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Thriller, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
James Cameron
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
Carrie Henn as Rebecca 'Newt' Jorden
Michael Biehn as Cpl. Dwayne Hicks
Lance Henriksen as Bishop
Paul Reiser as Carter Burke
Bill Paxton as Pvt. Hudson
William Hope as Lt. Gorman
Jenette Goldstein as Pvt. Vasquez
Al Matthews as Sgt. Apone
Mark Rolston as Pvt. Drake
Ricco Ross as Pvt. Frost
Colette Hiller as Cpl. Ferro
Daniel Kash as Pvt. Spunkmeyer
Cynthia Dale Scott as Cpl. Dietrich
Storyline: Fifty seven years after Ellen Ripley survived her disastrous ordeal, her escape vessel is recovered after drifting across the galaxy as she slept in cryogenic stasis. Back on earth, nobody believed her story about the "Aliens" on the planet LV-426. After the "Company" orders the colony on LV-426 to investigate, however, all communication with the colony is lost. The Company enlists Ripley to aid a team of tough, rugged space marines on a rescue mission to the now partially terraformed planet to find out if there are aliens or survivors. As the mission unfolds, Ripley will be forced to come to grips with her worst nightmare, but even as she does, she finds that the worst is yet to come.
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Wow! James Cameron sure knows how to make a sequel! Aliens is a much better film than it's predecessor.

Aliens is a well paced & action packed film, where as Alien was far too slow. The effects are good, the aliens movement smooth & fluid.

Sigourney Weaver is great as Ripley, Paul Reiser performance as the slimy Burke makes you want to hate him & Cameron favourite Michael Biehn is also solid as Cpl Hicks.

Carrie Henn as "Newt" put in a magnificent effort for someone so young, great child actors are very hard to find.

Easily the best of the Alien series & one of the best sequels ever.
Even better than its predecessor
James Cameron is just a born genius in filmmaking, who always improves the sequel over the original film. "Terminator 2" is better than "The Terminator", and here "Aliens" exceeds "Alien". So there are reasons to expect that "Avatar 2" is upgraded from "Avatar".

First of all, the visual effects are improved in "Aliens". In "Alien", due to the technology limits, only part of the alien is shown to the audience. But here in "Aliens", a full-sized alien is filmed. Secondly, the emotion of "Aliens" is stronger than that in "Alien" because of the new character Newt.
Yeah, baby
The sequel to Ridley Scott's successful ALIEN (1979) is a nonstop, high-tech, souped-up war movie - it does for action sci-fi thrillers what the original did for horror-flicks: namely, reinvent and soup up the genre.

This is James Cameron at his very best: wonderfully suspenseful action sequences with our spunky, likable heroes (led by a female - A Cameron staple) taking on a villain that is literally out of this world.

Cameron's villains have included relentless terminators and unstoppable icebergs, but the aliens he creates are something else. Killing machines par excellence, vicious and unremorseful.

Sigourney Weaver returns as Ellen Ripley in an oscar-nominated performance; Ripley is perhaps the most convincing, exciting action heroine anywhere in filmdom.

The rest of the good guys are a squad of hardbitten, foul-mouthed marines, tough and resourceful but fraught with human frailties in a crisis just like any of us. And that's where the fun begins.
For big-budget, high-octane showmanship, Aliens is hard to beat.
The sole survivor (Sigourney Weaver) of the space team in Alien (1979) goes back with a Marine squadron to the mystery planet, and finds some more monsters.

James Cameron took over the directing reins from Ridley Scott for this second film, and Weaver established herself as the series star. This was a vastly different, and more expensive film than its predecessor: with its dialogue-heavy first half setting up the relentless action of the remainder - a fight to the death between the aliens and their human adversaries. It's well-executed and technically brilliant, if not as memorable as Scott's effort. In 2007, Entertainment Weekly named Aliens as the second-best action film of all time, behind Die Hard (1988).
Compelling, far superior sequel to sci-fi classic (8/10)
Seven years after barely surviving events on board the Nostromo in Ridley Scott's classic sci-fi horror ALIEN, Sigourney Weaver reprised her role as Warrant Officer Ripley for one of the most compelling and critically-acclaimed sequels of all time. Canadian director James Cameron had already struck gold with the Arnold Schwarzenegger starring vehicle THE TERMINATOR (1984), after his somewhat inauspicious feature film directorial debut with the long-forgotten, Dutch-backed PIRANHA II: THE SPAWNING 3 years earlier. ALIENS would further cement Cameron's growing reputation as a first-rate director of high-tech, fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping action thrillers, from which there would normally be no let-up once they got going.

