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IMDB rating:
Martin Sheen
Laurence Fishburne as Stokes (as Larry Fishburne)
Jenn Griffin as Tattooist (as Jennifer Griffin)
Ramon Estevez as Gessner
David Glyn-Jones as Funeral Director
Samantha Langevin as Mrs. Vito
Deryl Hayes as M.P. in Bar
Tony Pantages as G.I. - Bar
Roark Critchlow as Brooks
Matt Clark as Bean Sr.
Tom McBeath as Principal (as Tom Mcbeath)
Jay Brazeau as Mr. Vito
Martin Sheen as McKinney
Storyline: Charlie Sheen plays a rebellious inmate in an Army stockade.
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good acting, great soundtrack
this movie was average at best, the plot was relatively predictable, the acting was good, and i had prepared myself to never watch this movie again, until i saw, or heard rather, the last 5 minutes of this movie. harry 'sweetbread' crane, played by actor/singer harry stewart has perhaps the greatest voice i've ever heard. the song he sings which he also wrote, "End of my Journey", was simply breathtaking. It was his voice alone that brought my overall rating of this movie up from a 5 out of 10 to an 8 out of 10, he is that good. Unfortunately there was no soundtrack for this movie, though after searching for about 5 or 6 months, i was finally able to locate an mp3 of "End of my Journey". this movie is worth watching if only to hear stewarts voice soar...
white guilt at its worst
Plot summary: a group of racist blacks beat and rob a white soldier and then, when he doesn't narc them out, accept him with great reluctance. This is what happens when Hollywood white guilt takes steroids.

The acting is pretty good, but this is a classic example of black -on - white racism disguised as a morality tale about the evils of white - on - black racism.

It's also the worst of the worst in the category of 'let's have us some black folk teach a white kid how to dance.'

Shoot me now.

Please, do it. I beg you. Laurence Fishburne musta been either really angry or really desperate, to tag this dog onto his otherwise impressive resume.
Great movie....really better that rated
This movie surprised me. I am not really big on Charlie Sheen movies, other than Platoon, but this is a truly good movie. Martin Sheen gives a good performance, as does the supporting cast. The setting, while not authentic, is real enough. The dialogue and acting are both excellent and believable. I found I was interested in the characters, and although the ending is predictable, it was fitting. I would recommend this movie to just about anyone, other that the hardcore action enthusiast. Definitely an entertaining film, and one that is quite a bit better than the rating it has received. I wouldn't hesitate to rent it again.
Gig for Bean. Two Gigs For This Film
[WARNING: May Contain Spoilers.]

This film had a fine cast and an interesting setting. However, the plot and its nuances are just a tad too cliched to merit a favorable review.

The silver screen has rarely (if ever) portrayed the underbelly of America's presence in West Germany during the Cold War. In "Cadence," the audience is introduced to a group of misfit G.I.'s who have run afoul of the law. Some are supposedly innocent, while others, including Private Bean are not. A well thought out screenplay could have capitalized on this unique angle. What does the audience get instead? Windmills and psychotic superiors. Say what?

The prisoners' handler, played by Martin Sheen, who also directed this film goes nuts after being dissed by his son. I feel the old formula of "superiors are always nuts" is a bit tired.

A lot more could have been done with the subject matter of "Cadence." Unfortunately, it wasn't. Four out of Ten.
Thassa Sow Nutha-men - Wurkinonna Chayyne -- Gah-E-Yang...
Caveat: I saw this movie at least ten years ago.

Most folks are right about this film. Tired plot and strained character development despite some very good performances. So why am I writing my comments here? Because what sticks in the brain with this movie is not the plot, but the camaraderie. Not the standard prison barracks/exercise yard type, but a rather unique form that takes shape when the men march to an extremely soulful version of "Chain Gang."

But it has more than soul. It has "Cadence." Weirdly, the men keeping lock step with this is oddly counter-soul. Their march is a metaphor for some parts of the film, but a sure thing was missed by not exploiting this aspect further. What emerged as the main plot in this film would have made a fine subplot, but it wasn't enough to carry it into being very, very good.

No, the brilliance here is in the memorable (and haunting) marching footage, with the soloist tenor lending tenderness to the sing-song soldier cadence and the clomp-clomp-clomp of marching boots, and the stagger-step "fill" where each soldier, as one, does a double step and strikes his breastbone. It's like some uber-military statement and yet it is actually done in defiance.

Enough to carry a film? Not at all. Worth seeing, though? Absolutely, if you like strong film elements that stay with you for a long, long time.

