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Thriller, Sci-Fi, Horror
IMDB rating:
Ridley Scott
Tom Skerritt as Dallas
Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley
John Hurt as Kane
Ian Holm as Ash
Yaphet Kotto as Parker
Bolaji Badejo as Alien
Storyline: A commercial crew aboard the deep space towing vessel, Nostromo is on its way home when they pick an SOS warning from a distant planet. What they don't know is that the SOS warning is not like any other ordinary warning call. Picking up the signal, the crew realize that they are not alone on the spaceship when a alien stowaway is on the cargo ship.
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Deep in space, the commercial vessel the Nostromo receives an emergency distress signal from an unexplored planet. After having arrived and conducted a search for survivors the crew returns home only to discover in the most terrifying of ways that a deadly and seemingly invincible bio-form has joined them, and is slowly hunting them one by one.

Terrifyingly claustrophobic is a brilliant way to describe this movie. The tension escalates as the movie plays its course. The pacing is brilliant from master filmmaker Ridley Scott. Sigourney Weaver in her most iconic role does a brilliant job portraying Ripley. The feeling of being closed off, the feeling of the Nostromo being a giant claustrophobic maze in which the viewer desperately wishes to escape make this one of the greatest and most terrifying films of its generation. With shocking surprises and twists throughout including the iconic dinner scene that still to this day can be shocking for a first time viewer. The score of the fim only adds to the tension and seemingly silent but deadly tension that continues to mount as the film plays on, only at its conclusion does the viewer finally feel as though they may take a deep breath. Spawning 3 sequels, 2 cross over films, and a loosely tied prequel, Alien has proved to not only resonate these many years later but maintain its popularity within the mytho's of classic American cinema.
All time great film
I first saw this in a cinema in 1980 while I was at university. As a huge sci-fi fan I assumed this would be some kind of low budget monster movie that would be mildly diverting. I'd never heard of Ridley Scott before... I came out of the cinema stunned and wanted to see this again immediately. To say it is one of the greatest sci- fi films of all time is under-rating it. It is one of the greatest films of all time.

Performances that are pitch-perfect from a stellar cast. The first dirty, grungie space vessel that I'd seen in a film - more gritty and real than anything that had ever been offered up before. A freighter - not a fighter or a star-destroyer or something glamorous. Just a working freighter.

And a villain that was relentless, a perfect killing machine. Tougher than anything - with acid for blood! And in the end a heroine that was just as relentless. Ripley. Legendary now, revolutionary then. If you haven't seen this, your film education is lacking.
of corse f'ing of course
Rewatched this movie just now,

there is absolutely no point in writing a review, because everyones already watched it, right?

but i will anyway..

Even 35 years on, this is still amazing, if it came out now, OK the alien would be laughed at, special affects is one thing that has improved, but the suspense and tension is something modern movies should really pay attention to.

watching this just makes me annoyed we've not had 35 years of progression, just copying and impersonating.
The alien within?
Despite it's legendary status, the truth is that Alien is just a horror movie set out in space, i.e. the alien monster taking the part of the serial killer that's murdering the cast one by one (minus of course the main character, in this case Ripley - played by Sigourney Weaver). So, nothing original, apart from that it's set in outer space.

Then where does that leave us? Well, two things are really of note. H.R. Giger's design of the alien planet and the creature itself - chilling and nightmarish, in what is the brush of a true artist, and also Ash's poetic reflection on the alien monster: "Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility." "I admire its purity. A survivor.. unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality."

And yet despite the atmospheric approach, it's unclear what angle or view, if any, the film offers. Seemingly it condemns the instinctive effort for survival of the alien creature, yet in the end it's the morally bound humankind which prevails. In fact, the scene in the end where Ripley comes face to face with the alien and kills it by shooting it in outer space is probably the film's center of gravity. The alien creature is for the first time looking insecure and scared of dying, but Ripley (guided by her own instincts) shows no remorse. Here, the roles of the hunter and the hunted are blurred, and so is the moral status of mankind.

