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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ridley Scott
Tom Skerritt as Dallas
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
John Hurt as Kane
Ian Holm as Ash
Yaphet Kotto as Parker
Bolaji Badejo as Alien
Storyline: A commercial crew aboard the deep space towing vessel, Nostromo is on its way home when they pick an SOS warning from a distant planet. What they don't know is that the SOS warning is not like any other ordinary warning call. Picking up the signal, the crew realize that they are not alone on the spaceship when a alien stowaway is on the cargo ship.
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This guy should have directed Prometheus
What? It's the same guy? Can't be! The only reason I went back to Alien is 'cause I just saw Prometheus. You know. The one that is supposedly not a prequel to Alien but is nothing but that.

I think the problem with Ridley Scott is that he was able to get his teeth into the script process in his latter films. I would have to imagine that he was controlled and was far away from the screenplay for Alien, since this is far better than Prometheus.

Unlike the latter, I liked and was invested in the characters of Alien. I couldn't figure out why 'cause the presentation of such was so similar. Then I realized that it was 'cause they were workin' class people. The title card says it's a mining vessel. My mind then made the connection due to real life and past caricatures. Then the quality acting helped, too.

And characters were the main problem in Prometheus. Ill-defined and vague. I didn't care. (The mohawk guy was portrayed as a no-nonsense in-it-for-the-money guy. That's the blueprints for a mercenary or gun for hire. Not a geologist.) I miss the sci-fi of the 70s and 80s. Sure, the computer graphics were silly compared to today. Along with all the blinking lights that obviously had no purpose. But the models had dimension and the shooting style had grit. And story was king.

The best part of Alien is that it could breath. Slow and steady but it all had a purpose and was interesting. But then dozens and dozens of horror movies took that as "kill time for 45-minutes and then start the movie".

Then someone thought they could second-guess the process and invited the marketing guys to the table. What a bad decision!
Pure masterpiece
Greetings from Lithuania.

"Alien" (1979) is a masterpiece, pure and simple. If there is still anyone who somehow haven't seen it (i can't imagine how could that be even possible), do your self a favor a watch it, not with your friends on Friday evening, but alone and let this movie blow you away.

I saw this picture for 5-7 times in my life, and the last time i did (actualy today), was on my 2m x 2m screen projector with all sound system ready to roll.

This is timeless film because of many things. The atmosphere, the rising tension, the craftsmanship of the scenes, acting - it all works here because they are not overplayed, and build on seemingly simple approach. 15 minutes into this movie again i caught myself that i forgot everything and i was in there, with them. Thats because of the script, directing, acting - it's all in the first place here, not settings, which still looks great - a bit dated, maybe, but it's not Star Wars type movie were visuals have to be sharp - "Alien" shows things in shadows, moody style to create feeling of uncertainty, and it does it brilliantly - that is why this movie is never going to age.

Please don't ever compare it to even superior (in my opinion) "Aliens" - "Alien" is different kind of a movie, it's purpose was to scare people with deadly and very claustrophobic atmosphere, settings and the creature itself, to feel people uncomfortable (in a good way) knowing that no one is safe here and around every corner there could be your end - just look at the close ups near the end of the movie, or shoots where camera is showing person and a deep dark space behind him, thats were imagination starts to fill the darkness.

Overall, 10/10 for one of the greatest achievements in the art of movie making.
Sci-Fi/Horror Masterpiece!
"Alien" is one of the most intense Sci-Fi thrillers to have ever graced the silver screen or the home theater in any format! It is the film's intensity that provides such an incredible draw to this extraordinary film. I was pulled in by the ultra high sense of realism. This film almost feels like a documentary because of a lot of the subtle hand-held camera work (read; not like the shaky, seizure inducing hand-held work of today's films). There's much going on in that film that was revolutionary for the time. Great ideas, design, cinematography, subtle, very realistic performances.

