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USA, Australia
Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Comedy, Family
IMDB rating:
Chris Noonan
Christine Cavanaugh as Babe (voice)
Miriam Margolyes as Fly (voice)
Danny Mann as Ferdinand (voice)
Hugo Weaving as Rex (voice)
Miriam Flynn as Maa (voice)
Russi Taylor as Duchess the Cat (voice) (as Russie Taylor)
Evelyn Krape as Old Ewe (voice)
Michael Edward-Stevens as Horse (voice)
Charles Bartlett as Cow (voice)
Paul Livingston as Rooster (voice)
Roscoe Lee Browne as Narrator (voice)
James Cromwell as Farmer Arthur Hoggett
Magda Szubanski as Esme Hoggett
Zoe Burton as Daughter
Storyline: Farmer Hoggett wins a runt piglet at a local fair and young Babe, as the piglet decides to call himself, befriends and learns about all the other creatures on the farm. He becomes special friends with one of the sheepdogs, Fly. With Fly's help, and Farmer Hoggett's intuition, Babe embarks on a career in sheepherding with some surprising and spectacular results.
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When I first heard about Babe, I said to myself : Oh no, not another "animal-can-talk" type of movie, such as crappy Beethoven or Look who's talking 2. But after I saw it, I was speechless. I haven't seen something so sweet and touchy (without being corny) coming from this kind of movies for a long time. Or ...never.

What makes movie a masterpiece deserving mark 10 out of 10? A great story? Actors devoted to their roles? Scenography? Directing?

All that, I guess. And beside outstanding acting from James Cromwell, Babe could be just one of the million movies playing with the people emotions. But luckily it isn't. It got something inside that made me looking at the pigs differently, after watching it. And this is the ability of true masterpieces. So that's why a... ...10 out of 10
This Is About As Good As It Gets For A Family Movie
When this came out -- years ago, I thought, "Wow, this is pretty amazing" and since then movie audiences have been amazed at a number of camera tricks, computer-enhanced people, animals, monsters, and who knows this kind of story with fun special effects is no longer is unique.

However, it's so charming, so nice a story that it should hold up as solid entertainment for a long, long time. It has proved to be anything but a flash-in-the-pan. This movie will endure. It's also a beautiful film on DVD with brilliant colors and some very rich visuals.

Filmed in rural Australia, the scenery is magnificent and so is the house that is featured in the film. It looks like some old-fashioned gingerbread house. The animals are entertaining, talking to one another like humans but not looking hokey in the process. In other words, the dubbing is well done.

The main character, "Babe," the little pig, is the nicest, most innocent "character" you could ever hope to find. Listening to him talk is heart-warming most of the time and sometimes it's heart-breaking. The best comic relief is provided by the goose who wants to be a rooster. That may sound like it's geared toward little kids, but it isn't. I haven't found an adult friend yet who didn't like this film.

It also was good to see James Cromwell play a nice guy, too. Most other times he seems to play profane and corrupt cops or government officials. Here, he's just a nice old farmer who blends in perfectly with the surroundings. His wife is a bit annoying, but not too bad.

This is a wonderful, sweet-hearted comedy-drama with a nice ending, too, guaranteed to leave you with a smile or a tear, or both. This is one of the best "family" movies of all time.
This movie is for family and children
This movie is for family and children but it is enough for adults to enjoy watching the movie. One day, a pig is received by a old man as a prize. At first, the man think the pig will for a dinner on Christmas day. The pig is raised by sheepdogs and the old man at a stock farm. The scene is calm. There are many animals with the pig. The pig, named Babe is very clever so I was fascinated with Babe. The old man is kind so he loves the pig gradually. The pig succeed in many things and he get to be trusted by other animals. What I liked in this movie is that all animals can speak fluently like people, it was nice and very interesting. The expressions are just like animals have real feelings. The musics witch are used in the movie are also nice. After watching this movie, I thought each animal has their heats and feeling. Animals also have their society and classes. We should be friendly with animals more even mice. Since I watched this movie at only 5 years old for the first time, I watched this movie many times. If you watch this movie, you must think animals are so lovely. You will also be fascinated with Babe and other animals.
An instant classic.
I have to admit that I reluctant ly saw Babe during an eventless Tuesday night in college, and expected no more than a mild disappointment. As it turns out, this is one of my favorite movies, and I fell in love with it before the opening credits had finished ( as the camera pans the pictures mounted on the wall, the picture of the pig opens to reveal it's innards. A brilliant piece of black humor which remained a constant theme throughout the film). Since that first viewing, I bought the film on video, and am very displeased to say that my "loose in the hips" ex-girlfriend is now in possession of it. In any case, this is one of the best films EVER made. I do not use that term lightly. Watch it. It's a masterpiece.
What could have been
This should have been the start of a fabulous series. The sequel is even better than the first. Alas, the fates (and the lack of intelligence of the critics and audience) did not recognize the latter as being the adult masterpiece that it is. There will be no more Babes. What a gorgeous film.
Top movie for every age
This, partly animated, movie is so sweet, that you will probably not want to eat pork for some time, if you want to do so at all, after having seen Babe. The idea is very original. The pig Babe, who is intelligent (which pigs really seem to be, by the way) achieves everything he wants by being extremely polite. An example: he goes to the rooster and asks: "Excuse me sir, would it be possible for you to crow a few minute early today?". Brilliant! The main plot (the pig wins a sheep dog trial) is not only well worked out and original, but also touching. And how about Babe, the pig, who suddenly feels that he should sing a few lines of "Blue Moon". This really is a scene I can't forget easily. Finally, all parts are well-casted, with a top choice for the voice of Babe. See this movie again and again (I appreciated it much more the second time) and regard pigs as more than just meat afterwards!
Amazing!! Defiantly worth the watch!!!
"Babe" Is one of my favourite movie's.