Other minor themes are the remorseless capitalist stance of the mother/company, which also hides a metaphysical meaning (the company is called mother, it controls the destiny of the crew, has it's own purposes, has it's chosen representative amongst the crew with the robot Ash etc).
Check your brain at the door
SPOILER ALERT. I suppose it's asking too much to want a sci-fi movie that's halfway intelligent. "Alien" is not. If you start thinking about this movie, it falls apart. I'll try to be brief. One, if I'm not missing something, the "Company" that owns the spaceship knows about this horrible alien monster, knows it "can't be killed" (Ash, the robot, actually says this), and wants the monster brought back to Earth, "crew expendable." Question, if the monster can't be killed, but it kills each and every human it sees, how the heck are they going to get it off the spaceship when it gets back to Earth? And what will they do with it then? That's absurd. Two, how does the Company know the spaceship crew will even get the monster on board to bring it back in the first place? There's no way at all for the Company to assume this. Three, the only reason the monster got inside the spaceship was because of an incredibly stupid thing one of the crew did. If you were on an unknown alien planet and you saw some "eggs," would you try to go down and sniff at them and put your face as close to them as possible? And when one of them started to open, would you just stand there and get even closer to it? This is beyond stupid, it's insane. Four, once the monster is on the ship and hugging this guy's face, it disappears, and suddenly another monster pops out of his chest. Seriously? This rather sizable alien being with a big ugly head has been living inside a man's chest but he never felt any pain and none of his organs suffered any damage, not his lungs, not his heart, nothing? I didn't buy that for one second. Five, this creature supposedly has "molecular acid" (ha ha) flowing through its body, an acid so strong that it can eat right through steel like a knife through warm butter -- but the creature itself is immune? Right. Six, once the entire crew except for Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is dead, she decides to blow up the ship and escape in the shuttle. So she has to go through a cumbersome series of physical actions, including pulling up big tubes, just to set a destruct signal, and then it gives her ten minutes -- ten minutes, folks -- to go to the bathroom, find her cat, get to the shuttle, strip down to her micro-panties for us, ten minutes. In a sane world, on a sane ship, you'd be able to set the destruct for any time you liked, and you'd be able to get on the shuttle first and then activate the destruct signal. Finally, only a guess from the way they made it look, but evidently the ship was destroyed in a nuclear explosion, while Ripley is still close enough that she (and her cat) would be killed by the radiation. (Even in "Forbidden Planet" they knew enough to get the ship far away from the explosion.) So, for all those reasons, this is a movie that is so scientifically stupid and impossible that I couldn't believe it or enjoy it at all. Where are Joel and the bots when you need them?
Proof that Ridley Scott once made great movies. My favourite horror film.
With the exceptions of Gladiator and the Martian, Ridley Scott hasn't made a good film in far too long. I would never call myself a fan of Blade Runner, but Alien shows Ridley Scott as his finest.

The claustrophobic, psycho-sexual tension masterpiece that is Alien is a classic of Sci-Fi. It sparked a franchise including three sequels, two cross overs, and a prequel. It is in dozens of top 100 sci fi movies lists, and was listed as Empire's 33rd greatest movie of all time. Does the highest rated horror movie on IMDb deserve its praise?

Short answer: yes. Alien does have a handful of short-comings, such as some implausibilities including technology (the worst self destruct system of all time). These count for nearly naught. You won't be terrified by this movie, but it doesn't deny that this gripping film remains to be the perfect sci fi-horror film. While some good sci-fi horror films exist, such as Predator, The Thing and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, none have been able to replicate this movie's atmosphere and tension. Whether its the infamous Chestburster sequence, Dallas' death in the vents, or Lambert's off screen violation, there is no doubt that this psycho-sexual, claustrophobic, star wars turned R horror movie will be remembered by myself as Ridley Scott's greatest contribution to mankind. Score: 9/10 - enthralling
As Near Perfection As Possible.
Three words perfectly describe ALIEN: Long, dark and ominous.

You know you're in for a good time when even the opening title gives you a shiver. The music plays perfectly as the word 'ALIEN' slowly appears, line by line. Then there are the establishing shots of the ship; poorly maintained, claustrophobic.

And then there's basically forty minutes of people in a ship pondering and eating and getting along (or not). The film has one little thing that allows it to draw you along so slowly - a promise. A promise made by the advertisements and hype that this was going to kick your ass. You just had to wait.

But when it happens, it happens. Though the film doesn't speed up per se, there's a lot more happening in front of the screen to make it at least look like stuff's going on. The first half crawls almost depressingly, but the second half catches your eye and refuses to let go.

I suggest everyone sees this film. Even if you skip through the beginning, you need to see this. It defined sci-fi and horror all in one.