When Ripley is rescued from drifting aimlessly through deep space, she is horrified to learn that not only has she been asleep for 57 years, but the planet on which she had encountered the original alien all that time ago has since been colonized. At first no-one will heed her warnings or completely believe the story she gives at an official enquiry as to what happened to her and her fellow Nostromo crew members. But then contact is lost with LV-426, and despite initially throwing Ripley "to the wolves" (as she herself puts in), The Company, through representative Carter J. Burke (Paul Reiser), suddenly finds itself in a position of having to ask Ripley for help, finally persuading her to return to the planet that still consumes her every nightmare, as an advisor to a motley group of very tough colonial marines expecting this to be just another run-of-the-mill "bug-hunt". But how wrong that assumption turns out to be!

I would argue that ALIENS far surpasses its celebrated predecessor in almost every aspect. Obviously the sheer spectacle of what is basically a Vietnam war movie in space is particularly awe-inspiring - the impressive sets, the many excitingly-staged combat sequences, the aliens themselves (interestingly enough, although through fast cutting and appropriate camera placement it seems as though there are hundreds of aliens being blasted to kingdom come - or else picking off the gung-ho marines one by one - in reality no more than 6 aliens are ever seen in any one shot). But the human drama element of this sequel is also greatly heightened, primarily by the introduction of "Newt" (wonderful little Carrie Henn, in her only film role), who turns out to be the sole survivor of recent events on LV-426, becoming a kind-of surrogate daughter to Ripley, which leads to several touching moments and gives the story a surprisingly effective emotional core in the midst of all the otherwise pre-eminent carnage.

Amongst the talented supporting players are Cameron regulars Michael Biehn (THE TERMINATOR, THE ABYSS) and Bill Paxton (bit part in THE TERMINATOR, TRUE LIES, TITANIC), and Cameron's punchy dialogue includes such suitably macho wisecracks as - Hudson (Paxton): "Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?" Vasquez (a pumped-up Jenette Goldstein): "No, have you?" Nominated for 7 Oscars, including Weaver as Best Actress (again this confirms the general class on display, as it is fairly rare for the Academy to recognize the acting qualities inherent in this type of predominantly action-driven movie), the film went on to win for Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Effects Editing. Further, almost inevitable sequels followed in 1992 and 1997, but I prefer to think of the terrifying perils of Ellen Ripley as ending on this high note.
Not better than the first... but
James Cameron did a fantastic job here. I still prefer the first but we can see Cameron taking his mechanised mania to the extreme with his usual sensibilities. Do I make much sense? Ripley is understandably annoyed at the presence of a synthetic, given what happened last time, but she soon has her hands full looking after the colony's only survivor – little girl Newt (Carrie Henn, who can scream at a pitch I didn't think was possible for humans). After the crew unwittingly stumbles into an alien nest, most of the marines are soon wiped out, leading Hudson to change his tune very fast ("Game over, man. Game over!").
Brilliant film-making
Claustrophobic and dark and also action-pumped, this sequel manages to beautifully stand on its own but also compliment on the first movie. It's only natural that in order to evolve you have to reinvent but not miss out on the mystique, the soul of the movie, which is preserved perfectly in this one, as it is in all 4 Alien movies. Actually the Alien series viewed as a whole is like a work of art on its own, and all 4 compliment on each other, although being also significant different and similar, none of them repeating itself. Also you don't have to be too familiar with the previous movie in order to understand what's going on in each of them. Whoever had this fact in sight really did a great job.

I believe maybe this one remains my favorite, beside Bill Paxton being cast in it, for benefiting of being made in the 80's, regarding complimenting a great idea/ story with perfect special effects, in this case the alien which couldn't look more real. I think regarding sci-fi this was the most interesting decade, because it benefited of altogether richer story/special effects ratio than recent films where pyrotechnics and special effects seem to be the only interest of producers. It was the melting-point of two movie making schools which created quite some timeless classics.
The Greatest Sci-Fi War Movie Ever
After the masterfully suspenseful horror/thriller of Alien, any sequel needed to do something different, and that was exactly what James Cameron came up with for Aliens. Where Alien is essentially a haunted house movie in space, Aliens is an all-out war movie in space.

The story fits PERFECTLY alongside Alien and there are no continuity lapses between the two. The characters are all totally believable, from the inexperienced and arrogant Gorman, through the cocky but cowardly (but ultimately heroic) Hudson, to the sleazy corporate "suit" of Burke. The cast do a fine job of bringing these characters to life, so much so that we can even accept Ripley's transformation into a kind of all-action female-Rambo by the end.