Sigourney Weaver stars as Ellen Ripley in her film debut role. Weaver is absolutely perfect for the role, and was practically the first girl-power type female heroine who single-handedly carries this international blockbuster right through until the final minutes. John Hurt also plays Kane to excellent effect, especially in his death scene as he frantically wriggles on the table with the alien inside him. Harry Dean Stanton is brilliant as Brett, as is Tom Skerritt as Dallas. Yaphet Kotto is also perfectly cast as Parker, who provides many on-screen laughs. Veronica Kartwright (who later went on to star in The X-Files some 20 years later) stars as the lovable Lambert, the only other female member of the crew along with Ripley. Ian Holm as Ash is absolutely brilliant in his role as the android secretly sent on board to bring back the alien life- form, while - in his eyes, and "Mother's" - all other crew members are expendable. The acting in this film is really first-rate, which is another big factor in why the film works so well.

The art designs are incredible: the entire look of the film, from the commercial nature of the spacecraft to the iconographic alien itself is right on the money. It amazes me how well visually this movie still holds up. It feels as rich and deep cinematically as most anything today due to Ridley Scott's brilliant visuals. You watch this film at certain points and it feels as slick and polished as any current genre film without the hollowness or incompetence.

All in all, Alien is a terrific sci-fi horror movie that plays with your senses incredibly well. Nothing happens for the first 30 minutes, and that is exactly the director's intent. By doing so, a feeling of extreme suspense is instantly formed, leaving you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Overall rating: 9 out of 10.
Simplicity in Storytelling and Art Direction Makes the Film Timeless
The very reason of the huge and continuing success of this 25-year-old sci-fi classic may be the simplicity in its storytelling and its art direction, which has seemingly made the film timeless and universal.

A simple And-Then-There-Were-None type of story has no era-related influence from the late 70s, while many sci-fi films tend to mirror the world at the time they are made. Staged mostly in a closed environment inside a spaceship and briefly on an unknown planet far from Earth, the film practically has no connection to any particular culture.

The designs of aliens' colony on the planet and of the alien by H. R. Giger must have been remarkably cutting-edge back in the time; for contemporary eyes, they look rather simply beautiful. The title design at the opening is also appropriately simple: Green LED-like lights turn on one by one to form the letters of "ALIEN."

The film doesn't look old at all after 25 years and probably will never do. This is one of great examples that simplicity attains eternity.
A movie great for its time and great for today!!!
This movie is amazing and wonderful, I had a feeling that when I went into this movie I wouldn't feel so scared. Because it came from 1979, but was I wrong. This movie was an amazing thriller and suspenseful film. It felt like I was really in space, but also all alone and running from something that I didn't know. I felt like every moment was suspenseful as the last moment. That every thing led to another.

Aliens a movie that shows that curiosity just doesn't kill the cat it also kills us. That being all alone in a spaceship isn't all cracked up as it seems. That even for a 1979 movie it can still scare the crap out of you. Alien is one of the best Sci-fi movie I have seen and also a great film by itself.
"Alien" is not just the monster, it's the atmosphere and the way you feel!
In "Alien" we follow a seven man crew en-route to earth on board the huge space freighter "Nostromo". The crew is in cryosleep, but the on board computer interrupts the journey when a foreign radio signal is picked up. It originates from an uninhabited planet and the crew lands to investigate. There they make contact with an alien life-form...

What makes Alien so great is the constant feel of uneasiness. Right from the beginning you have a feeling that something is wrong. The crew is not particularly friendly towards each other, and you truly feel all the in-group tension. The ship itself is a huge worn out industrial-style maze of halls and corridors, and it feels more like a prison than a place to live. It is as if not only the alien but also the ship itself is against the humans. The Alien itself is the scariest monster in history because it is a ruthless, soul-less parasite completely devoid of any human or civilized traits. The design of the monster is a stroke of genius. Sure it has a humanoid form, but it has no facial traits or anything else which could give away emotions or intentions. Its actions reveals no weaknesses nor civilized intelligence. The Alien is more or less the opposite of everything human and civilized, plus the creature is more well-adapted to the inhumane interior of the ship than the humans who build it. To sum up, you then have a setting where the humans are caught in a web of in-group tensions, an inhospitable ship and the perfect killer which thrives in the ships intestines. You almost get the feel that the humans are the ones who are alienated to each other and to their own ship.

