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01 January 1995
Biography: Talent is known to run in some families and seems to all but flash flood in others. The members of the group 3T are a perfect case in point. Sons of Tito Jackson and the late Delores Martes, talented brothers Tariano Adaryll "Taj," Taryll Adren, and Tito Joseph "TJ" call the extraordinary Michael Jackson uncle and famed singer Janet Jackson aunt. The three young Jacksons studied and performed together for years, perfecting their vocal style and learning by watching. The group started out under the name Three T's, but later shortened it to simply 3T. In 1992, the handsome threesome got the chance to write musical numbers for a television series about some members of their famous family, The Jacksons: An American Dream. 3T also worked on soundtracks for the movies Free Willy and Free Willy 2. In 1995, 3T released its debut album, Brotherhood, under the Sony Records label. "Sexual Attention," "Memories," and "Words Without Meaning" are some of the soulful numbers on the group's first full-length effort. Over the next five years, there were a number of singles, like "I Need You," "Gotta Be You," "Tease Me," and "Anything." The brothers also worked on another soundtrack for the big Will Smith hit film Men in Black. Taj, Taryll, and TJ have turned much of their attention to a music label of their own making. TTT Music began operation in January of 2000.
Tracks: 13
Year: 2004
Stuck On You (maxi)
Stuck On You (maxi)
Tracks: 3
Year: 2003
Tracks: 12
Year: 1995
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