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All About Eve
IMDB rating:
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Bette Davis as Margo
George Sanders as Addison DeWitt
Celeste Holm as Karen
Gary Merrill as Bill Simpson
Hugh Marlowe as Lloyd Richards
Gregory Ratoff as Max Fabian
Barbara Bates as Phoebe
Marilyn Monroe as Miss Casswell
Thelma Ritter as Birdie
Walter Hampden as Aged Actor
Randy Stuart as Eve's Pal on Telephone
Craig Hill as Leading Man in 'Footsteps on the Ceiling'
Leland Harris as Doorman
Storyline: Aspiring actress Eve Harrington maneuvers her way into the lives of Broadway star Margo Channing, playwright Lloyd Richards and director Bill Sampson. This classic story of ambition and betrayal has become part of American folklore. Bette Davis claims to have based her character on the persona of film actress Talullah Bankhead. Davis' line "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night" is legendary, but, in fact, all of the film's dialog sparkles with equal brilliance.
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Oscar can't find another target to be given !
Unpredictable story, i never watch any other movie that have a genuinely original storyline before. Telling a way of life of actress, it consist of manipulation, ambition, and the fall. The ending really unpredictable, i never guess anything happen like eve will meet another even in her life. This movie is HONEST, i should say, there are no scenes that forced to be happy ending or sad ending. It tells audiences the truth.

The strength of it's storytelling supported by it's cast. Precious and marvelous acting by it's leading and supporting characters. I just realized after the end of movie, that this movie had no wasted characters, all cast were equal in skill of performances. Hard to differentiate which one is lead and which one is support. Judging by the acting of eve harrington in prologue, i never predict any manipulation or turn-down in his character after. Seriously, this actress can hide her emotion very well, she was a pure manipulator of her own.
All About Eve Review
Overall I think this movie was good. I think the plot kind of dragged on. Ten minutes felt like one hour and on top of it all, the film was very long…about two hours and twenty minutes long.

This was a very bright film; black and white.

One editing glitch I did notice was when the two ladies were sitting in the car waiting for the man to get help after the car after it stopped working. In one shot Margo is sitting up playing with the radio, then the next shot is of Karen, then it goes back to Margo. This time the camera angle was completely different than the original one. This was a very obvious mistake.

I love the end of the film when Eve gets called out on all her wrong doings. It completes the film.

I love how Margo grows up, gets married, and realizes that she doesn't need the younger kid, which she and Eve were fighting over, parts anymore.
My all-time favorite movie
This is movie-making at its best. The performances are just incredible. Ann Baxter's impersonation of Eve Harrington is so convincing that you end up hating Baxter for the rest of your life! Bette Davis and George Sanders are superb. However, the real strength of the film lies its script. It is so well written, full of one-liners that stick to your mind forever. Here is a movie to be watched many times over, a movie to be studied by every director. Along with Sunset Boulevard, this is probably the best American film of the fifties.
Great Movie
Great movie with rich dialog and acting. The movie was kind of predictable the way that it started. You know the outcome of the movie from the beginning and the curiosity will drag you down till the end to figure out how that happened.

This movie shows publicity and fame within theater and movie are the main nature that drives some actor and actress and they are willing to do what ever it takes to reach to the top using all people as a means to become celebrity.
A Miracle Of A Movie
What a genius Joseph L Manckiewicz was. A literary script that is totally accessible. A melodrama for the thinking man. A film that is as engrossing and entertaining every time you see it. Bette Davis touches all the raw nerves of her mythological career. Anne Baxter never went this far. Thelma Ritter became a sort of icon. Marilyn Monroe gives us a preview of forthcoming attractions as a graduated from the "Copacabana" academy of dramatic arts. Celeste Holm represents us, all of us and George Sanders creates a prototype for a cultured monster that is immediately recognizable. I don't recall another film in which the nature of selfishness is so wittily dissected. A total triumph.
Superb Acting And Dialogue
What a movie! It's the cinematic ideal, the standard by which subsequent films are judged, at least in terms of acting and dialogue. Maybe the camera, which does nothing but sit there as the actors act, could have been made a little less static. But the story screams stage play, which implies lots of talk and not much "action". The film doesn't pretend to do all things. But what it does do, it does extremely well.

As Margo, Bette Davis gives what I would consider one of the best performances, if not the best performance, in any film I have ever seen. She truly becomes Margo, that "fixture of the theater", so beloved yet so insecure. And as Eve, "the mousy one, with the trench coat and the funny hat", breathy Anne Baxter proves adept at subtleties that allow her character to change gradually over time.

Then there's George Sanders who effortlessly slips into the role of witty, urbane, pompous Addison DeWitt, columnist magnifico, a man whose high opinion of himself allows him to declare to us, as viewers, that he is "essential to the theater". Celeste Holm and reliable Thelma Ritter give topnotch performances as well.

And the Mankiewicz script, which tells the story of a group of theater people, is heavy on dialogue, but it's totally believable, as characters talk shop and interrelate, by means of suitable verbal conflict and subtle subtext. Even more than that, the dialogue is witty and clever, with tons of theatrical metaphors, like when Bill (Gary Merrill) angrily tells Margo: "And to intimate anything else doesn't spell jealousy to me, it spells a paranoid insecurity that you should be ashamed of." To which Margo just as angrily spits out: "Cut, print it, what happens in the next reel? Do I get dragged off screaming to the snake pits?"

One of my favorite scenes has several people sitting on a stairway at a party. A curvaceous but bird-brained Miss Casswell (Marilyn Monroe), "from the Copacabana school of acting", desires another drink. "Oh waiter!", she yells out. Addison schools her: "That isn't a waiter, my dear; that's a butler." To which she fires back: "Well I can't yell 'Oh butler', can I? Maybe somebody's name is Butler". Addison then concedes: "You have a point, an idiotic one, but a point."

