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All About Eve
IMDB rating:
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Bette Davis as Margo
George Sanders as Addison DeWitt
Celeste Holm as Karen
Gary Merrill as Bill Simpson
Hugh Marlowe as Lloyd Richards
Gregory Ratoff as Max Fabian
Barbara Bates as Phoebe
Marilyn Monroe as Miss Casswell
Thelma Ritter as Birdie
Walter Hampden as Aged Actor
Randy Stuart as Eve's Pal on Telephone
Craig Hill as Leading Man in 'Footsteps on the Ceiling'
Leland Harris as Doorman
Storyline: Aspiring actress Eve Harrington maneuvers her way into the lives of Broadway star Margo Channing, playwright Lloyd Richards and director Bill Sampson. This classic story of ambition and betrayal has become part of American folklore. Bette Davis claims to have based her character on the persona of film actress Talullah Bankhead. Davis' line "Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night" is legendary, but, in fact, all of the film's dialog sparkles with equal brilliance.
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Fox's best movie for years.
Without a doubt, "All About Eve" was one of 20th Century Fox's best movies for a number of years, with a memorable cast headed by the inimitable Bette Davis as Margo Channing - probably her best role ever, and one that merited an Academy Award. She was absolutely brilliant as the aging star, while in the remainder of the cast George Sanders stood out like a beacon as the caustic Addison de Witt (he, at least did get Best Supporting Actor). Anne Baxter was very good as Eve, and Celeste Holm as the best friend trying to be fair to everyone was just right. The story held interest right through to the very end, and the photography in Black & White along with the music and script was first class. Gary Merrill and Hugh Marlowe, both light weights most of their career, were very good, while Marilyn Monroe's cameo role was interesting. It is a movie that can be seen several times without losing its punch.
About EveryMan, About EveryWoman, About EveryLife
You will see yourself in every character in this very intelligent, entrancing movie. Though set in "the theatre," the story could just as easily have been told in a small town, a corporation – even a religious organization. Being set in the "glamorous" world of entertainment – its seems all the more timely in these days of fame, fortune and the insufficiency (almost shame) of being ordinary. The theatre setting also underscores the reality that the world is a stage, and all its people, players.

So much to study in this movie: the genuine, trusting (and romantic) human; the streetwise, good, hardworking human, who's seen it all and doesn't embrace it; the jaded, heart-hardened, deceitful loser with power, who admires the same and disdains human goodness; the ambitious sociopath who fools so many; the unsuspecting onlookers who see only the façade of success; the inescapable fact that supreme achievement has been had by very low characters; the painful passage of an aging woman into the light of knowing she's loved for being beautiful beyond her appearance, for being HER; the touching portrayal of her lover who remembers his love for her as he passes on a much younger, beautiful, talented actress; the sorrow of a (betraying) friend who discovers the frightened and lonely heart of her successful friend … The dialogue is sharp and clever, barked and growled, smarmy and tender… A truly human movie about being human. Go – find yourself in everyone!
All About Pandering to critics and the theater
If ever there was (is or will be) a film destined to have critics grovel over it, it's a film where a critic is the smartest man in the room and who gets the hot chicks. It's also appealing to all reporters/journalists in that sense. Another artistic technicality well played for an otherwise dull soap opera.

It's apropos that the film itself is cynical and paranoid and promotes such a view of the world.

It does manage to be an inside, self promotional, look at both Hollywood and theater and its vicious recursive circle of stardom. An early look at the transition from plays/theater to Hollywood and the desire even in the late 1940s to be a movie star. Not much else. It doesn't age well. It's more like a look at what life turned out to be during the 1950s.

Like The Third Man (1949), it's composed of artistic/intellectual clever tricks (including ways around censorship) to hide a tedious story of self referential self importance. If anything, this post-war soap opera of seriousness where none is deserved is a reflection of one of the main failings of a film industry at the time that missed the full potential of a real life Betty Boop in Marilyn Monroe. Painfully uninventive like a typical critic.
Where are the stage performances?
All About Eve is all about Bette Davis and Anne Baxter. One an outspoken and uninhibited diva with a kind heart. She's always honest, even if it might hurt feelings, not in the least of herself. The other an innocent and naive wallflower that can turn into a skilled devious witch in the blink of an eye.

The male leads are somewhat interchangeable, alike in looks and behaviour. Exception is DeWitt, who is slick, distinguished and amoral and therefore a rather interesting character. The scenes in which he confronts Eve are among the highlights.

Marilyn Monroe has a small part, and, though we all know of her, eh, average acting abilities, she has a radiance about her that has future stardom written all over it.

Oddly enough, for a movie about the theatre, we hardly see any scene in which theatre performances are shown. These scenes might have been left at the cutting table, but more likely it has just been a matter of indolence or incompetence. For a story about two top theatre actresses it must be quite a challenge to deliver these stage abilities on the silver screen, but quite essential too. It's nevertheless an enjoyable movie, where the interesting plot and acting power of the two lead actresses will keep you in your seat.
All About Eve
"All About Eve" starring Bette Davis, Anne Baxter, and George Sanders was a great film because of the screenplay, the directing, and the acting. The dialog in this movie was also really good and powerful.

Eve seems very nice and kind and think that she is obsessed with Margo so they try and help her out. In reality she just uses Margo's friends to help her be successful in the theater business. This shows that Eve is sneaky and a untrustworthy instead of being nice and kind like Margo and her friends thought. Many relationships and feeling change throughout the movie and that's what makes this movie exciting. This movie was great and I would highly recommend to others.
Superb drama
Superb drama.

