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21 Jump Street
Crime, Action, Comedy
IMDB rating:
Phil Lord, Chris Miller
Jonah Hill as Schmidt
Dax Flame as Zack
Nick Offerman as Deputy Chief Hardy
Ellie Kemper as Ms. Griggs
Jake M. Johnson as Principal Dadier
Holly Robinson Peete as Officer Judy Hoffs
Rob Riggle as Mr. Walters
Brie Larson as Molly Tracey
Chris Parnell as Mr. Gordon
Ice Cube as Captain Dickson
DeRay Davis as Domingo
Dave Franco as Eric Molson
Storyline: In high school, Schmidt ( ) was a dork and Jenko ( ) was the popular jock. After graduation, both of them joined the police force and ended up as partners riding bicycles in the city park. Since they are young and look like high school students, they are assigned to an undercover unit to infiltrate a drug ring that is supplying high school students synthetic drugs.
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Few laughs in this 'Animal House meets Lethal Weapon' misfire
Despite all the hype, I'm sad to report that 21 Jump Street, the new action comedy based on the 1987 TV series, just isn't very funny. My problem with it, is that Jonah Hill's 'Morton Schmidt' and Channing Tatum's 'Greg Jenko' are so over the top as cops, that you cannot take most of it very seriously at all.

For example, when Jenko can't remember his Miranda warnings, or even worse, when Jenko fires his gun in the park, after tackling a bad guy, these type of things would probably lead to immediate dismissal from the force in real life. And what about, after being expressly prohibited from serving alcohol to minors, the bumbling duo go ahead and serve up drinks at the 'undercover' party, anyway?; not to mention the confiscated marijuana they take from the police property room place, without authorization.

The joke is supposed to be that in reality Schmidt and Jenko are really glorified fraternity members, who just happen to have jobs as police officers. Where I could definitely buy a bunch of 'loose cannon' fraternity members in a film like 'Animal House', where one demented group is pitted against a 'straight' one, it doesn't really work in the police setting, since as stated above, improprieties are simply not tolerated.

While a good deal of the humor of '21 Jump Street' is juvenile in nature, on one occasion it veers into the area of being quite vile. This is near film's end when the bad guy is castrated and somehow, we're ask to laugh when viewing the scene of his detached member. No it's not funny and I hope word gets around that this is the kind of gross 'humor', Hill and his fellow scenarists are trying to peddle.

No need to recount all the details of the plot. Suffice it to say, that Schmidt and Jenko are on a mission to take down assorted bad guys who have been selling a new 'designer drug' in the school. It's your typical buddy movie where Schmidt is the nerd with a brain who can help the intellectually challenged Jenko, and Jenko is the jock with a powerhouse punch who can bring the socially inept Schmidt, out of his shell.

Actually, it's the bad guys, who really keep the story moving along. There's 'Eric', the eco-friendly big man on campus who moonlights as a drug dealer, and his supplier, Mr. Walters, a physical education teacher, whose goofy demeanor masks a huge anger management problem. To top it off, an assorted bunch of nasties, consisting of bikers and gang members, led by the menacing 'Domingo', lend an air of verisimilitude, not found in the antics of the principals, Jenko and Schmidt.

Occasionally, there are a few amusing bits in '21 Jump' including trucks filled with gasoline that fail to explode as well as some funny hallucinations which we get to see, when the protagonists are forced to take drugs in order not to blow their cover. But on the whole, Jonah Hill and co-writer Michael Bacall's frat-boy humor, lacks subtlety and relies on low-level slapstick routines, to get by. At this point, America is so desperate for something humorous in the movies these days, that a mediocre exercise such as this, is hailed as a comic masterpiece!
Definitely worth a watch but not as good as time passes
Overall: This movie is fantastic and hilarious... on the first and second watch. I know this won't affect some people but for me it loses it's charm after the second or third viewing. Personally, I've watched this movie four times and own it on DVD. Hilarious on 1st and 2nd viewings but then drags on third and fourth one were I've wrote this review. Definitely watch it but can't say it's worth a DVD purchase.

Good: The movie is very funny on it's first few swings and can still get some laughs out of me now. The performances are stellar from Tatum to Hill and even up to Franco and Ice Cube. They all live their character and you can see they love what they were doing. Great cameos from the original show and the cinematography is great for the most part.