Ridley Scott tells the story with a perfectly synchronized blend of visuals and sounds.

The actors do a superb job, portraying their characters in a subtle but very realistic way. The seven man crew is not a bunch of Hollywood heroes. They are ordinary people with strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes. In this way they all seem so fragile when confronted with the enemy.

As mentioned the ship is very claustrophobic and Ridley Scott adds to the eeriness by using camera movement, lights and shadows in an effective way. The living quarters are bright and should be comfortable to the crew, but there is something sterile about it all. The rest of the ship is basically a huge basement.

The music by Jerry Goldsmith underlines the eeriness so well, and the movie wouldn't have worked without his score. Combined with the sounds of the ship it all adds to the uneasiness.

This is not a story about heroic people who boldly teams up against evil. It's a story about ordinary people facing true fear, which is the fear without a face. The fear we can't understand and can't negotiate with, because its only goal is to survive on the expense of us. It's a story where some people bravely fight back whilst others are destroyed by the terror. It's a story where people a killed in a completely random way. There is no higher-order justice behind who gets to live and who dies. All seven characters are just part of a race where the fittest - not necessarily the most righteous - will prevail, and all seven characters start the race on an equal footing. None of them are true heroes, and none of them are true villains.

All the above makes Alien so great as a horror movie. The terror isn't just the Alien itself, it's the entire atmosphere which gets so effectively under your skin, that you just can't shrug it off after the end credits like you can with so many other Hollywood horror movies. The title "Alien" doesn't just refer to the monster, it is the theme of the movie and it is the feeling you have during and after the movie. 9/10
one of the best
What can be said that hasn't already been said, nothing that's what. One of the best in the genre to be made and best effects for it's time. They simply don't make films like this anymore Hollywood won't risk it or this generation won't appreciate it. One of the great strengths of "Alien" is its pacing. It takes its time. It waits. It allows silences.Today's slasher movies, in the sci-fi genre and elsewhere, are all pay-off and no buildup.The result is a film that absorbs us in a mission before it involves us in an adventure, and that consistently engages the alien with curiosity and logic, instead of simply firing at it.We have now descended into a bog of Gotcha! movies in which various horrible beings spring on a series of victims, usually teenagers. The ultimate extension of the genre is the Geek Movie, illustrated by the remake of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," which essentially sets the audience the same test as an old-time carnival geek show: Now that you've paid your money, can you keep your eyes open while we disgust you? A few more ambitious and serious sci-fi films have also followed in the footsteps of "Alien," notably the well-made "Aliens" (1986) and "Dark City" (1998). But the original still vibrates with a dark and frightening intensity.
Halloween in space
In many ways, the first "Alien" can be described as the sordid underbelly of "2001: A Space Odyssey." Instead of pristine white interiors and clean-cut young men in shorts we have the cramped interior of a grimy, smelly cargo ship with a surly and contentious crew. This is as far from the perfect world of "Star Trek" as you can get. The men are unshaven, and everyone smokes, drinks, and uses bad language. Tom Skerritt as the captain does little to inspire confidence, and the only person who knows what she's doing is Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), who ironically becomes the only survivor, launching Sigourney Weaver's career as a star and becoming the first female action hero in film history (unless one counts Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz.") It's interesting how the imagery of this film influenced later science fiction, particularly the series "Red Dwarf." In terms of plots, "Alien" follows the general outline of the classic slasher film "Halloween," with Ripley in the Jamie Lee Curtis role. The alien creature is still probably the most repulsive monster in movie history; unlike "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" or "E.T. The Extraterrestrial," this is a first encounter that is anything but joyous.
Your nerves.
Science fiction is first and foremost a genre of imaginative fiction, speculating about man or the universe around him. Some science fiction stories focus on the hopeful side of the universe and the belief in benevolent alien life. Many more stories, though, focus on the dangers of the universe and alien life. Alien takes the latter idea and plays it to the maximum, creating the most tense film experience I have ever gone through. A spaceship crew crash-lands on a distant planet where a newborn alien life force latches onto one of them and comes with them into space. It slowly grows inside one of them (John Hurt), bursts out, and then slowly grows, slowly killing off all the crew. Alien is a haunted house story set in space, and it works brilliantly. Being cut off from any help with an unknown and literally growing danger, which blends into the blackness of space, plays on one's nerves to the fullest possible effect. The alien is what a monster should be- a quiet, unknown, near-invincible, conniving machine of death. The design by H. R. Giger is the most hideous and lethal design one could imagine for an alien. The two words that spring to one's mind when looking at it are "alien" and "death". And when your monster survives by growing inside you, the threat becomes even more real, as difficult as that is to believe. The entire movie is shrouded with an atmosphere of death, cosmic mystery, and horror. Director Ridley Scott creates one of the most visually astonishing films you will ever see. The dark corridors and claustrophobic nature of the spaceship back the audience into a corner with no escape. Even strong survivor Sigourney Weaver is clearly terrified as she saves herself. The echoes and sound design add even more to the tension, and just tears one's nerves to shreds. I had never felt as tense as I was while I was watching the climax of the movie. Funny thing, Alien was not the scariest movie I've ever seen- but it is the most phenomenally tense and nerve-wracking.
Original and best
I first saw "Alien" the day after it opened, knowing very little about it except that the cryptic TV commercial for the film looked cool and its advertising slogan ("In space, no one can hear you scream") was compelling. Sigourney Weaver and Ridley Scott were mostly unknown and the rest of cast, while recognizable, weren't typically headliners in highly anticipated Hollywood releases. This had "B-movie" written all over it, and in many ways it is very much a B-movie made with A-list skill, craftsmanship and imagination.

