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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ridley Scott
Tom Skerritt as Dallas
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
John Hurt as Kane
Ian Holm as Ash
Yaphet Kotto as Parker
Bolaji Badejo as Alien
Storyline: A commercial crew aboard the deep space towing vessel, Nostromo is on its way home when they pick an SOS warning from a distant planet. What they don't know is that the SOS warning is not like any other ordinary warning call. Picking up the signal, the crew realize that they are not alone on the spaceship when a alien stowaway is on the cargo ship.
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All time great film
I first saw this in a cinema in 1980 while I was at university. As a huge sci-fi fan I assumed this would be some kind of low budget monster movie that would be mildly diverting. I'd never heard of Ridley Scott before... I came out of the cinema stunned and wanted to see this again immediately. To say it is one of the greatest sci- fi films of all time is under-rating it. It is one of the greatest films of all time.

Performances that are pitch-perfect from a stellar cast. The first dirty, grungie space vessel that I'd seen in a film - more gritty and real than anything that had ever been offered up before. A freighter - not a fighter or a star-destroyer or something glamorous. Just a working freighter.

And a villain that was relentless, a perfect killing machine. Tougher than anything - with acid for blood! And in the end a heroine that was just as relentless. Ripley. Legendary now, revolutionary then. If you haven't seen this, your film education is lacking.
The stuff of nightmares
It's kinda funny, when you get right down to it, "Alien" is just a guy in a monster suit terrorizing a bunch of space truckers. But oh, man, what they do with that premise. It's a revered classic for good reason; it draws you right in and traps you aboard the cramped confines of a dingy space freighter while a horrific twin-jawed best kills off the crew one by one. But this thing just oozes atmosphere, from the Nostromo's claustrophobic corridors to the workaday lives of these characters. "Alien" is cold, frightening and introduces one of the great movie monsters. Supreme craftsmanship, all the way.

But seriously, if there's any doubt as to the impact of this movie, look up the '79 trailer on YouTube. It was a genius marketing campaign ("In space, no one can hear you scream" . . . there's no topping that), and it's got to be the most effective trailer I've ever laid eyes on.

Alien review
Alien is one of the first movies directed by legendary 'Ridley Scott' (Blade Runner, Gladiator) The film is a classic in the making. When i first heard about this movie i was around 10 years old, obviously too young to watch the movie, now i am 17 and i have watched it for the first time, now twice i enjoyed it so much. This is honestly one of the best Sci-Fi movies of the 70s, probably is my favourite Sci Fi movie of the 70s, and one of the best of all time. The Sequel 'Aliens' (1986) was directed by James Cameron, another one of my favourite directors. Director of 'The Terminator' (1984) which stands as my favourite Sci-Fi movie of all time. The reason i didn't want to see Alien when i was younger, was because i always felt scared of the Alien, i used to have horrific nightmares of them just thinking about them. When i went to Disney world, i have always loved Movies, so i decided to visit a Movie ride, the Alien suddenly popped out of the ceiling, of course it was only plastic, but looked real enough. So i had always been too scared to watch the Movie. I didn't know what i was missing out! As i watched it i didn't know what i was worrying about. It's very different to watching it on Screen than seeing for real. I am nearly 18 now, so i am not really scared of anything anymore, i would definitely go back to Disney and try out that ride again, just to see if it still scares me, I think now i've finally seen the movie i appreciate now that it's not real, and i find it interesting than scary now more than anything, because it feels like I'm in the movie. When it comes to Ridley Scott director 'Prometheus' (2012) a prequel to Alien, that wasn't very scary at all, it was more of a mystery than a Sci-Fi/ Horror i thought. Alien is deifinitely a classic in the making, Don't miss Ridley Scott's masterpiece Alien!
Great Movie About A Bunch Of People On An Old Space Ship Who Save A Cat
It is impossible for me to write an objective review of ALIEN simply because I believe it is not just the best motion picture film ever made, but is a pinnacle of artistic expression that owes its debt to pretty much everything that came before it. The story was a cultural funnel into which it all flowed. The only thing it can be correctly compared to might be the original 1977 release of STAR WARS even though its objectives could not have been more different. It is the most thorough and convincing portrayal of the future ever committed to celluloid. Certainly more convincing than 2001: A SPACE ODDITY, which is too sterile and gleaming. The future will not look like a dentist's office.

The future will be ugly, loud and busy. It will be a retrofitted mess of the past, present and futuristic forms. Like a city which adapts to changing times by modernizing certain parts while still facilitating its old function with its crumbling old infrastructure. If you're curious to see what the future of commercial space travel may look like watch this film. Humans will come and go, we may be tooling about on space craft, we may be crossing vast distances of space, and yes: It stands to reason we will encounter life forms startlingly different than ourselves. Unless we are very lucky it is almost inevitable that like other creatures on this planet they will react to us with fear, hostility or aggression for primal reasons related to territoriality or survival. It is doubtful we will have much in common.