Bad: The plot overall, for me, is quite messy and tries helplessly to link characters and previous events together as in one giant loop. Some of the supporting cast were boring namely Molly, Dave's 'gang', the biker troupe and a few others. Music was mediocre at best at didn't fit at quite a few points. As stated above it loses its charm over time and just feels boring. Some editing and cuts feel a tad sloppy and fast but this is generally played for comedic effect and I doubt it would bother many people. If you want great action, don't watch this movie. The action scenes aren't cool, jaw dropping or otherwise interesting and if anything feels like the setup for the inevitable punch line. You can tell it was leaning far on the comedic side rather than action which is okay but I would have liked to see more effort.

Best Part: The final confrontation between Jonah and the main villain were he overcomes his fears and delivers a bad ass one-liner.

7/10 Best Part:
yeah, I was just like you
I too expected this to stink. Another buddy cop movie, starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, based on a lousy 80's television show - doesn't sound all that appealing.

Hill's "The Sitter", completely mediocre, and it's been quite a while since Superbad's success.

Channing Tatum showed his comedic timing during his appearance on SNL. I was still hesitant.

But, I stand corrected.

This is the funniest movie since last years' Bridesmaids.

The key here is the fantastic script. The story isn't rocket-science, and we knew it wouldn't be, but the comedic timing of the leads is spot-on, and they were given a great script to work with.

I found myself laughing multiple times throughout. My spouse concurred. One late, unnecessary gross-out moment brought it down a notch. The film hadn't used any of those gimmicks and didn't need to in the end. It just seemed a bit out of place and distasteful.

The leads did a great job here. Their characters worked exactly how they should in a buddy-cop flick like this. They bounced off each other for an hour and a half, and the result will surely be one of the best comedies of the year, and an outside shot for my 2012 top-25(back-end)if it can hold-on.

Watch out for a sneaky cameo(spoiled by the cast list if you look).

Nice surprise.

Deserves it's ranking here.

Stuck between 7-8, but going with 76/100, so I'm rounding to 8.

You'll enjoy this if you liked:The Other Guys, Starsky and Hutch, If Looks Could Kill, or Blue Streak - even though I think this is actually a clear notch above all of those films.
Gets Old Fast (spoilers)
This movie seems to be confused as to whether it was supposed to be an action movie or a comedy and fails to achieve either. It isn't really very funny at all and it drags too much to be exciting. It has other problems as well.

The jokes try to hard to be hip and end up being just plays on stereotypes. For example, in a misguided attempt to look cool one of the characters punches a guy for being nerdy. The victim mistakenly believes he was punched because he is black and gay which makes the cop look uncool. In another example, throughout the movie the head of the jump street program acts like a stereotypical bad tempered black cop, even calling himself that. It is vaguely amusing the first time, but the next umpteen times it gets a little lame as do the frequent jokes about the guys not looking like teenagers. The visual and verbal humor are like this through the whole movie.

The movie portrays alcohol and drug use as a funny joke. It shows scenes of the cops high on the supposedly deadly drug they are supposed to be in high school stopping. It shows them buying booze for an underage party and it's supposed to be funny because they have to use false IDs. It shows them stealing marijuana from the evidence lockup to share with the kids. I know it's a comedy not a message movie, but this is just not funny. To top it off, they don't even get reprimanded for any of the illegal things they do from giving drugs to minor to engaging in a high speed chase on a freeway, to reckless discharge of firearms, to taking further police actions when technically fired.

The action is boring. The interminably long scenes of bicycle, car, and limousine chases do not even begin to liven up this bomb. They are not interesting.

The juvenile behavior the two leads exhibit ruins any dramatic elements of the movie. They don't act like two adults pretending to be kids, they act more like two kids pretending to be cops.