It's impossible, all these years and several viewings later, to separate myself from my first experience of watching it. I can't forget that I nearly jumped back a row, to the accompanying screams of a nearly full theatre of moviegoers, during the now-famous chest- bursting scene. The iconic imagery of the film -- the sensuous design of the alien ship, the ominously large corpse of the alien spaceman fused to his giant perch with bones bent outward, the unknowable originality of the titular creature and its unpredictable life cycle, the lived-in character of the commercial towing vessel Nostromo ("Star Wars" excepted, in most depictions of space travel at the time everything had a factory-fresh gleam) -- all became almost instantly iconic and influential for a reason. Having experienced this film's introduction into an unsuspecting world, it's not possible to look at it through the eyes of contemporary film fans who come to it later and might judge it by a different standard.

All of which it to say, I admit to being incredibly biased in my assessment of how well "Alien" holds up despite the considerable advances in visual effects since it was made. What looks a bit dated today is the depiction of the on-board computer "Mother" and the bizarre blinky-light room in which it is housed. Most of the rest of the tech depictions are fine, mainly because the story doesn't rely on whiz-bang futuristic tech to propel it. The basic (and, alas, inadequate) weaponry with which Nostromo's crew tries to contain the alien was understandable then and now, on a non-military vessel with a civilian crew. The surprise reveal about the true nature of one of the crew members still makes sense against the backdrop of corporate shenanigans in which the crew operates. Dan O'Bannon and Ronald Shusett's story carefully constructs the sense in which the deck is stacked against our heroes in ways they don't fully grasp until a few of them have died, and it does so mainly by making the crew anything but heroic. These are ordinary workers who snipe at each other and complain about their pay and try to advance their place in the hierarchy the way workers everywhere do, and maintain an uneasy camaraderie and mutual respect despite workplace tensions that are eminently relatable.

A lot has been written about this film as a metaphor for both male and female rape and the predatory nature of sexuality. While the film's design is stuffed with incredible sexual imagery, I'm not really sure what that analysis gets you. "Alien" is essentially a very effective, beautifully shot horror movie set in outer space. It employed and helped solidify horror movie tropes we're all familiar with. It's not afraid to take its time to build atmosphere, character and suspense, which might (but shouldn't) try the patience of people used to the faster pace of current films. To me, it was and remains an almost perfect movie.
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