I'm not sure I really like the characters in this film. Generally, they're self-absorbed, vain, haughty, and backbiting. They're not all that likable. And that would be my only serious complaint.

Otherwise, "All About Eve" is a film that excels at great language and great acting. If ever there was a film that deserves the status of "classic", this is surely it.
All About Eve
From Oscar winning, and Golden Globe nominated director Joseph L. Mankiewicz (Guys and Dolls, Cleopatra), I didn't know much about this classic drama, but with a good cast list, I was willing to try it. Basically ambitious Eve Harrington (Oscar nominated Anne Baxter) is very fond of actress Margo Channing (Oscar and Golden Globe nominated Bette Davis), and manages to get close to her boyfriend, and her friends Karen Richards (Oscar nominated Celeste Holm) and her play writer husband Lloyd Richards (Hugh Marlowe), director Bill Simpson (Gary Merrill) and producer Max Fabian (Gregory Ratoff). All the big shots, except for cynical critic Addison DeWitt (Oscar winning, and Golden Globe nominated George Sanders), believing she is only a naive and obsessive fan of Margo's, but Eve is much more cynical, manipulative and conniving than that. Using the lives of Margo and her friends, all along she planned to become an actress, and she achieves her goal of Broadway stardom, leaving a trail of unhappiness for everyone behind her. The end sees her accepting the highest award for any stage performer, and another fan wanting to see the now famous Eve, and it seems, this naive girl may have the same sneaky plans. Also starring Barbara Bates as Phoebe, then rising star Marilyn Monroe as Miss Casswell and Oscar and Golden Globe nominated Thelma Ritter as Birdie. Baxter may not be the conventional wicked witch/bunny boiler/psychopathic bitch villain, in fact, she may not even by the right person for the role, yet even with a few appearances, she is a good light villain. Davis is very good as the emotionally wrecked actress, then little known Monroe makes the most of her few minutes, same goes for Ritter. I can see why critics complained about it being too chatty, and yet it is this, being witty and cynical, that makes the film very watchable. It won the Oscars for Best Picture, Best Costume Design, Best Sound and Best Writing, Screenplay for Mankiewicz, and it was nominated for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Best Cinematography, Best Film Editing and Best Music for Alfred Newman, it won the BAFTA for Best Film from any Source, and it won the Golden Globe for Best Screenplay, and it was nominated for Best Motion Picture - Drama. Eve Harrington was number 23 on 100 Years, 100 Heroes & Villains, Bette Davis was number 45 on The 100 Greatest Movie Stars, she was number 2 on 100 Years, 100 Stars - Women, and she was number 17 on The World's Greatest Actor, she was also number 2 on 100 Years, 100 Stars - Womem, "Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night." was number 9 on 100 Years, 100 Quotes, the film was number 30 on Film 4's 50 Films You Must See Before You Die, and it was number 16 on 100 Years, 100 Movies. Very good!
Brilliant Dialogues and Surprising Storyline
The storyline is one of the most original and beautiful ones ever written for the big screen The dialogues are sharp and witty. So the Oscars for writing and screenplay is spot on The way the movie moves, the audience (at least me) is held in rapt attention and never once does the pace drop or the intrigue lose intensity. So the Oscar for direction is also rightfully deserved. If there was an award for looking beautiful on screen, it should have gone to Bette Davis. But unfortunately it is for acting and that no one got except Mr. Dewitt. I am not too sure about this.

All in all, if you have not watched this movie, your movie watching experience is incomplete. Definitely a movie to watch
Evergreen Eve.
Some films mark milestones in the history. "All About Eve" is a combination of rare cases like First ever movie to be nominated for 14 Oscars. Also, it has the highest number of Oscar nominations for the Actress. This makes the movie a must watch for all film lovers.

The movie begins with an award ceremony. The winner is Eve Harrington. The flashback goes through some people who are present at the ceremony. Margo Channing is a super star stage artist. One day she gets a fan visit after the show. It was the young Eve. Soon, Eve works for Margo. Eve becomes all in all for Margo. Eve was more of an observer, how Margo walks, talks, eats, sits etc. The movie has a wonderful ending.

The cast and crew are perfect. There was a competition of acting. Marilyn Monroe's appearance was interesting. I think this movie was made before she became a great celebrity.

A definitely must watch. Highly Recommended.

Good, but overhyped
I'm afraid I'm not going to join the gush parade for this movie.

The performances are good, Eve and Margo are well-done characters, and the ending is like something out of the Twilight Zone, but the movie also has a number of shortcomings.

It's very talky -- nothing but talk, hardly a moment of silence. The dialogue seems more stagey than natural. The characters don't converse so much as declaim or emote. The dialogue doesn't seem witty as some have claimed, just bitter and cynical (for the most part).

The visuals aren't very visual. The shots are mostly ordinary shots of whoever's talking at the moment. There's little character movement. This could easily have been a radio play.

The relationship between Margo and boyfriend seems contrived. There's no apparent reason why they should be so attached to each other. It doesn't come across. In fact, they seem quite unattached to each other initially, but the movie changes its mind abruptly in midcourse.

I'll confess a bias against actors acting about acting. It's the kind of self-referential, self-reverential stuff that bugs me, like news reporters reporting on each other instead of the news, or playwrights writing plays about plays. It smacks of taking oneself far too seriously. (Okay, it's a pet peeve, but there you go.)

But despite these shortcomings, it's still worth watching to the end.
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