne living at one of these halfway houses, has a beautiful neighbor, a latina girl, a crack whore with a kid, again the message of drugs and it's effects, eminent here in this tight solid actioner. Her desperation and dependency on drugs, manifestly shown when trying to sell her boy to Fishburne, a sort of father figure here, as seen in it's ending too. A good angle I liked. Fishburne too, falls for his beautiful associate, her museum, a front for money laundering. I loved Goldblum in the first establishing scene, here. Fishburne says a line from Scarface, this movie, a reference of dialogue, scenes, clips used in so many other movies. This prompts Goldblum to recite a line, bouncing off of Fishburne's. Goldblum, puts his own funny spin on it, adding another line to it, but then again, Goldblum can be a funny guy. Fishburne keeps working his way up, selling drugs, living bigger and better than he ever has, and feeling so much like s..t for it. He even does his first kill, taking down a bad black dude, who shot down one of his younger female associates, earlier. And so he should, not only for that, but also, for taking an open leak on Fishburne's sleek shoes. He's finally swimming with the big fishes, an Italian Godfather, who's acquaintance is one of ugliness, rips a piece of jewellery from Fishburne's ear, where soon he meets the guy at top. Also too, we have that wonderful actor, Clarence (Mod Squad) Williams, the third, an unrelenting DEA agent, who busts Fishburne a couple of times, another pain the arse, he doesn't need. Fishburne recites a passage to William's in the absence of the latina girl, losing her battle with drugs. The dialogue works to pondering truth in this film, though it doesn't ring more true than in Fishburne's voice overs. Not many films do that. One of the writers here, worked on the Richard Gere movie, Internal Affairs, another tight solid plot movie. Deep Cover is obviously an anti drug movie, where all the baddies get their desserts, including Smith. It's a different and interesting drug movie, if being a movie experience in itself. It's informative as well, as we learn a thing or two about the long term effects of drugs, especially where the brain's concerned. Fresh and something different, Deep Cover certainly is. Don't worry, we do have a car chase, shootouts of adequate proportion, and violence, nasty at times, but minimized as in the use of it, with good performances, all around, especially the young girl.
187 on an undercover cop...
This movie has it all! Pace, action, sex and violence, but wrapped up in a plot that carries you along all the way. The good guy(Fishburne)is really screwed up and you end up really liking the bad guy (Goldblum). Real movie buffs will love the Hitchcockesque scene cuts and fans of beat music will not be disappointed. This is one of my favorite films - it's dark, both visually & theatrically, moody & (in my opinion) thought provoking. In no way does the film glamorize drug dealing or drug use, instead showing the consequences of both. I've always been a sucker for a film with a narrative & this has some very clever lines - it comes across as being more intelligent than the run of the mill drugs/cop/gangster film. It has it's moments of violence - but that's going to be par for the course on this type of film. It's grainy, dark feel adds to the overall "depressing" feeling & adds atmosphere. It has an almost "film noir" feel about - if that's possible for a color movie.

Unlike many other films that have taken the undercover cop story and pursued it in a typical fashion, "Deep Cover" takes a tense, intimate approach. Director Bill Duke creates a quiet masterpiece casting Laurence Fishburne as a by-the-book cop assigned to infiltrate a major cocaine empire in Los Angeles. His connection inside is Jeff Goldblum (in probably his best performance ever), a supposed clean-shaven Jewish lawyer who secretly longs for the thrill of a gangster's life while trying to maintain a family at home. Duke does not glorify these drug dealers as Scarface-type millionaires who revel in money & mansions but rather paints them as quiet, suspicious businessmen who hold no true alliances to anyone while nesting in pool halls & boxing gyms. There is never a moment where any of these characters are seeking fame & fortune. Instead, they are looking for recognition of their power over both their friends & foes. Fishburne soon finds himself sucked into the dealer's life against his will, doing whatever he can to infiltrate the organization despite how far "deep" he's involved in it (as opposed to the cliché that the cop decides he likes being a drug dealer). The soundtrack is only a stereo mix, but it's a pretty good stereo mix, with lots of left/right detail and the Rap style music still works surprisingly well.

Overall rating: 9 out of 10.
Another Look
After watching the Matrix (April 1999) I wanted to see how far Laurence Fishburne had come in 7 long years.

Very few actors have the ability to emit an emotion. They say the eyes are the windows of the soul; it is very evident that Laurence has very much soul. I find myself wondering how much of the real Laurence Fishburne shows through those eyes. Very intriguing indeed. I wouldn't have thought it was possible but he has improved his technique.

In the process of the comparison I realized just how intriguing this movie was. I thought that maybe some of the characters in the lesser roles should have been shot for their inability to act, but I guess everyone has to start somewhere. Jeff Goldblum was, as expected, his entertaining quirky self. The poetry that gives a different feel to the movie, the narrative is excellent. I like the soundtrack too. Well, I'm off on a Sir Laurence watching spree, next stop - Hoodlum...again.
Good thriller with a jaded, subversive edge
Having witnessed his junkie father killed Russell Stevens grows up to become a policeman and make a difference. When he is offered an undercover job by Gerald Carver he accepts and begins to build a relationship with David Jason in order to get to the main dealers. However as he is forced to deal drugs and kill to keep his cover he finds the lines between cop and criminal being lost – is he a cop pretending to be a dealer or a dealer pretending to be a cop?

Larry (as he was then) Fishburne's first lead role was a typically dark vehicle. The story is the usual one of cop losing himself when undercover, however it manages to be more than that for most of the time. Co-written by Tolkin, who wrote The Player, this naturally has a nice cynical edge to it when it looks at the US's hypocritical approach to drug control and the political links between the street hustlers and the political high rollers who court respectability. The story does eventually settle into a traditional setting but even then it works well as a thriller.

The multi-talented Bill Duke directs well with a gritty feel and a few nice touches. However several things are a bit iffy. For most of the film Fishburne's narration/voice over is a bit like a cross between Apocalypse Now and Blade Runner – it comes across as a little too dark and heavy and also explains things like we can't figure it out ourselves. However once you get into the film it's not as big a deal. My main problem lies with the characters.

Fishburne is excellent, a real model of underlying anger and violence, Goldblum is good but perhaps a little OTT on the yuppie/violence thing, but there's good support from Smith and Spin City's beautiful (and often underused – but not here) Victoria Dillard. However the two main white characters (Goldblum and Smith) are both smeared with racist insinuations – Smith appears to insult his black officers and doesn't care about the junkies, while Goldblum is fascinated about all things black and talks about them as wild beautiful beasts and loves having sex with "black'. These things aren't a major problem, but with basically only two white characters in it, it's a little worrying that both are given that edge.

However these are minor complaints that get lost with a good thriller. Fishburne excels and Duke delivers a story that is a good thriller but also has a jaded, subversive edge.
Style but bad pacing.
I must admit that I wasn't with the critics on this one. This movie was so boring that I fell asleep twice and still didn't care how it turned out. I liked seeing Jeff Golblum in the heavy role, but the movie did nothing for me. It was very dark and moody but the characters were ultimately very boring. Don't waste your time.
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