The story of a woman, Eve (played by Ann Baxter), who ingratiates herself into the social circles of a famous theatre actress, Margo (played by Bette Davis), and her theatre-centric friends. After a time it starts to look as though Eve's motives and methods aren't as innocent as they seem...

A great story of manipulation, social politics and ambition. While you think you can see how everything ends up, how they get there is still very interesting. Plus, there's a twist or two in store...

Superb performance by Bette Davis as the curmudgeonly, jaded Margo. While Eve might be the character in the title, Bette Davis gets the most screen time. Just about every line she utters drips with cynicism and is worth a soundbite/videobite. Very quotable.

Ann Baxter is great as Eve. Good support from George Sanders, Gary Merrill, Celeste Holm, Hugh Marlowe and Thelma Ritter. Marilyn Monroe also has a minor role.

Davis and Baxter got Best Leading Actress Oscar nominations for their performances (losing to Judy Holliday for Born Yesterday). Holm and Ritter got Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominations (losing to Josephine Hull for Harvey).

An absolute classic.
Possibly the smartest comedy ever to have come out of Hollywood
They say that talk is cheap but you wouldn't believe it listening to the pearls that drip from the mouths of the characters in this, the greatest of all the dialogue-driven comedies to have come out of Hollywood, (at the time it was nominated for a then record 14 Oscar nominations and won 6). It opens with a monologue that introduces all the leading players that is at once literate and cinematic at the same time and you know instantly that his is, above all, a movie to listen to. (What film-buff doesn't quote its screenplay ad-nauseum; gay men, at least according to "The Boys in the Band", are said to know the script by heart). And while drag queens the world over have always based their Bette Davis imitations on the character of Margo Channing, (Davis' greatest role and her greatest performance), the film is never merely camp. The acerbic wit that runs through the film always has a ring of truth to it; the characters, overblown as they are, are always recognizably human.

The acting alone is to die for. Can you believe that other actresses were once considered for the role of Margo? (Claudette Colbert?). Davis makes it her own not by acting Margo but by being Margo. I can't think of another role more indelibly suited to an actress than this. In a lesser film she might have swamped her co-stars but Mankiewicz, who wrote and directed, gives everyone equal credence.

Anne Baxter was never better than as the poisonous Eve; Celeste Holm, wonderful as the clipped, sophisticated Karen; George Sanders oozing epigrams as if from every pore as the screen's most famous critic, Addison DeWitt, (what a name!). These were career-best performances and in smaller parts, Thelma Ritter's cynical, wise-cracking Dresser, Birdie, and Marilyn Monroe's vacuous Miss Caswell, ('a graduate of the Copocobana school of dramatic art'), are just as unforgettable. In the seventies someone had the, not very bright, idea of turning it into a Broadway musical called 'Applause'. While not half-bad you still came away feeling you had seen a karaoke version of "All About Eve".
Vile Creatures
There were three great films released in 1950 taking us behind the scenes, up the skirts and under the floorboards of the entertainment industry, the other two being Sunset Blvd and In A Lonely Place. This is another wonderful study of corruption, greed, bitterness and ambition.

Bette Davis: such a horrible character, yet you can't help feeling sorry for her. Anne Baxter: such a sweet girl, but look what happens to her! George Sanders: the perfect balance of likability and sleaze.

Taking the crown for me, though, is Thelma Ritter as Birdie. She doesn't have to say a word, and you can tell there's so much going on behind those eyes… just marvellous!

Verdict: Humanity's sickening decay on glorious celluloid! Wonderful. (Watch out for an early appearance by a young Marilyn Monroe)
'Eve, Eve, Eve, Little Miss Evil'
All About Eve A Triple-S movie (three suicides in the cast--Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Bates and George Sanders), All About Eve has enough dirt to satisfy even the heartiest appetite. A record 14 Oscar nominations for the cast and crew, it is as wicked and sophisticated as they come, with Bette Davis at her eye-popping, cigarette-swinging best as Margo Channing, Broadway's leading diva. Anne Baxter as Eve Harrington is deliciously calculating as the up-and-coming actress who moves in on Miss Channing, first ingratiating herself with Miss Channing, and eventually replacing her. The supporting cast is equally fine with George Sanders as "that venomous fishwife" Addison DeWitt, Celeste Holm as Margo's long-suffering best friend, Karen Richards, and an ethereally beautiful Marilyn Monroe as Miss Caswell, "a graduate of the Copacabana School of Dramatic Arts." Joseph Mankiewicz's script and direction are superb, with dialog so crisp and poisonous, it makes you wonder where script-driven movies have gone. Chock full of quotable lines, fabulous New Look costumes, and sheer irony. So thick and rich you'll be tempted to eat it with a fork but use a spoon to get every drop.
As perfect as it gets.
Despite the numerous reviews for this movie, I felt I had to add my own after viewing it on a big screen earlier today. This was my second viewing of this movie and seeing it on the big screen apparently made me see and hear dialogue I had missed after watching it on TV. Oh my Goodness! What a spectacular film! I basically sat there for over two hours in awe. I just couldn't believe the incredible performances from everyone associated with this movie. The writing, the acting, the story just makes you long for a Hollywood that unfortunately no longer exists. To see a movie with a real story and with real movie stars is something that has been lacking for the last thirty years in my opinion. It may sound corny but I actually got goose bumps hearing some of those lines and seeing the performances given by Bette Davis and George Sanders. I'll just say that this is a must see for anyone that likes good writing and acting.
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