We won't meet these alien life forms by looking for them. We will come across them as we go about our human ways, pressing deeper into the universe while going about our mundane business on the surfaces of worlds never meant to accommodate warm blooded protein and sugar consuming bipedal air breathers. I doubt the aliens we do find will look like HR Giger's creations, but at least in Giger we finally had an artist's vision for a life form that is suitable for the vastness of space. It is infinitely adaptable, roughly taking the form of whatever creature it gestates inside of and born ready-made to thrive in whatever the host's native environment may be. It's a weapon — natural or engineered, doesn't matter — a DNA replicating machine which mimics its host creature so it may corrupt and devour it more efficiently.

Here it takes the bastardized form of a man and effortlessly eliminates five human adults inside of 48 hours. It would have infected whatever biosphere it was introduced into, skillfully devouring, replicating, spawning and breeding until a critical mass is reached and all other forms of life in that biosphere would be eliminated in a survival of the fittest test with one inevitable outcome. The only way that its threat would be believable and frightening is if the fictional universe the story takes place in is 100% convincing. ALIEN's is, boasting the most effective production design in the history of cinema, bested only by NASA's Apollo moon landing program.

We believe in the universe it is set, the people who inhabit it, and the hardware they use to perform the tasks required by their mode of existence. If we were not thoroughly convinced the entire premise would fall like a house of cards. Ridley Scott, Dan O'cannon, Ron Shussett, Ron Cobb, Christopher Foss, H.R. Giger, John Mollo, Roger Dickens, Les Dilley, Brian Johnson, Jerry Goldsmith, Terry Rawlins, and the cast chosen to enact the story all collaborated seamlessly to produce a completely convincing facade telling a tightly plotted story about humans stumbling across an alien life form. Through duplicity and against protocol, the organism is allowed to infect the human biosphere within the ship, and the crew inevitably discover that the only way to contain the outbreak to their ship is to destroy it. It is a perfect metaphor for the necessary evils of modern life.

The film was successful and its dominance of the horror/action movie market spawned an outbreak of similarly themed films, some of which came close to replicating ALIEN's impact on our culture, but none really being able to introduce anything very useful to the premise. Queens laying eggs dumbs the creature down to familiar Terrestrial life patterns. I would prefer to think that the universe holds many surprises about how life thrives that aren't anything like the patterns we are comfortable with. The bug hunt in the first sequel is well done, but whatever success its offspring may have enjoyed all relate back to the singular vision and urgency behind the artistic quest that this film set out to resolve.

It does so in ways that go beyond the impact of individual scenes. Every film of its kind made since has been influenced by ALIEN in one way or another, and that influence will continue for as long as humans make films. Nobody will ever be able to "undo" its contributions, negate them from our society's palette. You can mix in Predators or A list casts with super-real computer effects, but it will always come back to this film and the startling possibilities it suggested. If it hadn't been done so well we wouldn't still be talking about it, proof that they really did get it right. We have only just begun to explore what forms the possibilities suggested by ALIEN may take, and someone someday will get it just as right in their own era's equivalent.

I hope I'm around to see that happen, maybe even have a hand in making it. Who knows.

Classic horror
The further we go in special effects, the more movies show us and ignore the unseen, the more people will return to dark horrors like this one.

It's hard to look at this film without considering the sequels and knowing the alien itself, however when made the alien was mostly unseen and a mystery. It's difficult to forget what you've seen, but it's important to approach this film first if possible rather than joining the series late.

It's amazing that this is over 20 years old - apart from the actors looking so young, the film doesn't feel dated at all. The sci-fi visions here are still bleak and futuristic as they were then - this is not the Star Trek vision of the future. The foreboding exists long before John Hurt spills his secret, Scott's direction is excellent throughout. Once the alien is "born" the tension is cranked up and the characters dispatched one by one (a formula we know oh-so well now!)

However here the characters are not merely alien-food but have some dimension to them. Weaver is excellent, while the support cast is full of great support actors (Stanton, Kotto, Hurt, Skerritt, Holm), but of course the real star is the one we see least of.

We barely see the alien in full detail, most of the time it is set in shadows, moving with deadly intent.The alien here is not simply a killing machine as seen in later films but is cruel with it. Witness the alien trap a female crew member and slowly rub up her leg, moving with slow seductive movements before moving with terrifying speed to kill another crew member sneaking up behind it. The slow movements betray the alien's pure cruelty.

The film is a study in terror. It may not be as action packed as the other films in the series but it brings the claustrophobia of being hunted to a new level.