I used to watch the 21 Jump Street series and it was a serious drama about serious issues like homosexual bullying, drugs, suicide, and peer pressure. It may have been a little soap operish at times, but it was dramatic and interesting. I think it deserved more respect than this.
A movie full of fun and perfect for spending time
I was looking for an action-comedy film and i found this one. I enjoyed every scene of the movie and it didn't bore me at all. The action scenes and investigation story is lame but this is not a James Bond movie so I didn't worry about these stuff. Mixing detective story with high school theme generated a very good comedy. I definitely recommend this movie for those who are looking for a movie to lough hard and have fun.
Ehh... Just OK
I just don't think this movie was nearly as funny as people let on. I mean it wasn't awful, but it definitely wasn't great. Yes it had it's funny parts, but they were far and few in- between!! They overloaded on cuss words and sex to try to make us laugh, and trust me there was nothing funny about it!! I also don't think all the jokes about drugs were all that funny. I mean a comedy is supposed to make u laugh, and I'm sorry but I just wasn't laughing a lot in this movie. I just don't get all the fuss over this movie. I liked Channing Tatum in it, but I HATE ice cube and Jonah Hill!!! Those 2 just weren't funny at all! I just think this film was very weak as far as comedy goes. Too much sex and profanity and not enough actual comedy and funniness.
Strange, but funny
Before this movie, I wasn't a fan of Jonah Hill, and especially not Channing Tatum. When I heard this movie was being released, I thought they got Tatum, to attract the female crowd, and Hill to attract the average guy. After watching this, I found this was not the case. This was the first time in a while where this new age comedy struck me as humorous. The thing that appealed to me most, was how it "made fun of" My generation. "the teen crowed". Going back to school, seeing the stereotypical new age kids, was funny for me. The acting on both parts were above average, and both actors complimented each others role. I don't want to say this was an original storyline, but I couldn't tell that it was a branch off of another film like an Adam sandler movie is nowadays. I do believe there will be a sequel, as a little cliff hanger, (as seen in many comedies) is put at the end. I would say that I would gladly go and spend money to see it.
Hill and Tatum Great Team
I was unsure of 21 Jump Street at first, not really caring if I ever watched it or not. After a friend told me how funny it was and I should check it out I decided to give it a shot and i'm glad I did.

Jonan Hill and Channing Tatum are hilarious together, and seeing Ice Cube working for the police department is great on its on. The mix of action and comedy is well balanced and the cast are excellent in there roles.

Tatum and Hill are cops who go undercover as high school students in order to find dealers and supplier of a new drug that is taking over the high school. Can these best friends survive another run at high school or will it destroy the bond between them? If your a fan of comedy I highly recommend this film.
Finds a nice ground between entertaining and hysterical
On the surface, this movie looks like it would be somewhat mediocre. But it's actually pretty damn good. When you're not laughing your pants off (and believe me, you will be), you'll have no problem being just plain entertained by it's ability to just have fun. It does a great job of not only avoiding giant cliché's, but making fun of them in the process. Jonah Hill will have you laughing, and Channing Tatum actually did a good job in this movie.......not surprising seeing that the role called for him to be a douche bag. Which once again, is something to chuckle about. Towards the end, the movie does tend to drag on, but has no problem pulling you right back into it's fun. As far as comedies go, this is a pretty good way to start off 2012
The Best Buddy Cop Comedy of All Time!
Watched One Of My All Time Favorite Comedies 21Jump Street solid Performance by Both Channing Tatum(Step Up) & Jonah Hill(Evan Almighty) as Doug Jenko & Morton Schmidt also starring Dave Franco(Superbad) as Eric Molson , Brie Larson(Scott Pilgrim vs The World) as Molly Tracey, Rob Riggle(The Hangover) as Mr.Walters , DeRay Davis (The Fog) as Domingo The Leader of The One Percents ,Ice Cube(Boyz n The Hood) as Captain Dickson and Nick Offerman(Parks and Recreation) as Deputy Police Chief Hardy . The film is very Funny an Emotional also me being a former high school outcast i really enjoyed also an amazing performance from Both Tatum & Hill they both had amazing chemistry Plus I really Liked how they needed both being co-workers as well as friends the comedy was really Tatum was so funny his spit fire humor was funny also I enjoyed how they both got mixed and went to different cliques than were in high school ,also Amazing Production Design By Peter Wenham(The Queen),Screenplay By Michael Bacall(Project X), Costume Design By Leah Katznelson(Vacancy) and Direction By Phil Lord & Chris Miller(How I Met Your Mother) The Best Buddy Cop Comedy of All Time 8/10
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