-- TGR
Boring, useless but with some amusing moments
Such a shame that good talents were thrown to the winds on a unnecessary effort of trying to make something good out of almost nothing. Story is heavily clichéd, filled with repetitions and there isn't much of a path to walk on with.

"Cadence" tells the story of a soldier (Charlie Sheen) who recently lost his father (Matt Clark) and not knowing how to cope with this news is arrested after some disturbance on a bar. Sent to a military prison where he's the only white man around among the prisoners, this tough guy will have to deal with an even tougher guy than he, a tyrannic Sergeant (Martin Sheen, who also directed this movie) who runs the place with strong hands. So, trouble is set when those two forces collide after some disagreements on how things work in the place and because of the bad temper between both, and a tragedy will define who they are and the course of things will never be the same.

Most of the story is just showing a bunch of guys fighting against each other for meaningless things or over a gold lighter; or the sergeant punishing the soldier for not addressing him as 'sir' (this is quite funny, actually). Where's the goal? Where's the speech, the message in the work? It goes out of one place but stays there without a reason, and all that is plain boring, very drub. Yes, the prisoners exchange ideas with each other, they help things out among themselves and work hard in prison, trying to rehabilitate themselves while the place's chief always seems to disturb their peace, but the film never succeeds in making us interested in all of that, there's nothing magnificent in seeing recurring situations that leads to nowhere.

Not much of an impressive directorial debut for Mr. Sheen (but the tragic scene filmed in slow-motion was quite good despite some melodrama involved), who takes an unimpressive performance from his son and some really average acting from supporting members like Laurence Fishburne, Michael Beach, F. Murray Abraham, James Marshall and others. Performances that go way below the surface, it's almost pitiful. Best thing of this is Martin's character, giving some motion to the picture, some funny moments.

I don't see a way of how this could have been better. Very disappointing. 3/10
A rare gem, and not to be missed.
I had never heard of this film and was thoroughly prepared to hate it. I spent too long in the Army to have any patience with 99% of movies with military themes, and I generally dislike Charlie Sheen even when he does a good job. Here, he was simply superb. I've seen it five times and it still amazes me. It just goes to prove that the viewing public and the various "awards" groups have no taste at all. This got zero awards and zero viewing in the theaters. The big losers here are the viewing public. SEE THIS MOVIE !!
that movie was great
...although i've seen a lot of movies, many of them that are not so famous and didn't get any awards and they weren't even nominated and many of them impressed me very much...some of them with shocking themes and impressive emotions and ideas to send to the audience and they are really worth to be seen!!! cadence is not a highly rated movie, is not an Oscar movie and it's not a shocking's not everything i have been expecting,;it's not one of the best and it's not something people mention about on forums (like save private Ryan for example) but for me is that kind of movie!!! it's so special...something that one could not's beyond really because what happens there is not to be just have to feel!! that's why this movie impressed;'s about inner feelings and about making friends...although nothing spectacular's not an action or comedy's something that could happen to all of's about moral values that stand before any other society values that are imposed by others!to have the power to stand up for yourself to make your own choices and your one friends!!!things that now are not important to you and people who don't mean a thing to you one day could mean everything...they could be your world and just when u don't realize u'll know you are as human as all the other nationalities(black)... so , in my opinion, this movie is about feelings, the things u stand for and and making friends among others u feel rejected and finding your place in many people's heart!! it's hard to do that..but it's even hard to keep it!
Like watching paint dry
I just don't understand this movie having such a high overall rating. Unless having been in the military adds to the experience, it seems inexplicable. This movie is certainly not about action, it is character driven. Unfortunately the characters were largely cliches, I didn't find myself caring about any of them despite usually liking Charlie Sheen's movies of the era.

I watched this with friends, and the pace was so slow that there were several times that we literally sat throwing glances at each other wondering when something interesting would happen or be said. We waited the whole 90+ minutes, and nothing ever did. After seeing Cadence, it is clear why it won no awards and got no theatre play.

I visited IMDB hoping someone else's comments might give me a hint if there was something there my friends and I missed. After reading other comments, unless these actors made two different movies titled Cadence, I'm baffled.
Surprisingly good
I seldom comment on a movie, but I so strongly disagreed with a prior comment on this movie, I felt I had to add two cents. I found this entrant far from boring. I have watched it four or five times, each time finding a new focus. The movie's idea is interesting, the conflict between the Sheens believable and well played, and the supporting cast excellent. Laurence Fishburne and James Marshall in particular are pleasures to watch. As the second of Sheen's two stints as a director I was impressed. Even the basic set works for me. And the music is so good that I continue to look from time to time to see if an actual CD is available. I believe that if you get your hands on this movie you won't be disappointed.
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