A forefather to horror
Alien (1979) is easily one of the greatest horror films of its time, and is still today. The atmosphere it provides along with the setting go hand in hand. Providing an almost claustrophobic environment with nowhere to truly run and hide. With its tag line, 'In space no one can hear you scream,' becomes true. The characters having no one to contact or to run away being that they're blanketed by space. The unique personalities of all the characters make them each interesting for their own ways. And the build up and tension created by the movie allows for the scares to come much easier. This has been and may forever be my favorite movie.
Iconographic Horror
ALIEN received mixed reviews when it debuted in 1979--largely from science fiction critics, who accused it of being little more than a sort of Friday the 13th in Outer Space, a blood-and-gore horror flick given a futuristic twist via special effects. But while these accusations have more than a little truth, it has been an incredibly influential film--and even today, in the wake of CGI effects, it still holds up extremely, extremely well.

The story is well known: the crew of an interstellar craft responds to what seems a distress signal, only to encounter a remarkably lethal alien life form that boards their ship and sets about picking them off one by one. Some of the special effects are weak (the alien spacecraft and the android "revival" are fairly notorious). There is little in the way of character development, the film has a fairly slow pace, and the story itself is predictable; you can usually guess who is going to die next.

BUT. The art designs are incredible: the entire look of the film, from the commercial nature of the spacecraft to the iconographic alien itself (brilliantly envisioned by Giger) is right on the money. Director Ridley Scott encouraged his cast to ad lib from the script, and the result is a shocking sense of realism--and the somewhat slow pace of the film and the predictability of the story gives it a sense of relentless and ever-mounting paranoia that is greatly enhanced by the tight sets and camera set-ups. With its odd mixture of womb-like organics and cold mechanics, ALIEN is a film calculated to send even the most slightly claustrophobic viewer into a fit of hysteria.

The entire cast, led by Tom Skerrit and Sigorney Weaver, is very, very good--and the film abounds with memorable images and scenes ranging from John Hurt's encounter with the alien egg to Skerrit's search of the ship air ducts to Weaver's terrifying race against time as the ship counts down to self-destruct. Seldom has any film been so consistent in design, cast, direction, and out-and-out fear factor, and although certain aspects of ALIEN are open to legitimate criticism the end result is powerful enough to bring it in at a full five stars. A word of warning, however: you'll need to send the kids to bed for this one. And you'll probably be up half the night afterward yourself! Recommended.

Gary F. Taylor, aka GFT, Amazon Reviewer
Horror perfection
Simply put this is horror perfection. The detail in the film is down to a tee. From the score all the way down to the acting. The set was deliberately made to be as claustrophobic as possible by Scott and it plays a vital role in the whole tone of the finished film. The acting is perfect in terms of the necessary tension needed for the film and the cast is star studded for the day (albeit Sigourney Weaver was a relative unknown at the time). The beast itself is the ultimate in horror terror and nothing will ever be scarier on screen, especially seeing as though it's all computer generated nowadays, and the fact that you don't see a lot of the beast adds to the tension and fear. The pacing is a bit slow to start with but rips into the action when the face hugger makes it's debut appearance. The tagline is 100% the best tagline in the history of film, and goes extremely well with the setting of space. It's got to be said that horror doesn't get any better than this. Absolute perfection. 10/10.
Best of SF + Best of horror = An absolute classic
I love science-fiction, but as for horror films, I'm not particularly fond of them as a genre. Most of them are cheaply done, badly written, even downright ridiculous, and not frightening at all. There are some exceptions, however. There are a handful of movies that I consider genuinely scary (movies that give you at least one or two sleepless nights, like The Exorcist or David Lynch's surrealistic nightmare, Eraserhead) and Alien is the best of them all.

I have seen Alien countless times and it never ceases to amaze me. None of its sequels or prequels managed to reach such a level of perfection (although I liked them all with the exception of Alien3). The production design (especially H.R. Giger's creations) and the visual effects do not feel dated at all even after all these years. The eerie music and sound effects still make your hair stand on end. The sequence inside the interiors of the derelict ship, the eggs, the facehugger, the 'birth scene' – all iconic moments that are just as shocking today as they were in 1979. The cast are all impeccable, but the multi-faceted Ian Holm (Napoleon & Love, Brazil, Lord of the Rings) and Sigourney Weaver deliver especially mesmerising performances. (I consider Weaver's performance in Alien her best in the series.)

Ridley Scott's blood-curdling classic is a must-see for every SF and every movie fan.
One of the best Movies of all time, Period.
Alien is one of the best movies to have ever been made, hands down. Not only does it combine great suspense with music, but the acting is also amazing. The plot is pretty straightforward, an alien stows away on a spaceship with a mere 7 crew members, and after harvesting itself from Kane, escapes onto the ship and silently picks off the crew one by one. This was one of the very first horror films I ever watched and after watching tons of others, this movie still stands above most for me. Every time I watch it, I always find something new and I never stop being scared. Sigourney Weaver is also one of my favorite actresses of all time. In my opinion, this is a must see for people who love not only horror films, but films in general. Hands down an amazing film.
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