The effects are universally excellent with only a couple of fairly obvious rear-projection backdrops giving the game away nowadays. The practical Alien effects (and especially the Queen) are infinitely more scary and believable than the all-CGI-garbage that Alien:Covenant has recently foisted on the cinema-going public.

To be honest, the biggest "downer" of Aliens is how Alien 3 completely swipes away everything Ripley worked for in Aliens before the opening credits are done! But the fact that the biggest problem with Aliens is it's subsequent sequel should tell you all you need to know about it! It's an absolutely superb film which, along with The Empire Strikes Back and The Godfather Part II, has the rare accolade of being a sequel that more than holds it's own next to original.

Impossible to give this anything other than 10/10.
When you put your heart into doing something memorable, people will remember your name
You know back in 1987 when i first watched this movie on VHS - later i watched the uncut version - i was at first reluctant at giving it a shot but then i said what the hell might as well go for it and let me tell you i was more than impressed i was awed this movie was THAT good. I thought of it as the best sci-fi flick ever at the time and still do 20 years later. I mean you gotta look at this movie not only from the crew's perspective but also from the audience's. And that perspective scores very high all across the board mainly because from the very beginning the crew was set on making a sci-fi futuristic movie that continued the story from "ALIEN" but added new unique elements to the story. Everything is great about "ALIENS" the plot the storyline fine continuity and not only it follows where Riddley Scott left off but adds something unique to the gender. And the way the story unfolds gradually building up the tension while at the same time treading on that fine line between dark and light, good and evil, is just amazing how that was done in terms of sentimentality Ripley ,missed her daughter's birthday because fate was cruel to her given the circumstances of her floating out into space for 57 years, after she escaped from the Nostramo, and now she sees in Newt the one and only child who could possibly make up for the hole left in her soul once she found out her daughter was gone only 2 years prior to her rescue and here is her chance to make up for it. The way this chemistry between Newt and Ripley develops can clearly be seen throughout the movie little at first but as the movie advances, their relationship grows ever stronger and culminates at the end when Newt calls Ripley "mommy". It's clear that James Cameron and all his crew had their hearts set on making a movie not just for the money but also for providing high quality action to the viewer blended with that feeling that despite all the evil around us, despite all the risks we take all the compromises we might make, love conquers all in the end from start to finish while at the same time making us relate in some way to anyone of the characters..I mean you gotta understand that love, sentimentality and aliens, the story of the movie don't quite mix generally speaking, but by bringing Newt into the picture as the orphan child, the way the chemistry between the main character and the little kid develops, is just something unique and you don't get to see this a lot in movies of this gender at least not a lot. I just watched not long ago "ALIENS, THE MAKING OF - BONUS DVD ONLY and i was just amazed with all the hard work and soul James Cameron and his entire crew put in, in order to give the audience a final product that i'm sure will be remembered for generations to come. And to sum it up that's what this movie is all about...something that revolutionized the sci-fi gender. Of course Riddley Scott did a fine job to with "ALIEN" only James did better. Way to go James! A masterpiece! And one other gotta keep in mind they used 80's technology as far as the equipment used is concerned - the spaceship just to name one, the atmosphere processor, etc- but looking at this movie 20 years later you still cant tell the technology is just amazing how they've accomplished something like this and only with an 18-million dollar budget at the time. This just goes to show that if you as a director and crew as well have your heart set on making something memorable, everyone will remember your name. And last but not least, the soundtrack rocked, man, especially given that James Horner had little time to implement it into the movie. Good work James! My vote 10/10
Another Sci-Fi Classic!
I was impressed at the original Aliens. There is no words to describe how much better this film is. Everything is nearly perfect with this film especially the aliens and the horror scenes.

To see this movie, I recommend that you watch the the 1979 version first because the plot is a direct continuation of that movie. In Aliens, Ripley has been in hypersleep for 57 years. She is upset that her daughter is gone and even more because no one believes her tale. But, the company sends her with Marines to figure out what happened to the colonists on the original planet Ripley was on 57 years before. The plot and the characters will keep you in suspense.

The acting is top-notch. Almost every actor gave excellent performances. Signourey Weaver still is powerful playing Ripley. I was impressed with Carrie Henn as she plays a girl that survived the alien attacks on the colonists. Bill Paxton was decent even if he was a bit whiny.

The special effects and the action are great. The explosions are top-of-the-art(only for that time period). The visual effects are stunning. The action scenes are fun to watch. There is more action than the first film because we see that Ripley can kick some serious butt.

The music by James Horner adds spice to the movie.

Overall, this is a perfect sci-fi/horror film. I rate this movie 10/10.
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