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Band of the Hand
Crime, Drama, Action
IMDB rating:
Paul Michael Glaser
Danny Quinn as Carlos (as Daniele Quinn)
Erla Julmiste as Céleste
Tony Bolano as Felix
Deborah King as Yvette
Al Shannon as Dorcey
Leon as Moss (as Leon Robinson)
Lauren Holly as Nikki
Danton Stone as Aldo
James Remar as Nestor
Laurence Fishburne as Cream (as Larry Fishburne)
Storyline: In an attempt of resocialisation, five hopeless juvenile criminals are sent away from prison into the Everglades for a survival training under the Indian Joe. When this is successful, they move back to Miami. However this offends the former illegal inhabitants of their house, all loyal customers of drug baron Cream. The conflict leads to armed fights.
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Ultimate fantasy for 15-year-olds in the 80s.
The people who rag on BAND were probably the same who bought Don Johnson sport coats in the 80s and are now ashamed. You trendy-then now-pretentious fools, it's not supposed to be freakin' Shakespeare! BAND is a stylish 80s flick with plenty of heart, action and coolness. It's the ultimate fantasy for 15-year-olds. Five troubled 'yoots' are sent to an experimental last-chance program in the Everglades run by Joe, a mysterious Miccosukee Indian/Nam Era elite commando. (See? Already off to a good start)! Joes lays it down: learn to live in this wilderness or die. The 2nd half of the movie (and 'program') takes place in a Miami ghetto run by local drug lord LARRY Fishburne, replete with cute lil' lines buzzed in the sides of his high-top fade. (There's also an underaged Lauren Holly to consider, long before that drooling idiot Carey came and went).

War ensues in the hood as Joe trains the yoots to fight. Purists and prudes can shove it...when Dorcey's machine gun lights up the street from the roof of the feel-good 80s pastel renovated crackhouse it's a spinal moment. The characters don't have to be 'deep' cause they're all the way likable and automatic gold star for the guest appearance of a vulcan cannon (aka "that's a goddam minigun!") If you don't dig this flick, YOU'RE OUT OF MIAMI!
Dylan's song
Dylan's song was called "band of the Hand" not hell time or it's hell time now. which are lines out of the song but not the songs title. The song was recorded in sydney Australia in 1986 with the heartbreakers whilst they were on tour together. it was released as a single on 45, through mca which was the label the heartbreakers were with at the time. it was also on mtv with a video.

that was a pretty good tour and it's a shame Dylan's video of that tour "hard to handle" didn't include petty & heartbreakers who were the opening act before bob took stage and became his band when he was onstage.
A slick "Miami Vice" stylized street war flick is flawed, but delivers
This is one of those late-night paid cable network flicks that attempted to cash in on the success of "Miami Vice" and its cool but criminal look and style. Violent 80's movies like "To Live and Die in L.A.,", Manhunter, and Vice Squad seem to stand out along with "Band of The Hand" for their unique portrayal of the sleaze and the slime of the big city criminal underground of the 1980's. Especially with the cocaine craze sweeping up through the upper class southern states. This good little movie brings back memories of flashy clothes, sports cars, and suntans for those who appreciated this genre.

This stars Stephen Lange (who I recently realized is Colonel Quaritch in "Avatar") perfectly casted as a militant survival expert who invents a program aimed toward helping violent juveniles by forcing them into the Florida everglades to survive by their own means, and what they learn along the way is respect and comradeship. Everyone from gang members to a small-time cocaine pusher to a whacked-out pyromaniac find their way back to the city and launch a full-scale war against a big-time drug dealer/pimp (played by a young Larry Fishburne) who is tied to an even bigger bad guy (intensely played by James Remar) who is also involved in Voodoo magic to further his criminal empire.. The band and their leader must learn to become one fighting force in order to take down the villains despite their differences.. Its a great blend of action adventure, exploitation and good old fashion 1980's crime movie mania. The performances are well done, and the action is enough to keep you interested throughout. Also features original music by Bob Dylan with The Heartbreakers.
Band Of the Hand
When I first viewed Band of the Hand in the 80's it had a profound impact on me. At first I thought that the treatment of the youth was too much. But the movie showed the positive impact of uniting to overcome societal ills and personal weaknesses. This movie is a good model to use in similar communities with similar situations. Although things may not seem the way they do in the movie, people who have experienced personal challenges may agree that Band of the Hand showed how certain strategies can have successful results. Band of the Hand can be summed up as: Unity is the key to success. I am planning to rent the movie again to compare it to today's problems in effort to find possible solutions.
Let's go to Miami....see some Vice....
In an attempt to ease themselves back into society, five juvenile criminals are sent away from prison into the Everglades, for a survival training under Indian Joe.

When they have successfully completed their 'training', they move back to Miami.

However this means the illegal inhabitants of their house have to up sticks and leave without warning, all loyal customers of local drug baron Cream.

The conflict leads to a street war of sorts.......

It's another one of those films from the eighties where you would have had to be there I. Order to appreciate the full cheesiness of the narrative and mise en scene, because seeing for the first time in 2015, it's a real dog of a film.