This movie is so good, the voice overs, The animals in this movie are so lovable, the scenery & the plot, I am surprised this is a Australian/American movie, everything about this movie I enjoyed.

I honestly don't know how people can say "time waster" or " Should have used rent cost on meat instead of this", Only people that don't like this are arrogant, and are too one sided to see that this is truly a masterpiece.

The voice over on the animals are better then some of the ones you see today!!

I viewed a comment before saying "would have been nice to see in 3D", Honestly I think viewing this in 3D would take something away, something that you can never take back from this classic movie.

Defiantly worth seeing 10/10 for me.

P.S: Ignore the comments from people saying how bad this movie is, They are idiots.
Adorable Movie
Babe is one of the cutest movies already made! It's the story of a little pig, who starts living in the farm of the farmer Arthur Hoggettt and Esme Hoggett.There,he meets many new animals,like the Sheepdogs Fly and Rex,their puppies,Maa the Ewe and Ferdinand the duck,among other animals.Winning the respect of his new owner Arthur,Babe needs to prove that he is more than an ordinary pig, who was born to be human's food: he enters the competition for the sheepdogs and wins of all the pedigree-winning animals. His trick is to be polite with the other animals, different from the sheepdogs, that only achieve their tasks being rude to the ewes. Babe is a cute movie, not only for kids,but also for adults. It has a powerful message about being polite and helping others and also to never let anyone put you down, saying that you were not capable to do something.
This little pig is big on charm
This along with The Wizzard of Oz and The Neverending Story are my favorite movies for kids that adults can love too. This is a charming original film from director Chris Noonan who really hasn't put much on the screen in his career but is currently working on three new films including Mrs. Potter starring Renée Zellweger as children's author Beatrix Potter which will bring his name back into prominence. Noonan co-wrote this script along with the film's producer George Miller based on the Dick King Smith novel. Babe was nominated for seven Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Art Direction, film editing, Effects and Screenplay and took home the Oscar for Best Effects. Jim Henson's Creature Shop creators did the animatronics for this. Andrew Lesnie who would go on to do the Lord of the Rings trilogy of films is the cinematographer. James Cromwell in his Academy Award nominated role as Best Actor is Farmer Hoggett and Magda Szubanski is great as his wife Mrs. Hoggett. Christine Cavanaugh who has done voices for animated TV shows The Rugrats, Dexter's Laboratory and The Critic among others is the voice of Babe the pig. This is a clever and sweet movie with lots of laughs too. I would give this a 9.0 on a scale of 10 and highly recommend it.
That'll Do Pig!!
I don't know about anyone else, but this movie was SO cute!! The story is rich and maintained throughout the entire film. The narration and dialogue are wonderful, filled with humor, pathos and other emotional nuances. The acting and character development are superb in every respect from the humans to the fowl, field and domestic critters. The cinematography is opulent. The special effects are delightful and never interfered with the story--well, I will concede, when this movie first came out, it was eye-popping seeing the animal lips in sync with the dialogue. But, once you got over the initial shock, you forgot about it and just basked in the story.

Personally, because I am such a prolific reader, I really enjoyed the storybook format with the chapter headings. It felt like being curled up on the sofa with my faithful companions (which, in my case, are three cats) safely tucked around me in front of a crackling fire with a nice warm afghan, a good mug of hot chocolate and my favorite book.

No matter how many times I see this movie, I always walk away with warm fuzzies knowing I've been treated to a rare delight. Thanks for proving that it is still possible to provide someone like me--who just wants to see a good tale done well--with a quality movie experience.
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