It's perfect.
This movie was so intense it gave me a headache!
I was a graduate student when I went and saw this film. I was working on a Masters in Computer Science at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and I went with a friend, a doctoral candidate (I was his grader). I had no idea upon walking into that theater I was going to be pinned to my seat so overwrought that I was going to get a splitting headache (only one other movie has caused me a headache and that was 'The Passion of the Christ'). I know the movie seems tame now but at the time for a student who rarely got a decent nights sleep and who was emotionally drained from the constant stress the program put me through (sure I can write a compiler in a week, no problem) it was just too much for the senses and nerves. This science fiction masterpiece was also the ultimate horror picture. The kids of today probably would think nothing of it but it blew me away! Where's the ibuprofen as I'm getting a headache just reliving the experience!
The beginning of a memorable series
Alien was the first film that started it all. It gave us Aliens in 1986 and then two lesser sequels in the proceeding years. One can not review Aliens and not review Alien because both films go together so perfectly. Even though both films had their different styles, they both had Sigourney Weaver and one of the most fearsome creatures to ever grace the big screen. It's also my second most favorite horror movie of all time behind Jaws, a film I saw when I was just a wee lad.

The crew of the Nostromo, a large space freighter that looks immense and incredibly scary thanks to director Ridley Scott's camera work, is awaken early from hyper sleep to investigate what seems to be a distress signal coming from a nearby planet. After a rough landing on the desolate planet, three of the crew members go out to investigate and find a large spaceship. However this is not all they find. Soon one of the crew members, who gets a little too curious, finds himself in a coma-like state with something attached to his face. He is soon brought back to the Nostromo by his shipmates, where they go about analyzing him to see what has happened. But this crew of working men and women have no clue what grisly horrors soon await them because they are no longer alone. Something dark and dangerous with no remorse for humankind will soon be stalking them one by one, and there seems to be nothing on board that is able to stop it.

This movie was fantastic in every way. Ridley Scott uses mood and shadows as well as size to make the Nostromo look like the biggest, scariest haunted house ever. He also uses fabulous camera work to get his points across as well.

The suspense in this movie builds and builds, and the creature is kept mostly in the shadows until when it attacks. And it attacks with a lethal efficiency. It is never seen for long periods of time, and this works perfectly. Like Spielberg with Jaws, Scott realizes that what is unseen is always more terrifying. One of the most effective murder scenes in this film is unseen, but we clearly hear the horrifying screams and panting of the victim and know that something horrible is happening.

I can go on in on about this movie. I can talk about the music score which adds more dread to this film, and I can talk about the acting which was superb, but it would take up way too much space. I can also go on about the Oscar worthy special effects which are probably the best ever for 1979, but I won't. Lets just say this. If you like horror movies that build suspense and are not filled with senseless gore that looks unrealistic, then you are in for a treat. By the way this film does have some bloody scenes. One of the best involves sitting around a dinner table while everybody is eating. Yuk.

Many people always compare Alien and Aliens. Some like Aliens the most and some like Alien the most. Both are classic sci-fi horror films by two different directors, and both get my highest marks, but if I had to chose, Alien would be my first choice, followed closely by Aliens.
Your nerves.
Science fiction is first and foremost a genre of imaginative fiction, speculating about man or the universe around him. Some science fiction stories focus on the hopeful side of the universe and the belief in benevolent alien life. Many more stories, though, focus on the dangers of the universe and alien life. Alien takes the latter idea and plays it to the maximum, creating the most tense film experience I have ever gone through. A spaceship crew crash-lands on a distant planet where a newborn alien life force latches onto one of them and comes with them into space. It slowly grows inside one of them (John Hurt), bursts out, and then slowly grows, slowly killing off all the crew. Alien is a haunted house story set in space, and it works brilliantly. Being cut off from any help with an unknown and literally growing danger, which blends into the blackness of space, plays on one's nerves to the fullest possible effect. The alien is what a monster should be- a quiet, unknown, near-invincible, conniving machine of death. The design by H. R. Giger is the most hideous and lethal design one could imagine for an alien. The two words that spring to one's mind when looking at it are "alien" and "death". And when your monster survives by growing inside you, the threat becomes even more real, as difficult as that is to believe. The entire movie is shrouded with an atmosphere of death, cosmic mystery, and horror. Director Ridley Scott creates one of the most visually astonishing films you will ever see. The dark corridors and claustrophobic nature of the spaceship back the audience into a corner with no escape. Even strong survivor Sigourney Weaver is clearly terrified as she saves herself. The echoes and sound design add even more to the tension, and just tears one's nerves to shreds. I had never felt as tense as I was while I was watching the climax of the movie. Funny thing, Alien was not the scariest movie I've ever seen- but it is the most phenomenally tense and nerve-wracking.
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