It's as if the makers have taken every single politically incorrect ethnic stereotype, made them a gang member, and joined them in to some sort of unit, all led by a caked in make- up Stephen Lang, who looks like he doesn't want to be there one bit.

Add a sub-plot involving James Remar trying to channel Willem Dafoe in To Live And Die In L.A, and separate incoherent narrative with music video type scenes, and you have this epitome of the eighties, which I would usually love, but the characters are just so unlikable and offensive to their native culture, you cannot help but really strongly dislike the film.

The film cannot decide who it's for, it's way way too dark for younger people, and too bonkers for the Freidkin and Mann audience it desperately wants to grab, so it ends up in purgatory.

But the music is good, and some of the camera-work is as bonkers as the outfits, but come the end, it just doesn't work in anyway.

Watch Toy Soldiers instead.
What was I thinking?
I first saw this film in the mid-eighties, when I was out of school on a snow day. I thought it was a great movie. So when I saw the opening credits pop up on the tv screen one day when I was channel surfing, I thought I would enjoy a nostalgic treat from my teen years. I got 15 minutes into it and realized that I must have had terrible taste in movies when I was 17, because this film was just flat out bad. I can still enjoy some of the other teen films from this era, i.e. "Breakfast Club", even if only for the nostalgic value, but not this turkey. It was just unwatchable.
A slice from the 80's
Seems like an episode of Miami Vice, thats probably because Michael Mann is the producer. Even while it is silly at times there is good flow to the movie. The soundtrack rocks and there are good performances by Larry Fisburne, James Remar,Lauren Holly & Stephen Lang. I'am surprised that with the popularity of Grand Theft Auto Vice City this movie does not collect royalties with the look of Miami in the 1980's. The only crime is that the only copy around is a crappy full screen DVD put out a few years ago. I doubt there will be a better version anytime soon so fans of the movie better make do with this copy. Maybe Michael Mann will feel bad and put out a better version. In the meantime enjoy a slice from the 80's.
Miami twice
The Miami Vice influence is heavy in this silly cheesy film. Michael Mann is the producer. Director Paul Michael Glaser also directed several episodes of Miami Vice and you will spot several Mann regulars in this movie such as Martin Ferrero and Stephen Lang.

Lang plays a military survival expert and former Vietnam veteran in the Florida everglades, an improbable native Indian. He has created a program to rehabilitate a small bunch of juvenile delinquents in this hostile environment, one of them even gets bitten by a snake. However the group of youths after some complaining soon bond in the Everglades.

After that the youths move to a house in Miami, however they fall foul of the local drug lords who rule the area. The group led by Lang wage war against the violent gangs.

There is a lot of mid 1980s music here as well as the title track sung by Bob Dylan. The film is uneven in pace, I could never buy these bunch being somehow rehabilitated and united in the Everglades, never mind becoming a fighting force in the streets of Miami.
One of the coolest movie's I saw as a child
When I was a kid, I used to watch BAND OF THE HAND all the time because it always came on HBO. I know it's a cheesie movie, but there's something about it that makes it cool. Is it the fact that Bob Dylan sings the theme song? Is it future star Laurence Fishburne in an embarrassing pre-fame role as a drug lord? Or is it the cool shootout's on the playground and the drug factory? Whatever the case, it's a neat nostalgic piece from the Reagan-era anti-drug Zeitgeist, and it just equals cool.
Waging the war on drugs with Bob Dylan on your soundtrack.
Trashy, brainless, and oh-so-80s action melodrama stars Stephen Lang ("Avatar", "Don't Breathe") as Joe, an American Indian & Vietnam veteran who runs a program to reform troubled youth. Five punks - Ruben (Michael Carmine), J.L. (John Cameron Mitchell), Carlos (Danny Quinn), Moss (Leon), and Dorcey (Al Shannon) - are dragged out to the Everglades and deposited there, where Joe teaches them survival instincts and teamwork. Once back in Miami, the gang is *somewhat* more mature, and they go up against vicious drug runners including Cream (Laurence Fishburne) and Nestor (James Remar).

To be honest, "Band of the Hand" is a hard slog for a while, since it's hard to give a damn about our protagonists for an extended amount of time. (This IS an overlong movie.) But things improve as "Band of the Hand" progresses, and debuting feature director Paul Michael "Starsky" Glaser gives this production a certain amusing amount of 80s excess. It bears the mark of its executive producer, 'Miami Vice' creator Michael Mann. It's noisy, it's silly, it's violent in a sometimes cartoonish way, and it's got a hip soundtrack. The centerpiece of said soundtrack is a priceless, catchy rock ditty written and sung by Bob Dylan, with Tom Petty's band The Heartbreakers backing him up.

The acting suits the material. Top billed Lang is fine in a low key portrayal. The young cast is lively, with a cute Lauren Holly playing Carlos' love interest. Remar is okay as our primary villain, and other familiar character actors like Paul Calderon, Bill Smitrovich, Michael Gregory, and an unbilled Martin Ferrero all turn up as well.

This is a decent, fun movie overall, even if the script ain't so hot. As was said before, it goes on a bit too long, but for the most part, it's *not* boring.

Seven out of 10.
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